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Rayman Creator Michel Ancel "Wasn't Shocked" By Backlash To Legends Delay

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ubisoft hoping to make it up with additional content

When Ubisoft made the decision to delay the launch of Rayman Legends to accommodate a multi-platform launch — thereby robbing the game of Wii U exclusivity — the reaction from Nintendo fans was intense.

However, Rayman creator Michel Ancel says that the response from fans didn't surprise him — but that didn't make the process any easier:

No, I wasn't shocked, but it was really hard for us. Of course, there are more important issues and problems in the world but we worked really hard to make something and were so involved, it was difficult for us and the fans.

It's not all bad news, though. Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Senior Game Manager Michael Micholic — who was interviewed by the magazine along with Ancel — revealed that the additional time has been well-spent:

Trust me, the things we are adding aren't minor. We're not talking about adding some polish here and there, but 30 new levels and several new bosses.

Rayman Legends will be hitting the Wii U — and some other consoles, so we're told — in September. Are you still excited, or has your enthusiasm cooled?

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Dpishere said:

With the additional content they are adding, it will certainly be worth the wait.



snoox said:

My enthusiasm has cooled. There are bad-vibes surrounding the whole thing, and how they trashed on the dev group that worked so furiously hard on the Wii U version to get it released within the launch window...bad mama juju mojo.



Geonjaha said:

Rayman Origins was a great game - but I got bored of it before the end. Having a 7 month delay so that they could add an extra 30 levels and more bosses ? No, I'd still rather of had it sooner - even if that time had been 2 months. It is very possible to make a game too long.



Solatorobo said:

Thank god they are turning this around. I respect the developers a lot for taking this otherwise unneeded delay to improve the game. I am actually hyped for this game again now.

( I'm sorry everyone but I'm getting it on PS3;-; )



Giygas_95 said:

I'm still getting this game and I suppose it will have turned out better in the end (aside from the fact that a lot of people are boycotting it now). 30 new levels and some extra bosses is nothing minor.

Hah, maybe they'll delay it to 2025 to accommodate PS4, PS5, PS6, Xbox 720, 1080, and 1440 releases.



e6666 said:

regardless of Ubisoft's incredible stupidity here, they have been very supportive with the Wii U, and Zombi U is an amazing game. Hopefully, Rayman Legends will sell best on the Wii U where it belongs.



Mollutje said:

I was never upset with the people actually involved in making the game, and I'm still very much excited for it, but yeah.. I still feel a little bit betrayed by Ubisoft. Still though, I can't say no to such a massive load of extra content. I really hope this game will be as good as the demo made it out to be.



Handy_Man said:

This whole multi-platform thing is even more upsetting when you consider the fact that both the PS4 and the Xbox 720 won't be backwards compatible with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.



rjejr said:

It will be really funny (though also very sad) if after all the hate over the delay Rayman Legends still comes out before Pikmin 3.



ThePirateCaptain said:

I've calmed down quite a lot since this whole incident started, but I could never be angry at the development team in the first place. It's nice that they're taking the time to give us Wii U owners some extra content since the game is pretty much finished anyway.



Kyoto said:

It's April already, where is that exclusive online-mode they promised?



Rafie said:

Unfortunately most people who have multi-consoles will opt for the PS3/Xbox 360 version solely on the trophy/achievements for the game. Yes I know....people buying a game for the achievements is crazy, but it's true. So a good chunk of the Wii U sales will go to the other 2 for that reason alone.

What the other 2 don't have is a innovative game pad. No it doesn't have any achievements tied to the game, but it makes that game THAT much more fun!



Yrreiht said:

Sorry Ubisoft, but I lost all interest in Legends and pretty much any other games you were making.



retro_player_22 said:

My interest for this game is already long gone. Now it's just another one of those title that I could buy if I had the time. Not a must buy exclusive like it was suppose to be. 30 new levels and some new bosses, they could delay the game for several more months and add some collection of levels and bosses and I wouldn't care. This game already ruins the chance for me. Had to cancelled my original pre-order, playing the same demo for over a month is pretty boring now, and there are plenty of newer Wii U titles I'm more looking forward to around the same time later this year. The money original used to pre-order for this game went to Pandora's Tower now, that game shows more promise than this.



