Nintendo 3 DS XL 3 DS Officiel

It's fair to say that yesterday's Nintendo Direct delivered some amazing news — the most significant being the development of a new Zelda title for the 3DS this year. After a slow start in the west, the handheld really seems to be building momentum — something which hasn't gone unnoticed within the walls of Nintendo of America's HQ.

Nintendo's Bill Trinen has been speaking to GameSpot about what 2013 holds for the system, and why it has taken so long for western gamers to warm to the console:

We have noticed that in the US in particular, people tend to, at least when it comes to handheld gaming, they tend to shift generations a lot more slowly than they do particularly in Japan. In Japan, once a new handheld system comes out it’s like everybody just goes right to it.

GameBoy Advance was the same way; DS was the same way; 3DS now. It does take a couple of years. But then once it does, it really builds steam and so with the lineup that we’re seeing this year, to me it really feels like this is the year that 3DS is really going to take off.

The 3DS has sold around 30 million hardware units worldwide, but still has some way to go before it can match the 150 million sales of its forerunner, the Nintendo DS. Over 10 million 3DS consoles have been purchased in Japan.

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