Capcom’s official Okami Twitter account in Japan has cast its digital ink upon the canvas of the internet, sending the following message as translated by Gematsu:

Hello, this is Okami news. Sorry I’ve been kind of out of touch lately, but I have the feeling we’ll be able to drop a fresh announcement like WHAM! around the beginning of Golden Week, so please look forward to it. Right now we’re on track with preparations.

Golden Week runs from 29th April to 5th May in Japan and includes multiple public holidays. It sounds like a good time to release some Okami news, but whether it will be a remake or a new entry is yet unknown. No mention of any gaming systems comes with the announcement, but with the Okami remake on Wii and Okamiden on the DS, seeing Amaterasu grace a Nintendo console again in some form is a definite possibility.

What kind of Okami title would you like to see, and what would you like to see it on? Let us know by dropping a comment below.