PorllM said:

I've been pissed off, forgotten about it, and this news has reignited my excitement for it. Me and my girlfriend 100%'d Origins and used to play it with drunk people when they'd come over, we loved every second and so did they, so ill definitely be getting Legends when it arrives.



kaboart said:

The only thinks that will make them redeem themselves in the eyes of all WiiU players is that the game cost less ($40) in the WiiU, just to make amends!!



Dreamcaster-X said:

@Luigifan141 That's true but there are over 145 million PS3 & 360 owners combined. That's why they're bringing it to the other systems. PS4 & the next XBOX won't have those numbers for years.



shinpichu said:

I'm really dissapointed in all the people who say that they're less interested in the game because it's not an exclusive anymore. Really? Then why the hell were you interested in it in the first place?

Definatley picking this up, no question. Was and is one of my most anticipated titles.



Swithom said:

I dunooo... If it was out now I would have bought it full price and I'd be loving every second .
By September I still can't see me rushing out to buy it immediately, it'll be one for ' when I have some free months and some spare cash' and also probably 'when it's a little cheaper.'
So I've not cooled on it but I don't think Ubisoft will benefit from my custom like they could have.



hubble said:

@Swithom My feelings exactly. If I have to wait 6 months, I might as well wait a couple more for the price to drop...



EverythingAmiibo said:

Does nobody actually get ONM? I mean, I do, I saw this interview 2 days ago (In the mag of course) and I'm subscribed to them, it's a really great magazine with tons to read (and apparently some exclusive interviews!) just wondering if there where any fellow fans here?



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm still looking forward to the game for its local multiplayer component & it looks quite fun. Are we still getting that online leaderboard demo thing this month?



Megumi said:

Still hate Ubisoft for delaying this game for no freakin' reason. Still might get the game though...



luminalace said:

In all honesty I still think Ubisoft made a mistake. This game will likely sell similar on PS360 to what Origins did, while the Wii U version is likely to sell less than it would have had it been exclusive and released in February. It's launching in a much more packed release schedule and from front of the queue it's now just in the queue for me.



killustrator said:

I am no longer interested and nobody should buy this game. You have to take stands in life and if you just cave in, they'll do it again. They'll know that you are dogs with no self-worth or spine.



cyrus_zuo said:

Biggest worry is it being less of a Wii U showcase. The demo showed inventive use of the Wii U gamepad.
I expect the content will be dumbed down to whatever works cross-platform. In fact I think expect isn't a strong enough word.

Really disappointed by this, but I get the business thinking...I think it is wrong! Horribly wrong!
...but I get what they are thinking.
I will still support the game and its team, but it is clear this was very poorly handled by Ubisoft. A major gaffe of stupidity.



Lopezdm said:

As a artist I would hate to see one of my creations be halted because of the "money men". I feel for him in that regard but as a gamer this was complete BS and everyone knows it.



SonataAndante said:

Yeah, I feel the same way you do. Exclusivity was never something I liked for 3rd party games in the first place. I'm a big platformer fan and Origins was one of the best games I had played in a long time. Legends is still at the top of my want list and the addition of 30 levels and more bosses is enough to make me happy. By the time I finish a platformer I usually find myself wishing the devs would make level packs for it because I just want more to enjoy. To me, there's no such thing as a platformer with too many levels.

Not like Ubisoft gets any love from me due to this thing still, but I care more about supporting Ancel and his team (and playing a good game).



e6666 said:

@luminalace - the rumors about Microsoft requiring that had to be true, because otherwise it would have made perfect sense to release it as a timed exclusive on Wii U before E3 and not after. I'm sure they realized that unless they were completely incompetent.



RadioShadow said:

Like the creator says, we are getting more levels and bosses because of the delay. That's awesome news and I can't understand why people are getting upset about the delay.

As long as the Wii U version suddenly doesn't become the worse version to own, you wouldn't hear me complain.



