Game& Wario

Game & Wario is a game that promises "GamePad Pandemonium", yet the latter adjective was a good description for the sheer volume of reveals and information that came from the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast. One story that we didn't cover right away but want to bring to your attention is the release date for Wario's latest title — it hits North America on 23rd June.

At the moment we don't have a launch date for Europe, but we'd certainly hope that it'll hit the region at roughly the same time. It'll be a useful early summer boost to the Wii U library, and will also be a good opportunity to once again show off the capabilities of the system's GamePad, with the usual Wario fare being incorporated onto the console's setup.

The new teaser trailer from Nintendo, below, gives a flavour of what we can come to expect; it also includes a form of the Pirate-themed mini-game that graced Wii U demo units way back at E3 2011.

So, is this on your radar for a purchase in a couple of month's time?