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Nintendo Of Korea Embroiled In Twitter Drama Over Alleged Sexist Comment

Posted by Damien McFerran

Comments made regarding TV host Eun Ji Park

Nintendo of Korea is having to deal with an unfortunate piece of bad publicity after its Twitter account was allegedly used to post a derogatory comment about former weather presenter Eun Ji Park.

The comment read:

"She should have just stayed as a TV Meteorologist. Getting all the work done on her face like that. How come a brainless b***h like you gets the entire spotlight? Who is your sponsor? TV...sigh..."

According to Kotaku, "Sponsor" is the Korean equivalent of "Sugar Daddy".

The Twitter account was apparently used to post a comment on a news story regarding Eun Ji Park — who is now a celebrity and TV host — but has since been deleted. However, Korean news sites are now reporting on the story, which means that is unlikely to be forgotten about any time soon.

Many in South Korea are speculating that the person responsible is a Nintendo of Korea employee who mistakenly used the wrong Twitter account to post the comment — something which has been denied by the company.

Speaking to Naver, a Nintendo of Korea representative had this to say:

We've determined no employee has posted such comment on our Twitter account. We'd like to know how this ended up on our Twitter. This matter is frustrating.

Hardly the kind of thing you expect from such a family-friendly company, that's for sure.


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Rocketship said:

North Korea hackers with an anti-Nintendo edge! That tweet would be more successful than their missiles seem to be!



SkywardLink98 said:

Comments like that make up a good percentage of the internet. Just because a Nintendo guy says it doesn't mean it's more important IMO.



Geonjaha said:

Wow, talk about an overreaction. So what if a Nintendo employee wrote that? People have a right to their own opinions and Twitter is filled with much worse than that.



JustAnotherUser said:

I'm shaking my head reading some of these comments.
How many of you had this same stance when it concerned Microsoft saying "Deal with it".
This was a personal comment made about someone on a professional account.

On an even more serious note, darn those pesky north Korean hackers.



Araknie said:

Bah, Nintendo did love motels and hanafuda cards (they were used mostly from the Geisha representative with their clients because they showed dressed-up ladies on them), this lately thing that Nintendo Life hints Nintendo as a family friendly company in various articles is starting to get a little too loose.
Also, Pokèmon Black/White 2: LOADS OF DOUBLE-TAKES! The statements were perfecly fine if you had less then 14 years but over that you get another sense of anything.
Just a quote: "It's starting to get so high. Ferris Wheels can get so hot...You are not?" I'm translating this on the fly from the Italian version.



rjejr said:

I'ld hit it.

oops, sorry, I thought I was posting this on my Digg account.



StarDust4Ever said:

Maybe, maybe not, but the attacks lampooning North Korean dictator Kim last week were way funnier!

If it can be proved that the twitter post was made outside of Nintendo's campus -AND- the employee in question was on the clock, that would proove the poster's innocence in the matter...



SethNintendo said:

Whoever posted didn't seem to like the TV anchor too much. I personally don't like too many anchors except Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.



Ralizah said:

It'd be bad enough if it was on a personal account, but on an official Nintendo account? Wow.

Whoever posted this ought to be fired. Totally inexcusable.



bezerker99 said:

Someone at Nintendo of Korea should be fired for hijacking the twitter account and for the comment. Totally unprofessional.



theblackdragon said:

i think the 'employee accident' is more plausible than a random hacker. how horrible for that woman to be on the receiving end of that disgusting message from an official company account — those of you asking how it's sexist, how on earth is going around calling women 'brainless (female dogs)' and accusing them of having a rich boyfriend to shell out for plastic surgery not sexist? for heaven's sake .

i suppose NoK has learned a very important lesson about being able to trust every single person you give the login information to your 'official' twitter account :/



Wilford111 said:

Ah, Twitter. How I love that you're relentlessly destroying the reputations of video game representatives worldwide.



Jaz007 said:

Is post because she is a woman or because she is like Klohe Karashian hosting a show without an ounce of credibility or talent of any kind and a is bad host. It looks like this has more to do with being a woman though than anything else.



sonicfan1373 said:

LOL! It was probably North Korea hacking the Twitter account. They are a bit mad for not getting all the good games.