Dpullam said:

I can forgive Ubisoft since they are adding 30 more levels into the game. I'm looking forward to the release of this game.



Melkaticox said:

No biggie. Ubi's releasing Watch_Dogs and pretty much every single one of their other games to the Wii U. They are forgiven.



CaPPa said:

It's crazy that people will buy an inferior version just for achievements/trophys but it's probably true. The worry is that the Wii U version will end up being dumbed down to accommodate the 360/PS3 versions.

I've certainly cooled on the game. In February it would have been a day one purchase, but come September there'll be too many other games out and I'll just wait for a price drop on Legends, because if I have to wait 7 months anyway I may as well wait a few more.



Hamguar said:

I have to agree, I am fully cooled to Ubisoft and it's products. I am very sympathetic to Ancel and I truly enjoy his dedication, creativity, and innovation. But I cannot stand companies like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft. I would further recommend, if he is able to, he would jump ship on Ubi and go to a company that would better respect him or even strike it out on his own. Much like in social life, the people around us also have a hand in our character. They may not always directly influence us but in our staying with them we say in effect that we condone/support their chicanery. I know that Ancel didn't support this debacle at all. But if this happens again, and I'm more than certain it will, I would be far less sympathetic to him. Besides, talent like him is wasted on Ubisoft.



RandomNerds said:

I'm cooled out. Not gonna buy it. Which sucks because I had planned too and this will just Hurt the Wii U's chances even more. Also I think that Assassins Creed III has crappy combat and I really have not enjoyed it, I'm glad I didn't play the other games in the series.



DerpSandwich said:

That is nice. Still doesn't change the fact that it's going to affect sales, though, and it did a great deal of damage to the Wii U. Heck, looks like just about everyone here is planning on getting it "sometime," whereas everyone was going to pick it up immediately before. They still screwed up bad. But it's good of this guy to at least try to soften things a bit.



HeatBombastic said:

I'll pick this up. I love the demo, and Ancel and his team. Yes, I'm upset with Ubisoft and the delay, but that shouldn't stop me from buying the game. The excitement has cooled down a bit since there are other games within the gap and I don't have a disposable income. I still want to buy it as soon as I can though.



Giygas_95 said:

@killustrator If they kept doing it, people would begin to hate them and never buy any of their games. There's no way they'd be stupid enough to pull that stunt again after how it damaged their public image. Boycotting this is childish.



Handy_Man said:

@Dreamcaster-X That's true, but releasing a game this recent so late into the PS3 and Xbox 360's life is a really bad idea, as it could probably benefit from the 8th generation systems much more. This is why I'm also worried about Batman: Arkham Origins releasing a month before the PS4's and Xbox 720's rumored release in November; it's way too late in their lifecycles to make much of an impact. If both Rayman Legends and Arkham Origins launched with the PS4 and 720 instead, then more units would be sold for Microsoft and Sony! But I digress, this is a Nintendo website and all. XD

Anyway, I never intended to get Legends, but the whole delay definitely frustrated me in trusting Ubisoft as a company, and a PS3 and Xbox 360 release for this game so late in their lifecycles is jarring to me.



JSuede said:

@Geonjaha You do know that they didn't delay it just to add the new content right? The Wii U version was basically done, probably a week away from going gold.

It was delayed because MS can reserve the right to not allow a multiplat game if it doesn't come simultaneously to the 360, with feature parity on disc. That last point is probably more negotiable, but really it is all just a scare tactic because MS wouldn't refuse it most likely. Also, Ubisoft was afraid the game would fail due to the "low" Wii U sales (more than PS3/360 launches aligned).

The extra stuff is a bonus that keeps the developers busy, otherwise they would be sitting around doing polishing, which is far less fun than new content.

@Luigifan141 There are a lot of games that will be cross-gen or really close to the release of Sony and MS's offerings.

"If both Rayman Legends and Arkham Origins launched with the PS4 and 720 instead, then more units would be sold for Microsoft and Sony!" This is incorrect. The new console versions of games like ACIV, Watch Dogs, BF4 etc will sell much less than the PS3/360 versions.

