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Ghostlight Confirms Devil Survivor Overclocked Patch is Finished

Posted by Andy Green

Soon Europe will have the full experience

A little under a month ago, Ghostlight released the much-anticipated Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked in Europe.

Unfortunately, however, the game was marred by game-breaking bugs that stops players in their tracks. Using the summon ability or being lied to by an auction seller causes the game to crash, forcing players to reset their 3DS.

The publisher stated it would be working hard on fixing the issues and has taken to Twitter to announce the patch is finished and will soon be on its way to Nintendo:

Ghostlight has also confirmed the game is now back in stock, but of course it will feature the bugs. Hopefully the patch will be downloadable as soon as possible so Europeans can get back to enjoying the game. Check out our Devil Survivor Overclocked review to see why we enjoyed it so much.

Have you been experiencing issues with Devil Survivor Overclocked? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Wilford111 said:

Be sure to donate to the kickstarter campaign to make this patch a reality! They currently have a goal of $12,000.



pepelogoo said:

Actually I had no problem beating the game, those bugs weren't a hindrance at all.



FonistofCruxis said:

I haven't run into either of these problems and with the patch on the way it's unlikely that I ever will.



LexKitteh said:

Great to see them taking ownership of this problem and working on a patch so quickly. Not sure why these bugs happened in the first place, but glad it hasn't ruined too many people's experience of this great game.



Blaze said:

Yay, now I won't have to save every time I enter the Action House! :3



RetroGBHippie92 said:

Is this game more like the Dragon Quest Monsters series or is it more like Fire emblem? I'm just wondering as i'm contemplating getting this, yet have no experience with SRPGs



Zodiak13 said:

Hope Ghostlight get any other Atlus games right for you guys/gals in Eurpoe/AUS. Hate to see you guys wait as long as appears you do, and get stuck w/ poorly tested versions of a game. Hoping for the best in the future for y'all.



Koapa said:

I'm not playing this game because of bugs.
I hope for a short time to get the patch.

Anyway, why is patching the games so "popular" these days? Nobody is testing them anymore?



Doma said:

@RetroGBHippie92 More like FE, as in it's grid based maps. Combat wise (including monster fusion and all that) it's more like DQM, i suppose.

Do you have FE? I'd get that first if i were you.

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