Romeo said:

i feel generous today, so yea.. I'm going to keep my sexist remarks to myself.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Sounds like a random hater, though I'm sure it was an employee.
North Korea can't hack because nuclear weaponry is useless for hacking.



AbeVigoda said:

Everything that was said is likely true, but it shouldn't have been posted. Nintendo has lost face in Korea.



KAHN said:

i wanted to make a nuke joke, but this is south korea, so it's kind of inappropriate. i really wanted to make that joke, so it's a shame.



Bulbousaur said:

How idiotic and sexist, hope the employee who made that Tweet gets fired. I don't know anything about that situation like most non-South Koreans, but even if it is true, it is totally unneeded and pointless, especially on an account owned by a company which is seen as child friendly.



LittleKing said:

@theblackdragon This message was targeted at one woman, not at all women everywhere. The poster did not assume all women were brainless wh***s. Just this one. Who says they assumed she is a nasty piece of work because she is a female? Maybe they assumed she was a nasty piece of work because she is herself. So, really, you would need to examine the poster's motives and determine that they're motives were sexist. What if the person posting this was a jealous woman? By the wording, that also seems likely to me. Motives are complicated. The burden of proof falls on you to prove their motive was sexist, considering how many possible motives there are. That's not to say I don't think there couldn't be a sexist motivation on the part of the poster or that this wasn't offensive and inappropriate. I just don't think there is any point in labeling the comment as anything unless it is overwhelmingly clear. :/



theblackdragon said:

@Metabble_King: So a statement has to be made toward multiple women before it can be sexist? And it has to be made by a man? That's ridiculous. Even if it was a 'jealous woman' as you propose, a woman can hold sexist opinions and beliefs about her gender just as easily as a man can about his own (e.g. the 'real man' and 'proper lady' stereotypes), and it doesn't have to be a blanket statement about the entire gender for it to be sexist versus one person.

you're right, motives are complicated. However, if the person who posted this had an honest-to-goodness problem with the professional qualifications of the lady in question, I'm sure they could have commented about that as opposed to laying into her for her physical appearance and whether or not she had a man behind her to bring her up in the world. The statement was sexist and disgusting, period, and it shouldn't have been said by anyone, much less someone speaking via one of Nintendo's official Twitter accounts.



Drobotic said:

North Korea plans to attack Japan.Japan is where Nintendo originates.It's obviously some dumb hackers.



Capt_N said:

She looks good before, & after. But that aside, while it could be hackers, I'd imagine it was just a NoK employee making the remarks on Nintendo's official twitter.

Also, @NLife: Kotaku has an update on the article at the bottom, "Update: Nintendo of Korea told Hankooki it reported this to the country's cyber crime division, asking for a further investigation. Meanwhile, Eun Ji Park's management company told Star News, "Our legal team is assessing the situation and exploring legal options.""



LittleKing said:

You are wrong. Please stop trying to defend whatever poor excuse for a human being made these disgusting statements, as it is incredibly insulting. — TBD



LittleKing said:

@theblackdragon I never meant to mean that the tweet was not offensive and wrong. Apparently, disagreeing with the correct context for a word makes me a horrible human being. I even agreed at the end that your assumptions were not unfounded, and probably correct. Sorry for nitpicking over such a sensitive subject, then. Thanks for the insult, I meant none to you.



theblackdragon said:

@Metabble_King: You have no idea how often I and others have to sit back and hear someone try to weasel out of having been called out as a sexist. It is insulting to anyone's intelligence — man, woman, or whatever-you-choose-to-identify-as alike — to have to hear someone say these sorts of disgusting things and then try to explain 'nonono, i didn't mean it like that, don't be so oversensitive — what i meant was blah-blah-blah' like it's our fault for having taken a sexist statement at face value, and the explanation makes it all okay... it doesn't work like that at all.

If the reason you are defending this person is because you make these sorts of statements in front of or toward women and then explain it away with a wall of text, please do everyone a favor — own your sexism instead, learn from the mistake(s), and move on. there is no defense or excuse for this at all.



Geonjaha said:

@Bulby - Most stuff on twitter is unnecessary and pointless, but that doesn't mean people should start losing their jobs over it.

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