It'll be the same situation as the Wii U when it launched. Why buy this expensive console for a game that I can get on the console I already own? Developers would be fools to pass up a user base of 140+ million just to bring it to a new console instead. The entire install base of the PS4/720 would need to buy the games in order for them to break even. That's being generous about the sales numbers for those systems too. The high price and games that can be found on systems people already own will definitely hurt PS4/720 sales, just like they did the Wii U.



TonIttou said:

I bought a Wii U just for this game, I must admit I was disappointed by the delay, but I'll live - I've bought Origins on 3 different systems and have the platinum trophy for it.

30 extra levels is a huge amount of content.



123akis said:

if we dont buy this on Wii U then ubisoft wont support the Wii U anymore, if people are now not getting it on Wii U because of the dalay will only decrease ubisoft's support for Wii U



Captain_Balko said:

Honestly, I'm not really upset at Ubisoft, however, a lot of good first party games will have come out by then and I'm not sure I'll have the money (or time, for that matter) to buy and play Origins. I suppose I'll buy it eventually, but probably only if I see it on sale and I've finished most of the other Wii U games that I will be playing.



WiiUisBest said:

Will wait for it to be used before i buy sorry ubi but there is always a price and you guys are now going to feel the pain in sept when tons of fans don't buy the game but your problem not mine



Kyloctopus said:

The only reason I was mad at Ubisoft was that it sounded like they were just leaving that Wii U version until August to release it. Glad to see they are giving you more content in the box, as well as that trials mode this month.
However I am sad they didn't add NFC into the game.



Geonjaha said:

@JSuede - I know that. I'm just saying that the addition isn't significant in my eyes, so I really don't care about how 'major' they believe it to be.



timp29 said:

They could have released on the original date, then patched down the track. I had no interest in this game, but I am still pretty dirty about the potential impact this has had on the WiiU.



placidcasual said:

If it was released when it was meant to be then I would have picked it up for sure but now I suspect there'll be a lot of different options towards the end of the year. Like Wind Waker for instance...



Dodger said:

If it was just any old delay, it would be less frustrating. This was Ubisoft giving the finger to Nintendo. Nintendo was counting on this game. They made the (rather stupid) decision to make it the only demo on their demo kiosks. They really pushed it as an example (the example, even) of why the Wii U is worth your money. They wanted it to be a launch game. That didn't happen. Fine. Nintendo has pushed back launch titles too. So it is about to launch. One week till launch, wasn't it? They announce that it isn't a Wii U exclusive (meaning all the features about the game they hyped and said were only possible on the Wii U weren't important after all, they don't think the Wii U is going to make them enough money and they don't care about a partnership with Nintendo) and it isn't out until September. There goes the game that everyone who walked into a Gamestop, Best Buy or Walmart tried when they tried the Wii U for the first time. I can understand 30 levels not being enough to get over that kind of insult and that kind of wait.



Jray said:

How are they even supposed to port this to 360 and PS3? the levels seem pretty dependent on murphy and the gamepad. Will they have to take those levels out of those versions? or just rework them? I feel like the 360/PS3 version of this game would be kinda shallow compared to the WiiU's version, so i'm glad i have one



Will-75 said:

For me it was never about it being exclusive to Wii U it was about it being out when there was nothing else getting released now I dont care about it as much there will be to many other good games out that I will be more excited to play if I get it now it will be when it's on a discount shelf for $ 14.99 - sad but true ..



QuickSilver88 said:

This looks great....I actually played the last one on Vita.....and why....because it was the best 2D platformer on Vita at a time when vita had little to nothing else to play. So this looks great and will probably get it used when discounted but the real attraction was it was going to be out at a time when nothing else new was out to attract our $$$. Now we will have all sorts of choices this fall so just not as attractive. Still love Ancel and really looking forward to the BG&E sequel they are working on!



sinalefa said:

This situation proves that artists still need a maecenas to do their stuff. And since that maecenas is putting the dough, then it can do what it pleases.

