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Luigi's Mansion 2 Still Scaring the UK Top 10

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Luigi's got legs

When it comes to the UK software charts, we're typically used to seeing major games exclusive to Nintendo platforms making an early bee-line for the top 10 before, in many cases, promptly dropping back to modest placings the following week.

That's not the case with Luigi's Mansion 2, however, which has steadfastly held onto the fifth place that it secured in its debut week. Perhaps it's a sign of the growing 3DS userbase in the UK maintaining momentum, it could be down to brand awareness or, perhaps, it's because it's a fantastic game. It's possibly a combination of all of those factors, but whatever the case it's a strong showing for Luigi's solo adventure.

On the Wii U front there's some disappointing news. After its failure to secure a top 10 spot in its debut week LEGO City Undercover drops back to 32nd in the chart; meanwhile it's unclear whether it's due to a stock shortage or waning interest, but Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U and 3DS exits the top 40.

Not great news on the Wii U front, but a big congrats to Luigi, showing that it's not all about Mario in the Nintendo family.


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FritzFrapp said:

Of course, it helps if shops and supermarkets actually stock the games. I've not actually seen Monster Hunter 3DS, for example, in any supermarket, only in Game. You'd be lucky to find much stock of any Wii U products in any supermarket. And the 3DS stock and brand separation from DS is still really poor.
Luigi has had a store presence and voilà – sales. Funny that....
NIntendo reps need a major kick up the arse.



Sanqet said:

Great news about luigi's mansion it deserves big sales but I believe monster hunter has stock shortages and the wii u has still to make an impact in the uk



BigBluePanda said:

So happy, especially as this is selling well with Luigi's name. Well deserved for a truly fantastic title.



cornishlee said:

Also, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is tenth. I know it's a multi-plat title but, given the release schedule, I'd wager that most of those sales were on the Wii U.



gonctorn said:

I just want six 3DS games this year:
Pokémon X 3DS
Fire Emblem 3DS
Inazuma eleven 3DS
Animal Crossing 3DS
Dragon Quest 3DS
Monster Hunter 3DS



sadsack777 said:

wii u would have been a good seller if Luigi's Mansion 2 was made for it but no Nintendo are to much rapped up with the 3ds to know Nintendo get a grip before its to late



datamonkey said:

The 3DS really deserves to be selling better outside of Japan as it's a superb console with amazing retail and download games...



Dpullam said:

I'm happy to see that Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is still selling well even weeks after its release. It certainly deserves it after all.



rjejr said:

The first game was one of the reasons I bought a Gamecube, and why I still like the GC better than the Wii. I might have bought a WiiU to play this.

Since the WiiU has dual screen, and some of the 3DS games are selling well, is it only a matter of time before we get DS and 3DS games on the WiiU, or are the architectures too different? I would think the WiiU would be powerful enough to run a DS emulator at least.



Tate24 said:

I went out really early on MHU launch day in snow get my copy. Went to grainger games liverpool and seen two copys of 3DS version and one of the Wii U. So glad went out early or i might have not got mine



XFsWorld said:

Luigi Mansion sold over 320,000 copies in 1 week in North America! According to



LordessMeep said:

Seeing this title get recognition makes me happy. It's a really great game!
It's-a Weegee Time!



ThumperUK said:

Nintendo is advertising Luigi's Mansion on TV, yet I've not seen a single Lego advert. If they won't promote the game then it won't get the high sales it deserves (although it did make 'Game of the Week' on that Challenge TV games programme this week).



C-Olimar said:

Nintendo are absolutely horrible at marketing in the UK. They still haven't pushed or explained the 3DS, they threw Sing Party out to retail with barely a whisper of marketing, I've never seen a Monster Hunter Advert, there was no Wii U advert for about 3 months...
The list could go on. Nintendo really needs to improve their presence in the UK before it's too late.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Nintendo UK needs some more Wii U & 3DS advertisements! Advertising is one of the keys to SUCCESS in business!



Sneaker13 said:

Advertisement is pretty bad here in The Netherlands as well. I haven't seen anything about Luigi's Mansion 2 on tv or anywhere else. Which makes it's current one spot all the more impressive.

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