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First Impressions: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Further muddying the timeline

Surprise! That rumored Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS remake was totally not true, and no doubt planted as a red herring by some unscrupulous Nintendo employee to throw us all off the real story: Nintendo's handheld is getting a “sequel” to fan-favorite The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

We say “sequel” because we’re not entirely sure what The Legend of Zelda 3DS is, even after playing it for a bit during Nintendo's 3DS software showcase yesterday. Nintendo made explicitly clear that this isn’t a remake of the SNES title but that it does in fact take place in the same stormy Hyrule that we first saved in 1992. We might have to wait until a future edition of Hyrule Historia to find out where the game fits and in which timeline it does so, but in the meantime we’re going to mentally tag it as New Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future 3D. We dare Nintendo to think of a more appropriate title.

Zelda 3DS is a top-down affair with an art style that echoes A Link to the Past, merging the designs of the 2D sprites with the periphery art found in the game's manual (which depicts a blonde Link instead of a pink-haired one, just to nip that in the bud). The purist art style works quite well in 3D, allowing for a clean, chunky look that confirms Shigeru Miyamoto's suggestion that the layered world of Link to the Past would suit the handheld. The game cops the same controls as its progenitor, too, so no more of the stylus-steering found in the DS titles: Zelda 3DS is a button-based affair.

Verticality is the keystone on which the game is built — appropriate both for similarities to the girders of A Link to the Past and to emphasize stereoscopic 3D. While certainly not new to the franchise, we can say that based on our time with what appears to be one of the game’s early dungeons Nintendo is intent on building onward and upward. The demo began with Link at the bottom of a 10-story tower and dared him to reach the angry boss monster thing at the top, with nary a staircase in sight.

Strewn about the demo dungeon were some of the series’ navigation and puzzle tropes, like thwacking coloured switches to lift a corresponding wall or walkway or falling through conveniently sliced holes in the grating to an area below, as well as unconventional springy doodads that Link could clunk with his hammer, step onto and get launched upward.

Most interesting is Link’s new Merge ability, allowing him to turn into wall art and move left and right — he can’t fall or jump in this condition. Link can move around obstacles, latch himself onto the outside of floating blocks in order to climb to the next floor, or weasel his way through barred windows. Using Merge drains a stamina/magic bar, keeping you from staying super-thin for too long, which regenerates over time. The examples on display were pretty simple but did a good enough job of illustrating how the concept can spice up a dungeon.

Enemies on display were limited but old news — those pesky jumping stalfos are back, as well as kamikaze crows and ornery floor tiles — and the final boss at the top of the tower was an unspectacular worm thing with a glowy tail to stab. The demo offered little “wow” in this department, although to be fair the game was literally just unveiled, the dungeon is likely not final and, even if it was, likely represents an incredibly early portion of the game. We’ve played enough Zelda to know that the game never really starts until you've collected a trio of whatever mystical items have been spread around the lands.

Given that it shares the same world as A Link to the Past we’d expect this new Hyrule to bear a striking resemblance, although we can't say for sure how close it’ll be to the old game because our hands-on demo was restricted to this dungeon. Based on footage shown elsewhere it appears to be aiming for pretty similar indeed.

Since our time with the game was so limited, we really can’t speak to whether Zelda 3DS is worthy of its link to the past, or even really what that link truly entails. After crawling through its simple dungeon we can really only say one thing for certain: Nintendo sure is making another top-down Zelda game. It’s a thing. It’s real. For some, that tidbit may be enough to make them kick down the door to the locomotive and send the hype train into warp speed. All we want to do is play a good top-down Zelda and hope that this fits the bill. It’s halfway there already.

We'll all find out together when Zelda 3DS launches this holiday.

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Ernest_The_Crab said:

And so it's confirmed...that bar on the left is indeed a magic bar and NOT a stamina bar.

Thankfully, it has gone back to buttons.

@Jon Was there any diagonal movement when you guys played the demo? Or was it solely cardinal directions? Just trying to figure out if it'd be better to use the nub or the pad in this case.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Can't wait for it! Oh, and maybe it'll have optical illusions like in Super Mario 3D Land! And some areas in the game will be in the same form of 3D similar to SM3DL. Maybe last steps to a boss, or climbing atop rooftops or so...
So... who likes my ideas?



