While our exciting new game klaxon was going off regularly here at Nintendo Life Towers during the latest 3DS Direct, we also enjoyed receiving release dates and details for games confirmed earlier in the year. One that we were particularly pleased to hear about was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., the latest in the popular RPG series from AlphaDream. It turns out we don't have to dream too many nights away before it arrives: it lands in North America on 11th August and a month earlier in Europe, on 12th July.

We also saw more footage in the broadcast, emphasizing the important role that Luigi plays in both puzzle and action segments. There are puzzles where you manipulate the sleeping Luigi on the touch screen, while there are Pikmin-esque sections where mini-Luigi characters flood the screen and team up to help Mario progress. A closer look at the visuals also suggest that it could be a rather good-liking, vibrant title on the system.

Considering the high standard of the series so far, this is definitely one to watch. You can also check out the new extended trailer just released today, below.