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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Update Takes a Bite Out of Wii U on 16th April

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Off-TV GamePad play and cross-region online included

While Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a top-notch experience in its current guise, Capcom aknowledged that a couple of key features could be added to enhance it further. And so it promised an April update to bring us Off-TV GamePad-only play and cross-region online multiplayer. GamePad-only play is a particularly notable benefit for a game that can absorb an awful lot of time, no doubt easing potential arguments over the TV, while the excellent online can only be enhanced by opening up the possibility for guilds and friends from across the Atlantic to go on the hunt together.

Thankfully we don't have much longer to wait, with Nintendo UK confirming via Twitter that the update will arrive on Tuesday 16th April.

Not long to wait, and while Nintendo of America hasn't given a similar update at the time of writing, we expect the date to match up on both sides of the pond.

So, Monster Hunter fans, how much are you looking forward to diving into GamePad play and cross-Atlantic online multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below.

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cbkummer said:

Now if you can release an update for the 3DS version that allows online play, that would be awesome!!



EverythingAmiibo said:

I still don't have MH sob but my birthday is the 23 so at least the update will be out when I get the game



AMR said:

Brilliant news! April is looking to be a great month for updates (MH3U, VC, OS speed update) & eShop titles (Toki Tori 2, Runner 2 EU, Kung Fu Rabbit, Rayman Challenge mode). Even the strongest WiiU hater would struggle to put a negative spin on this.



Giygas_95 said:

I'm glad ya'll are getting this update! It's always nice to see devs updating their games to make them better rather than making them worse (Battlefield 3 so I hear) and actually adding things players want.



Tasuki said:

Excellent that means I can finally open my copy of MHU for the Wii U.



Beta said:

I hope I can get this beauty soon, that is, once my retailer stops delaying orders for weeks every time I ask them... -_-
Anyone have an idea if I can still download the quests I missed once I get it?



luminalace said:

Monster Hunter is just the perfect game to have off screen play. I will do lots of resource hunting on just the Gamepad and save the quest and Monster Hunting for the big screen!



SneakyStyle said:

@Beta You can download any quests that have been released at any time.

And this is great news, hopefully they also add a way for 2 people to play from 1 WiiU, 1 via gamepad, and 1 via Tv and other control. It would need to allow P1 to pick his Mii and P2 to choose a seperate Mii tho.



twistedbee said:

@SuperCharlie78 I hear ya man. The best part of WiiU is that I can still play my games while my wife watches cake boss or whatever mind numbing stuff she likes to watch.



vyzor said:

ALELUIA!!! this update is awesome. then i can bring the wiiu to work and not worry about a screen =X



wober2 said:

I really hope for a feature that auto syncs the save files from wiiu to 3ds so that clunky transfer system could go away. Also hope for a way to just use the 3ds as a local multiplayer character with the same game save as the wiiu version... I would like to play locally with people who dont have the game but i have bother versions. meh pipe dreams...



Beta said:

@SneakyStyle Awesome! Thank a lot, dude! ^_^ And I agree, me and my brother would love to play this together without needing the 3DS.



wober2 said:

Oh and for the love of... please increase the font size!! I cant afford a new tv because of one game.



GN0LAUM said:

I am so pumped for Off-TV play. It is going to crank my addiction up to 11!



snoox said:

Gamepad play!!!!! When I'm so tired inlay back in bed & play gamepad only games like Zen Pinball 2 & Need For Speed, but wow add MH3U & I'm a happy gamer yo!!!!!



Giygas_95 said:

Lol I find it funny how many people I've seen say this is going to save their marriage! (not criticizing I just thought it was funny)



Rei7 said:

Now if only the gamepad has more juice in it. I needs those Nyko batteries of Wii U gamepad!



MAB said:

MadAussie already sorted out the TV hog problem by getting a second gaming TV also that feature wouldn't help me as I use the gamepad to control and the touchscreen for map/health/ammo/item management.



AJWolfTill said:

These two updates are the first things to make me seriously consider buying it
Got to finishe AC III and ZombiU first though.



element187 said:

@twistedbee said: I hear ya man. The best part of WiiU is that I can still play my games while my wife watches cake boss or whatever mind numbing stuff she likes to watch.

LMAO, funny my wife watches that crap too... very frustrating being in a middle of a hunt and she acts like she's missing the best content eva on TV... but Off TV PLay will be a godsend for me.

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