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Neko Entertainment To Release Another Cocoto Game in Europe

Posted by Andy Green

It's set to be a retail release

Cocoto, the little red devil who's featured in a few games over the years on several platforms, looks set to be making a comeback in the near future after developer Neko Entertainment confirmed it's working on releasing a new addition to the series with publisher BigBen Interactive.

When asked in an interview with Aussie Gamer if it has any plans to release any retail titles in the future, the studio said the following:

Actually, we’re also working on a new Cocoto title with Bigben Interactive, which will be released in in the European retail market. We’ll surely continue to develop downloadable games; it is, to us, [the] future in many ways.

Cocoto has featured in platformers, kart games and even fishing sims, so the upcoming release really could be absolutely anything. Maybe a cooking sim?

Games on Nintendo consoles include Cocoto Platform Jumper and Cocoto Fishing Master on WiiWare and Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker, which was released on the 3DS eShop.

Neko Entertainment has been a big supporter of the Wii U since its launch and already has a couple of games available to download from the eShop. Puddle was the first title to be released, while Kung Fu Rabbit emerged very recently in Europe.

The studio didn't fully commit to saying which systems the new Cocoto game will be available on, though it did confirm it after being asked about its Wii U support.

What are your thoughts on Cocoto and his various adventures? Let us know in the comments section below.


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They all need to be eShop games to be honest. I've played a few Cocotos. They're competent, but that's about it. I'd DL a decentish eShop game though



rjejr said:

Neko Entertainment?

Did they make that little cat in a box that used to follow your mouse movements around Windows way back in Win 3.1 or 95?

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