Jukilum said:

"New Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future 3D"—I don't know, it's a little wordy. Especially when you add a "the" in there.



Fingeldor said:

' more of the stylus-steering found in the DS titles: Zelda 3DS is a button-based affair.'

Music to my ears. =)



pops330 said:

I can't wait. I liked what I saw when I downloaded the 3d video from eshop.



Sonicman said:

What of Majora's Mask: 3D? I already broke my piggy bank in preparation for it...



Squiggle55 said:

Glad it's top down and button based, not so sure about turning into a painting. I guess we'll see later what that's all about.



ACK said:

Sorry Jon, but this impression offers little to no insight that couldn't have been gleaned from the minute and a half long video...

I certainly appreciate the well-reasoned, sharp-witted criticism that comes across rather eloquently in your reviews. Impressions, however, require a certain form of intrinsic recognition along with a semblance of impaired perspective/blind reflection. Is this article a victim of the first-news rush? Sure seems like it.



Dpishere said:

The game looks pretty fun, though I am not too keen on 2d zelda titles (though I felt Minish Cap and Link's Awakening were excellent), I am willing to give this a chance if it has the fun gameplay the 2d Zelda's have with the polished story and content of the 3d Zelda's. Early footage is promising though.



Gregor said:

@Ernest_The_Crab actually from what I saw its 360 smooth movement with the circle pad. Also we arn't using buttons. To swing your sword you have to manually hack away at the air with your 3DS while its closed. LOL JK.



Doge said:

looks like super paper mario and link to the past had a love child.hope they have a new world instead of havin the link to the past worl



Dpullam said:

@Dpishere I'd have to agree with you. As long as they give a good amount of content to back up the top-down style I will thoroughly enjoy this game. I was also really impressed with the video on the eshop.



DreamOn said:

I have to agree with @ACK, there wasn't any sharing of how the game felt when hitting enemies or moving link, music etc. All the info could already be seen from the media provided. More feeling!



Peach64 said:

I was so excited when I saw the headlines that an original Zelda had been announced for the 3DS, but when I saw the screens and video, that rapidly began to fade. Eurogamer sum it up for me in their preview.

"And that's as far as this new Zelda on the 3DS ventures from the formula, for now at least, which is something of a mixed blessing. Zelda's always been a series built on grand, immovable traditions, about retelling the same tale with a different context, and about handing the story down from one generation to another.

In that regard, this should be nothing but a triumph: an old bedtime favourite retold in a new and more vibrant voice. In another, though, I'm not quite so sure: this is a product of the Nintendo that's so keen to remind us of its heritage that it's in danger of not living up to it, as it repackages old formulas and churns through them at an alarming rate. This isn't necessarily the start of an annualised Zelda, but it feels very much like it's drawn from the same pool as the New Super Mario Bros. games rather than from whatever strange sauce brought us the fever dream of Link's Awakening - and that it's from a Nintendo that's happy to draw upon past memories without being quite bold enough to conjure new ones of its own."

I love A Link to the Past, but I can play that anytime I want. I wanted something new. I'm getting really fed up of ports and remakes, and no matter what Nintendo are calling it, this is a remake.

I still have faith that the Wii U Zelda will be amazing, but we'll have had an enhanced port of Ocarina, and remakes of Wind Waker and A Link to the Past in between that and Skyward Sword.



ikki5 said:

Peach.... this is a new game, it is a different story done in the same game world as a link to the past. it is not a remake so I don't understand why you are upset as it will be a different story.



GraveLordXD said:

@Peach64 this isn't a port or a remake!!
So by your logic I should skip darksouls ll because I can just go back and play darksouls anytime I want? That makes absolutely no sense at all



idork99 said:

@bezerker99 Awesome video! I had to stop at the 6:00 mark as it was revealing a lot of the dungeon secrets (that I'll like to solve on my own).

You can either love or hate Nintendo at this point for bringing a somewhat remake of a classic. But if you love ALttP style Zelda, then this game should be high on your radar scale. If you're tired of remakes, then just pass on and wait until the Wii U version releases. Personally, I can't wait!



