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Former WiiWare Title Animales de la Muerte Rises From the Dead On Smartphones

Posted by Damien McFerran

Looking a lot different to before

Remember High Voltage Software's Animales de la Muerte? It was supposed to hit WiiWare back in 2009, but the 40MB download limit imposed on developers prevented a release.

The game has been stuck in limbo ever since, with a PSN and XBLA launch proposed but never materialising. However, that's all set to change as the title is hitting iOS on 18th April, with an Android version following in May.

Rechristened Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte, the game looks a lot different to the version we saw back in 2008. The crazy Mexican aesthetic remains, but the 3D visuals have been replaced by 2D sprites, and you now use your finger to draw lines to destroy the attacking zombies. Ironically, this makes the game a good fit for the Wii U eShop — perhaps High Voltage will consider bringing the game to Nintendo's new console if it is a success on mobile formats?

If you own an Apple of Android device, will you be checking out this title? Post a comment to tell us.

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rndethan said:

Reminds me of a wackier Mexican styled Plants vs Zombies... I'm really digging it! I'll definitely be picking this up on my iPad.



IAmNotWill said:

I remember this! I was just thinking about this yesterday actually. Too bad it isn't a console release.



rjejr said:

PvZvFN. (Plants vs. Zombies vs. Fruit Ninja)

If this game didn't have the same name I don't think it would have ever occurred to me it was the same game. Not ever. I kept waiting for that game NOT to come out on Wiiware as I knew a game about kids shooting dead zoo animals would never fly on the Wii. Looks like it isn't flying on iOS either b/c I don't see any Tommy guns in that video. (I stand corrected, there is a gun.)

I'll probably try out a free version, but they really are jumping on the PvZ a bit strong. Look at the top photo, bottom left, it's a pea-shooter colored zombie.

I wonder if Michael Jackson will be in it?

Here's the original game trailers, the good 1 starts about 45 seconds in. Same game in name only.



AVahne said:

Seems HVS isn't doing so well lately. I wonder if The Grinder will end up as a smartphone game as well.



siavm said:

Looks like this could fit on wiiware now. Too bad it looks awful in this form. You would think they would pretty much be able to make the game in its first form on the App Store. Things must be really bad there.



SMW said:

I already lost hope for this game due to them ditching WiiWare, but it looks like they completely ruined it now!



Rod64 said:

I have a great idea! Let's change the name of the game to make it WORSE! Yay!



rayword45 said:

What a waste of 6 years to dumb down the product. Oh well.

Let's see how Last Flight ends up.



Henmii said:

This looks quite different, but not entirely bad! But still: High Voltage is High Failure!!

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