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Game & Wario Brings Mayhem to North America on 23rd June

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It looks suitably bonkers

Game & Wario is a game that promises "GamePad Pandemonium", yet the latter adjective was a good description for the sheer volume of reveals and information that came from the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast. One story that we didn't cover right away but want to bring to your attention is the release date for Wario's latest title — it hits North America on 23rd June.

At the moment we don't have a launch date for Europe, but we'd certainly hope that it'll hit the region at roughly the same time. It'll be a useful early summer boost to the Wii U library, and will also be a good opportunity to once again show off the capabilities of the system's GamePad, with the usual Wario fare being incorporated onto the console's setup.

The new teaser trailer from Nintendo, below, gives a flavour of what we can come to expect; it also includes a form of the Pirate-themed mini-game that graced Wii U demo units way back at E3 2011.

So, is this on your radar for a purchase in a couple of month's time?

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TOMBOY25 said:

so how many games are in this overall iv heard people say its less than 10



Giygas_95 said:

Not really interested...Maybe because of some of the games where you have to make yourself look like a fool.



Epic said:

You know you are grounded when your mom come out from the TV xD



rjejr said:

Now we just need a Wonderful 101 release date. And WiiUFitU I suppose.

Game and Wario - June
Wonderful 101 - ?July?
Pikmin 3 - Aug

WiiU at E3 - SSB, Mario Kart and hopefully 3D Mario. Who would be making that Mario game, the group that did 3D Land? I know the Kid Icarus year long delay pushed back SSB.



Grumpalo said:

I'd be more interested if we had any idea how many games were included in it. I thought I'd read around 10 somewhere else, and that seems like a very small number for a Wario Ware game.



link3710 said:

@rjejr The group that made Galaxy, Galaxy 2, and 3D Land is making 3D Mario.

This game is still too mysterious to be on my list. Can't wait 'til we get details.



NintyMan said:

Good to see that NA finally announced a release date for this. Since it's already out in Japan, I've spoiled a fair amount of the game through Youtube videos, and believe me, this game looks to be worth it. It might look like a simple minigame collection, but it'll be a surprisingly deep experience like Nintendo Land. Game & Wario will take up a good chunk of my summer.



MouldyK said:

IGN: "Yes, Game & Wario is a series of mini-games. There’s no way around that description, despite the fact that Nintendo (who co-developed the game with Intelligent Systems) has promised plenty of depth within each concept. In some ways that immediately assigns a certain value upon the game, despite the fact that much of what we saw and played was intuitive and engaging. We didn’t fall in love with every idea, but for every mediocre ‘Taxi’ we got an addicting ‘Gamer.’ For us, that’s a balance we’re willing to accept.

The question that remains is this – how compelling are the final 11 games in the Game & Wario arsenal? Will they turn out better or worse than what we’ve already played? Up to this point, Nintendo Land seems to hold a more ideal collection. But we’ll see. Nintendo says Game & Wario will be out "within the first half of 2013.""

And they looked at 5 games, so the final number is 16 games.



ToastyYogurt said:

@MouldyK: By "final," IGN most likely meant the final number of minigames, therefore there will be 11 games. And I'm pretty sure I read somewhere else that 11 is the number.

You know someone isn't doing very well at marketing when mystery is surrounding a game that was already released in Japan.

I'm pretty excited for this game. It's not the Warioware I know and love, but it does have some neat ideas. I'm looking forwards to playing "Thief" with people (the one where a guy on the gamepad tries to secretly steal some apples while some other players watch the entire crowded, Where's Waldo-like scene on the TV, and then the watchers have to guess who the on screen thief is). Besides, the game where 9-Volt tries to sneak playing video games in bed seems to have a little Warioware in it. You just got to stop playing every time Game Mom walks by.



Ryno said:

Now that's a system seller. I'm sure Wii U's are just going to fly off the shelves now...



WreckItRyan said:

Excited! Oh, and just one small thing, Thomas... I think you meant "latter noun" when referring to pandemonium.



rjejr said:

@link3710 - Thanks, that's what I thought. SM3DL was Nov. 2011 in the US, is 2 years enough time for them to get a new game out? The WiiU was announced in June 2011 so I hope they started around then and not on another 3DS game.



TheXboxHero said:

I think ths game would actually be BETTER than Nintendoland! Cant wait to get my hands on it! First week purchase!



Airola said:

You can see a video of each minigame on the Nintendo Japan site:

Each of those smaller pictures on both sides of the big Wario brings you to a page of each game. By clicking on the round black&blue thing in the bottom right corner you can see a video of that game.
There are 16 different games and you can see videos of all of them. Some of them look pretty "meh" but some of them look surprisingly interesting.

For those who are thinking that 16 minigames in a "warioware" game is not enough, there is one minigame that actually has lots of those microgames in style of the previous Warioware game. The Western release has this game named as Gamer, and there you play as a child who tries to play games in secret. Those games are all new microgames and you get to play them all by yourself.



NintendoPro64 said:

That's strange. It seemed like a smarter move would have been to drop this in May and have people dive in. But then again, that date is only a couple of weeks after E3 so it'll have excitement to ride on. Not to mention, everyone should be done with Monster Hunter by that time!



NintyMan said:

What's funny is that for my birthday, I wanted Game & Wario to at least be pre-ordered if it wasn't coming to release before my birthday, so this will be a very, very late birthday present.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Yeah I can see why we don't have a date for it in Europe. A text heavy RPG like this must need a lot of localisation.



Dpullam said:

It looks like a funny game but I wouldn't want to spend the full $60 price tag that it will most likely carry. If it went down cheap I would probably pick it up.



Emaan said:

Can't wait to play this- literally can't wait. June seems pretty far off considering how I initially thought this might have been released like this month.



Cavalier41 said:

Smooth moves was surprisingly hilarious, and I don't mind looking like a fool with friends and family. Should be fun!



Henmii said:

"so how many games are in this overall iv heard people say its less than 10"

I heard that too initially! But after watching a few (pretty cool) trailers on youtube, it seems they have expanded it a lot! Now it looks like a fullblown Warioware title, and worth our attention!

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