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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Hits Europe on 12th July, North America on 11th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Luigi is the star

While our exciting new game klaxon was going off regularly here at Nintendo Life Towers during the latest 3DS Direct, we also enjoyed receiving release dates and details for games confirmed earlier in the year. One that we were particularly pleased to hear about was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., the latest in the popular RPG series from AlphaDream. It turns out we don't have to dream too many nights away before it arrives: it lands in North America on 11th August and a month earlier in Europe, on 12th July.

We also saw more footage in the broadcast, emphasizing the important role that Luigi plays in both puzzle and action segments. There are puzzles where you manipulate the sleeping Luigi on the touch screen, while there are Pikmin-esque sections where mini-Luigi characters flood the screen and team up to help Mario progress. A closer look at the visuals also suggest that it could be a rather good-liking, vibrant title on the system.

Considering the high standard of the series so far, this is definitely one to watch. You can also check out the new extended trailer just released today, below.

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Dpullam said:

It's strange that North America is getting this game a month later than Europe but it's not a big deal to me since we usually get certain games before them most of the time. The game looks incredibly epic and fun to play and I am sure this will end up as one of my favorite 3DS games thus far.



TimeGuy said:

Damn, if only the US had the same release as Europe. It'd be an excellent birthday gift.



Luffymcduck said:

Hahaha, I was pissed of in 2005 when M&L Partners in Time didn´t arrive for christmas in Europe (and I didn´t have a way to import it). Funny to see things go other way around for a change.

As a huge fan of M&L series (easily better than Paper Mario IMO exept for TTYD) this is a Day 1 buy.



rjejr said:

Congrats to the EU for getting this a month before us.

I may have to buy a 3DS XL just to play this. None of the other games in this series impressed me enough to care, but this looks awesome. Gladly would have traded systems w/ NSMBU for this.



Giygas_95 said:

Only reason I'd be annoyed at getting this a month later than EU is that my summer vacation will be nearly over by then. Doesn't matter though, as I'll have LCU, LCU TCB, ACNL, and DKCR 3D.

Part of the music in that trailer sounds somewhat like Mario RPG. That can only be a good thing.



Peach64 said:

It is a bit weird. I know often the UK gets kid's films a while after the US because each market tries to release during a period where kids go to the cinema a lot. The most well known example is Disney's big 'Winter' movie in the States ends up being the February half-term in the UK.

This is the wrong way around though. I know in the US schools summer holidays are mainly in June? And in the UK it's mainly August.

Can't wait though. I've loved every Mario and Luigi, although what they did to Paper Mario is making me rein in my excitement a bit, as there's always the chance they've done something stupid.



NintyMan said:

I'm really not bothered by the month difference. I'll have other games to keep me entertained anyway, lik Game & Wario and DKCR3D.



citizenerased said:

This looks fantastic, Alpha Dream always comes up with better characters in the Mario universe than Nintendo themselves do. Loved Bowser's Inside Story!



Dizzard said:


Of course they're wrong. It's recently become a lot less predictable whether a game will come out in the US or Europe first. I wonder if they do this on purpose? (Although as far as I can tell so far this year the US has gotten major releases before us....Fire Emblem, Mystery Dungeon, Luigi's Mansion)

So it looks like it's Europes turn again.



DerpSandwich said:

I was really impressed with the battle animations in the new video. That team is just so dang creative.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Wow, really... August 11th? I would've loved to have this game in time for my birthday. It has to come out more than a month later. That's great.

Otherwise, I'm stoked as hell. This looks amazing, just like all the other Mario & Luigi's.



moroboshi said:

The EU release is before the NA release? Wow, that's surely a first. We poor Europeans always have to wait months after the NA/JP release dates.



catsrnice said:

Yay for August but WHY DOES EUROPE GET THEIRS IN JULY? At least it's not as bad as MaL:BIS's delay but still.

@rjejr You get a free 3ds xl just for buying the game?

EDIT: (I'm not really upset, I know we get other games earlier than them. It's just this is my favorite video game series ever. I'm so excited.)



astros75 said:

Gameplay and story look incredibly fun, I am quite anxious to give this a try now. July or August doesnt matter to me, we have a ton of great games coming soon!



Oscarsome said:

Why does the US get it a month later? That really doesn't make any sense at all. They need to change anything between both versions, other than its region settings. So weird....Well, at least I'll have AC, but that may be it. ;.;



KryptoKrunch said:

Ultra excited for this game but having it a month late is fine. I'll have more than enough to play on 3DS in the meantime.



Geonjaha said:

Talk about giving the Luigi the spotlight! Having him sleep while Mario does all the work? Sounds even worse than the regular second player position he's stuck in. I do find it hilarious that they're stretching out this 'Year of Luigi' where all they have really featuring him in a prominent role is one game and a piece of DLC...



SneakyStyle said:

Hey UK/USA can't complain, us AUSTRALIANS are the ones that really get the short straw when it comes to releases and pricing, so Na-na Na-na Boo-boo I win.

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