Geonjaha said:

Oh for god sake. There is no timeline.
Trying to come up with a timeline for Zelda is as stupid as coming up with a timeline for Mario games. Some of the games are direct sequels and some contain random references to the other games - that's all there is to know.



FernandoMachado said:

The game looks amazing, especially on that eShop video! I can't wait to play it.
We have SO LITTLE INFO about it and people are jumping to such pessimist conclusions...
My favorite Zelda titles are the top-down ones <3



Giygas_95 said:

@Geonjaha Oddly enough, when reading the history of Hyrule in Hyrule Historia, I found that most of it (maybe all of it) clicked together quite remarkably. That's not to say having three separate timelines is not a little ridiculous.

However, Eiji Aonuma did say that game play was the focus and story was an afterthought.



FernandoMachado said:

@Geonjaha Yes... I see the whole timeline hootenanny as an afterthough.
For me, The Legend of Zelda is what it is, the legend of a princess kidnapped by an evil force and rescued by a green elf-like hero. The different versions of the stories happen because legends have a tendency to "mutate" depending on who is telling it or when... etc...
Yes, it's all a bit nuts but that's how I view it.



evanescent_hero said:

@Peach64 For the love of god. Unless the dungeons are the same and nothing new is introduced, it's not a damn remake. By your logic, Twilight Princess is a remake of Ocarina of Time because the world is similar and it uses some of the same enemies. So Four Swords Adventures and Link's Awakening are remakes because they have the same boss? Oh, Wind Waker and OoT are the same game because they both have Phantom Ganon. We know extremely little about this game, but I trust them to make a different game if they're saying it's not a remake. Just give it a chance. Jeez.



FluttershyGuy said:

Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my gaming life! ALttP is my favorite Zelda. I hoped for a true sequel one day, but didn't imagine it ever happening. So, this brought happy tears yesterday! I love the merging of old and new here. It's what I imagined a ALttP sequel to be!

One thing: When you already have the map and dungeons from ALttP set in stone, how do you extend it enough to make it feel like a new experience? Unless they extend the world map, I'm not sure how it could feel like anything but a "second quest" remix to ALttP. And I'm assuming this may be the Tower of Hera in the trailer. How do you explain changes to the environment.

Believe me, these aren't necessarily complaints. Just mysteries and concerns. I think the original ALttP world will have to be expanded somehow, though. This is now number 1 on my most wanted list!



Shotgunryugan said:

I would have preferred the Majora's Mask remake, but i'll take what i can get, and i loved ALTTP

The only thing I'm not liking so far is Link himself, looks odd.



DreamOn said:

Well anyone can talk themselves out of any long time Nintendo franchise new release by saying its old formula with merely new graphics and a gimmick. Zelda hits switches and Mario hits blocks. It's always the same product for sale.

Long time fans just have to appreciate small evolutions as the hardware advances. Or maybe take a break from a series. I did that with Kirby games and now I've come back and can enjoy the old mechanics again!



ACK said:

@Peach64: In regards to that Eurogamer quote, I feel compelled to point out that Nintendo's decisions are predicated primarily (if not exclusively) upon game design considerations, as opposed to plot, characters, setting, etc...

In a sense, Eurogamer are complaining about this very heritage. Link's Awakening was predominantly a standard 2D Zelda set in a strange world; whether fortunately, or unfortunately, it's an outlier. Games such as this new ALttP and the NSBM series may be set in familiar locales with few original characters/settings. However, Nintendo revisits these formulas when a platform or technology provides new opportunities for expanding or innovating those classic, beloved game design foundations. Not to simply re-hash antiquated ideas, but to provide new application in an evolved marketplace. (Of course, Nintendo, as much as any company, embodies a conflicted manifest of uncompromising tradition and tireless progression.)

Sometimes that may be as simple as using wind physics to blow coins across a level or utilizing light sources to emphasize contrast and alter traditional dynamics. Other alterations are undoubtedly more groundbreaking, such as allowing Link to transform into a hieroglyphic figure.

