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Japanese Games Market Makes Long Due Return to Growth

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

5% boost in hardware offsets drop in software sales

Quite often we share the latest weeks' Japanese sales charts with you, to highlight how a new release is performing and to track hardware sales in Nintendo's homeland. A trend that's been consistent for well over a year has been 3DS dominance, with some occasions where the combined sales of the standard model and XL exceed all other systems combined.

The secret for the handheld has been relatively simple; games sell systems. In late 2011 titles such as Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter 3 G were hugely successful, and multi-millions sellers in Japan since then include New Super Mario Bros. 2 and, in particular, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. These successes, alongside the modest additions to date of the Wii U and PS Vita, saw the Japanese market grow a humble 1.2% in the latest fiscal year; this is according to Enterbrain data, and represents the first games industry growth in the region for five years.

It should be noted that software sales decreased slightly, but a 5% increase in hardware sales helped make the boost possible; a large part of that is surely down to the 3DS. With the traditional gaming market having a tough time and shrinking in various territories, this represents some positive news for the region.


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Nintenjoe64 said:

This is pretty good news for everyone who likes games. No doubt the PS4 will help them too by the end of the year.



Dpullam said:

It's good to see that Japan is seeing an increase in video games again. It thought it was pretty obvious that games sell systems!



wober2 said:

I know people thin Japanese games are tired and unimaginative but recently I think they are turning that around. American gaming market seems like it is in-trouble with its huge development costs, anti-consumer DRM focus, and some tired tropes of its own especially in shooters.

Professor Layton, Fire Emblem, Ni No Kuni... late to this but xenoblade was amazing. Mario 3d land was very creative,and I am digging Monster Hunter right now.



Nomad said:

I'm happy to hear it. I've been gaming for a long time and have become quite partial to Japanese made games. Good news.

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