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Nintendo To Deliver New Homes To Animal Crossing: New Leaf Via SpotPass

Posted by Andy Green

The Happy Homes Showcase just got happier

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is just a couple of months away from being released in the West and the anticipation is starting to reach fever pitch.

Back in February, Nintendo teased an exclusive feature that would be included in Western versions of the game. Nobody knew what it was but it appears to have been inadvertently made public in the latest Iwata Asks interview.

In the interview, which was actually conducted in October of last year, Aya Kyogoku from the software development department spoke about the new Happy Homes Showcase feature found in the new game:

There's a housing display area called the HH Showcase where you can check out homes belonging to people you have encountered via the StreetPass feature, just as you would view a show home.

As with all Iwata Asks interviews, an editor helpfully gives additional information on things that are brought up. In this case an editorial note read:

In the North American version of the game, model homes created by Nintendo will also appear in the HH Showcase. These homes will be distributed via SpotPass.

So in addition to the houses acquired through StreetPass, Nintendo will also drop off the odd house via SpotPass. We're hoping they'll throw in some Legend of Zelda themed houses, or maybe one dedicated to Pikmin with a beautiful garden outside.

The European translation of the interview also confirmed the new feature.

This edition of Iwata Asks delved into plenty of elements found in the game, including how the future of Mr Resetti's Reset Surveillance Centre will be in your hands.

What are your thoughts on the new Happy Homes Showcase additions? Let us know in the comments section below.


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SethNintendo said:

Sounds good except the waiting for the game to be released... I have to make sure I have some free money around the launch. I like to own physical copies of games (I only got NSMB2 off the eshop due to coins promotion), but I will buy this game from the eshop so it is on my system always. This is one game that I want to be able to see if their is a blue spotpass notification at all times.



Geonjaha said: customising your house exclusive to the Western release? Or is it just the Streetpass feature for seeing other peoples creations - because being able to see other peoples houses doesn't interest me.



C-Olimar said:

Less potential for Streetpass hits in the West is likely the cause of this.



Dpullam said:

This is a pretty cool feature to add to this game. It will make playing this game that much more fun.



bbbx said:

I can imagine Peach's castle complete with moat and Yoshi on the roof

Please Nintendo



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@AndyGreen @crumpledpapyrus What version do you think is the best option for this game? Digital or Physical? I have two 3DS' right now so that is kind of a reason to get physical, physical. I wanna get physical! (sorry about that) I think the digital version would be more clever for this type of game, but then I wouldn't be able to play it on both systems...



Spleetal said:

Thats awesome! Its not available for japan? Or is the exclusive thing something else I missed?



rjejr said:

They should make one of the homes a "crack house" b/c this game is as addictive as...



parutena said:

I was under the impression that they put in spotpass b/c streetpass isn't as prominent in the west.



Giygas_95 said:

I want to download it ASAP, but I've already reached platinum stat on Club Nintendo so maybe I should wait till the beginning of July.



LordessMeep said:

Well, considering Street Pass is hard to come by here, I'll atleast have something in my Happy Homes Showcase! Seriously, though, any AC:NL news has me impatient. I want to play it already! D:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd - I think physical should be more suitable for you.. unless you have enough cash to double dip for the digital version. Really, changing catridges is a small inconvenience, though.



Arianabtd said:

That sounds like a really awesome feature.
Something I'm definitely looking forward to.



Windy said:

I hope the online play is good. Streetpass has been tough about 3 to 5 hits a week. Just a total waste. I wish they would concentrate on Internet wifi co-op instead of wasting time with streetpass.



Emaan said:

Aside from this neat feature, you had me at "is just a couple of months away" HYPE



SCAR said:

Cool. Just put an animal in the house and let us trade wares.



Spleetal said:

@Happy_Mask you can buy stuff out of the streetpassed house and have it shipped to you so I assume itll be the same for the spotpassed houses



Captain_Gonru said:

Oh man, I want this game. I'm planning to buy a second 3DS for my wife, so that we don't have to share : )



SmokedSausage said:

Cant wait for it to come out this spotpass feature just made Animal Crossing once again one of my Favorite games since its Gamecube Release



Windy said:

@Five-seveN Just Nintendo forcing Streetpass on North America and Europe when it doesn't really work for us. Seriously I hope it will work for Animal Crossing the game is going to be great. But streetpass has failed in my neck of the woods. Maybe I need to get a job in Redmond washington at the Nintendo building to get the hits I really think They are out of touch on the streetpass features. They all work in an office where they get streetpass hits everyday. So they assume its working really well. It doesn't work like that in the real world.

ADDON: I work in a big Las Vegas hotel where I carry my 3DS with me everyday to count my steps. I get 3 to 5 streetpass hits a month. That's horrible. I am in a crouded area everyday. I love my 3DS but I wish they would scrap Streetpass and Concentrate on Internet play



ValentineMeikin said:

@Geonjaha Nintendo are adding their own house designs, via Spotpass, to allow for the fact some areas of America and Europe have a poor 3DS saturation level.

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