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LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Catches Up With the UK Top Ten

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A little more sales success for 3DS

With the start of the week comes the UK software chart, and once again there's some positive news for 3DS titles. On the Wii U front little has changed, with no exclusives appearing in the top 40 but, potentially, some contributions to multi-platform success stories such as Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The headline new entry this week is LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins making its debut in 8th place; the prequel has out-performed LEGO City Undercover on Wii U, which secured 12th position before tumbling out of the top 40. The 3DS title does have the benefit of a far more established userbase, of course, and Nintendo may be hoping that fans of the handheld entry will become naturally curious about the Wii U release.

Luigi's Mansion 2 continued its good run, meanwhile, hanging on in 10th place to continue spooking rivals; it's a decent result when considering that there are four new entries in the top 10. Fire Emblem: Awakening, meanwhile, has shown decent momentum by coming in at 13th place, after it impressively seized third spot on its debut.

Some reasonable UK results for these 3DS exclusives, while we don't expect any Wii U exclusives to raid the top 40 in the near future; we await new releases. Did you pick up The Chase Begins on 3DS when it launched last week, and are you happy with your purchase so far?


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MadAdam81 said:

Nice to see another 3DS game on the UK charts...

Hopefully Nintendo's Wii U display machines all have Lego City Undercover demos on them, and Nintendo offer a Wii U/Lego City bundle.



Einherjar said:

Lego City ad are plastered all over the place in germany. Every mayor (and some minor) shop has cardboard cutout ads, the game loaded in promotional WiiUs / 3DS. Its a really well made marketing campaign.



Hunter-D said:

Surprised to see it enter at 8th. Hope it continues to do well as I think both the Wii U & 3DS games look really funny, most of the videos/trailers I've seen had me laughing. Some good humour!



MegaWatts said:

This is promising news! I'm really quite tempted to pick up the 3DS title. I know it has a few glaring issues, but it just really looks like a great bit of fun!



MadAdam81 said:

@MegaWatts Same here. The characters and gameplay are just too great to let a little thing like that stopping me from getting it.



BigBluePanda said:

Interesting that the prequel, spin-off esque title charted higher than the proper game.

Much happy with the 3DS chart goodness



Peach64 said:

Just a small point, but there's no way to tell if the 3DS version did outsell the Wii U version. When the Wii U version came out it was competing with the recent releases of Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, God of War and Gears of War. I imagine a lot more games were sold that week than got sold this week when there's been no big releases for a while.



marck13 said:

I really enjoy the WiiU-game!! Love that open world and crazy story and humor, it´s a great fun-pack with tons of content. I hope there are soon other open-world games following on the WiiU.



LittleIrves said:

The Wii U game is top-notch. Genuinely funny. A true pleasure. I do hope 3DS owners pick up the prequel, then are suitably charmed to consider getting the full-on console version. Exclusives of such quality need to do well if we hope to have more down the line...



TromaDogg said:

It's not as good as the Wii U game (naturally) but it is a very decent open world handheld game despite the technical issues, that seems to have all the areas from the Wii U version in it. I like it, but more so as a companion piece to the main Wii U game rather than as a standalone game in it's own just doesn't have the same level of humour or character development that the Wii U game has.



Byron-3D said:

I'm really on the fence about this Lego game for the 3ds. I'm gonna pick it up to use towards my free game since I really didn't like mh3 or fire embalm demos



ThumperUK said:

I have both and while the 3DS one is good-ish, the WiiU one is amazing. I only hope that assuming Nintendo start doing some WiiU adverts, the WiiU Lego City ends up selling in large numbers.....I've not had so much fun playing a game for ages!

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