Now, if it is true that the delay is a threat from Microsoft, then I guess they (Ubisoft) are betting the game will sell a lot. And most likely it will be sell less on Wii U, since the install base is smaller, and you already have Mario games to choose from there.

As for me, I can see myself waiting to get it. As a gamer new to Wind Waker, I will be indulging myself with that. And I will wait for the price to drop so less money goes to the greedy Ubisoft head honchos. Don't blame me, Ancel. Blame your maecenas for that.




@shinpichu I am still interested but not nearly as excited as I was. One of the main reasons I purchased the wiiu was exclusives and first party titles. Rayman not only was suppose to be an awesome launch title but also an exclusive and now that its neither that doesn't set well with me. The fact is I will still pick the game up at some point but not at its launch I like several others will be playing GTA in September. At the very least Ubi should have given us Rayman now and released the extra content in September. I will be surprised if there is all these extra levels and bosses that they mentioned I would love for the development team to confirm this.



ACK said:

I don't know... After the delay I dove back into Origins and found myself too bored to make it through a second time with my wife. When the zany thrill wears off it's really just a decent multiplayer platformer... Certainly the level design doesn't compare to stuff like DKC Returns or NSMBU, so I have to wonder if I'm interested in investing my time into 30 more levels unless they are the absolute cream.

Actually I was certain I would still have interest after the delay, but now it's a non-entity to me. Not even on my radar. Too many other games, not enough time for anything less than the best platformers.




I never saw the big deal, the delay was shocking but your getting alot more bang for your buck now. If your a hardcore platforming fan why not pick it up? As much as Ubi has been supporting the Wii U they really don't deserve the BS you guys have been throwing at them and if it's about those poor not buying the game is definitely not gonna help them!! So put those bad vibes away mon.

Got to admit I personally am not getting it, just WAY to many games coming for me to blow $60 on a 2D cartoon platformer.

Sorry but with Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell Blacklight, Batman Arkem Origins, Beyonetta 2, Assassin's Creed 4, Windwaker HD plus I still gotta get Monster Hunter 3, Injustice, Resident Evil Revealations and possibility GTA5 and Destiny are coming too!

ALL that coming around the same time as Rayman........LOL! It should've stayed in February FOR A REASON!!

Lastly I love how you all get worked up about Rayman but where was this intensity when EA said Battlefield 4 was coming to PS3, 360, PC and NOT the Wii U!! Then they LIED and said it was because they wanted to focus on the old stuff and it would have spread out the team to thin but just 2 HOURS later EA comfirmed BF4 for PS4!!




Taya said:

While I'm still interested in the game, it's no longer a must-buy. There will be plenty of games to choose from in September, but in February there wasn't anything else to compete for my money. Maybe I will buy it someday when it's cheap.



FJOJR said:

I'm getting it. Glad they aren't doing a simple port of the original finished game and waiting several months. 30 new levels is huge.



WindWakerLink said:

"Man....reading stuck a rage nerve in me that I thought i got over this rayman legend thing." i mean if these new bosses amd levels r wii u only then fine. but if its also for the ps3 & xbox 360..."then thats is where my rage nerve kicks in" Honestly @ this point its "whatever." Pretty sure i wont get this @ launch anymore but maybe later on..



Luffy said:

DAMMIT 30 NEW LEVELS AND SEVERAL BOSSES? ok fine excited again. I'll put it back on my must buy list. DAM U UBI!



JSuede said:

If people really want to prove something to Ubi, they should buy Legends on Wii U....and buy all Ubisoft games on Wii U. Show them that there is a fanbase that will support quality third party titles.

Boycotting the game only shows them that Nintendo fans are whiny and don't support a game they were originally excited for. It doesn't matter the reasoning behind it, your money doesn't come with a note saying why you bought the game and no one is going to send a letter explaining why they didn't.



Giygas_95 said:

@killustrator No one's walking over anyone. Like the guy above me said, boycotting this just shows Ubisoft that Nintendo fans are whiny, and it lowers sales which discourages them from making more games for the console. Boycott it if you want, but just know that while you are doing so, I'll be having a blast with it.

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