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Pandora's Tower Release Date Announced for North America

Posted by Tim Latshaw

The slaying and serving up of monsters is set for 16th April

The forecast for the final Operation Rainfall title is shaping up: XSEED Games has announced that Pandora’s Tower for the Wii will begin hitting North American stores on 16th April.

Pandora’s Tower sees chain-wielding protagonist Aeron taking on The Thirteen Towers, in order to slay the beasts within and feed their flesh to the cursed Elena. Time plays an important role in the game as the longer Aeron takes, the more firmly Elena’s curse will take hold and the more she will become a monster herself, affecting the ending.

XSEED has opened the Pandora’s Tower website at with more information and a new gameplay trailer. MSRP for the game will be $39.99.


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Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

I sure wish the disc drive in my Wii hadn't broken. It lived long enough to play Xenoblade but was dead before The Last Story and Pandora's Tower were released.



Tasuki said:

Great. Just when I thought April was going to be a cheap month for gaming compared to last month.



Shanksta said:

Whoo! I'm not typically a fan of RPGs like Final Fantasy, although I did like Chrono Trigger. So far I'm 2 for 2 on Operation Rainfall games and I may as well just finish the set.



Kagamine said:

@Urbanhispanic This for sure. I own both and honestly thought Last Story sucked. This is my favorite wii game, I love it so much I'm going to be buying it for a third time on the 16th, already imported from Japan and Europe.



AltDotNerd said:

GAH! It's the same day as Injustice: Gods Among Us, and I wanted to get the Wii U version.



Kagamine said:

@Urbanhispanic In all fairness, both games received varied reviews, but to me TLS felt very limited by the Wii, the environments left much to be desired and most of the game centers in a single location. The story wasn't as interesting to me and it was far too predictable. It wasn't compelling enough to keep me playing, where as Pandoras Tower was engaging and kept me interested the entire time. I personally would never recommend TLS to anyone, and is one of my least favorite Wii games, I've even thought about selling it (and I've never sold a game before). But don't let that put you away from it, my brother loves it and many others do too.



Nomad said:

One of the best Wii games out there and one of my personal favourite games ever. Definitely worth getting if you like action RPGs.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Come on americans, buy the game to justify operation rainfall and xseed's effort and commitment!

@Urbanhispanic they're both good but I think The Last Story was better. It's one of Wii's best without a doubt.



Nomad said:

@DarkCoolEdge Its definitely an action adventure in the same way Zelda is but it also has many RPG elements such as levelling up, weapon levelling, buying, selling, crafting items etc.



rjejr said:

I'm a big JRPG fan (I've never really played any western RGPs) and this doesn't look like an RPG. It looks like Vagrant Story, which had great rave reviews before it released but it was a dungeon crawler not an JRPG. A good dungeon crawler, but not a good JRPG.

Here's my simple distinction between the two - JRPG = at least 3 member party with heavy emphasis on story. Action game = 1 playable main character. It can have all the RPG elements it wants, but if there isn't a "party" then it isn't a JRPG. Which is 1 reason I hated FFCC:TCB, but there were many many more.



SetupDisk said:

Great stuff, can't wait. I will get it day one but MONSTER HUNTER has taken over my life.... again.



WindWakerLink said:

Oh...X-seed says its coming out 4/16 " but u really mean 4/19 dont you? I still remember the last story release date issue and Im still a little mad at that. they said one date for TLS but it was release 3-4 days later. With pandora's tower, ill add +4 days to their supposed release date and get it then to avoid being RAGED @ them again." Heh...



DarkLloyd said:

ebgames had this date for long while now a well as

its the same day im picking up injustice collectors edition, devil summoner soul hacker as well as pandora's tower lol



MeloMan said:

That's funny, wasn't this news reported already? I've seen on Gamefly this games set for mid April release for like the last month or so. Well anyway, I'll be renting this one asap.



Wintendo said:

I have a feeling this won't sell well, which will make it rare in the future. I may buy it just for that reason.



GreenDream said:

Looking forward to it! XSEED, Atlus, and Gust are really carrying Square Enix's dead weight these days...



Windy said:

@Urbanhispanic Last Story is just beautiful. Well worth the 29.99 they sell it for now. If you can get them both get them you wont be disappointed. Last Story is a definite RPG fan don't miss on Wii. Alot of Peeps aren't even aware that Last Story has a pretty engaging online play. It's not a full co-op but it's a nice mix of Final Fantasy Meets Call of Duty. Plus you can get some nice loot online

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