As gamers we all have different preferences, but the marketplace ultimately dictates the risk of innovation. Nintendo relies on their classic foundations to communicate the value of modern game design innovations/expansions to the broadest audience possible.

Call it a shrewd business stance, but I bristle at the idea that Nintendo is reminding us of a heritage that they can't live up to. (There's only one first... And Nintendo was generally the pioneer. But their philosophy hasn't necessarily changed; they've always put game design foundations first and foremost. The difference is that once they needed to create, or largely re-create, entire franchises to communicate those ideals. Now with established franchises they just need to represent those ideas in the most marketable method.)



DreamOn said:

"I’m sure that those of you familiar with A Link to the Past could imagine what kind of game this would be – but I think that you’ll be surprised at quite how different it is when you actually play it!"

Have hope @Peach



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I'm so happy that we are back to using buttons in Zelda. The Wii U Zelda should follow suit. Stylus and motion control were ok, but nothing beats the classic button control method in my eyes, or my hands.



KAHN said:

guys, Link was using the hammer when he collected only three hearts. does this mean that you start out with some items, or is the hammer the first item you collect?



GoroGoro said:

I'm quite skeptical about this new zelda game, I honestly expected a 3d zelda in the style of oot 3d, The art style and paper mechanic seems like something that is straight out of mario. It just seems too childish to me. But having said this I have never played a link to the past so I can't really comment, i would love though more realistic graphics in the game and an older looking link, young link but not toddler link as seen:/ But then again being introducedto the series with twilight princess probably makes me a bit biased towards the 3d games, But with this announcement out of the way i say at e3 2015 majoras mask 3d will be annouced, thats the game i'm really looking forward to as I've never played it before.



Dark-Link73 said:

@ACK I have to agree with you (post #14). While I really like Jon's "first impressions" take on the News released during the Nintendo Direct, I have the feeling that what Jon is referring to as a "demo" is in fact the video download available at the eShop and not a real "playable" demo as he is making it sound. As good as the article is, it is marred by such sensationalist and misleading approach. After all, Jon is not showing any other screenshots that aren't featured in the video.



aalphalist said:

if you look closely you'll see that link is holding the master sword! Therefore it is a sequel!



AbeVigoda said:


Check out other websites. There was a demo that was made playable for some gaming writers. It's laughable you would think this guy made this up based on watching the eshop demo.



Byron-3D said:

already got it preordered this can fill the void luigis mansion left, the site i ordered from says 8th november for uk release



ACK said:

@JonWahlgren: I'm not contending whether or not you've played an actual demo. But it must be conceded that this article does not establish a strong degree of applied analysis.

I, myself, am not clear on some of the most basic aspects of any Zelda game (controls, menus, items, combat dynamics, puzzle composition, etc.). Even the hardware-specific components that will likely define this iteration are unclear (bottom screen, necessary 3D, circle pad movement, etc.).

On the other side, the equally important, more subjective insight is almost nonexistent. What does the dungeon progression infer? How are the enemy layouts? Despite the recycled trappings, does the level design feel lively and original? Or simply reanimated?

Understand that we appreciate the thankless effort your role necessitates. (Though, truthfully, we also envy your fortune to experience a new Zelda within a day of it's announcement...) Without question, this is among my favorite, most-visited sites on the web at large. This despite it's reliance on mostly unpaid, below entry-level labor. Indeed, we sometimes hold you to the highest standard; believe me, out of sheer appreciation, not disrespect.



aalphalist said:

When he is fighting skeletons 47 sec. into the trailer. You can easily make out the blue hilt of the master sword!!!



19Robb92 said:

This looks soooo good Can't wait to play it! Can't believe it's going to be out this year as well! SO EXCITED!

Did you even watch the Nintendo Direct..? You're either deaf or completely wrong, or both. This is an ENTIRELY NEW game.

Since I assume you missed the actual announcement, here you go:

"... we're now developing a NEW game, that will take place in the same game world..."

"... what our developers want to achieve with this NEW Zelda game..."

"... while this game is set in the world of ALttP, it features an ORIGINAL storyline and ENTIRELY NEW dungeons..."

"... Link can also become a drawing [...] this NEW MECHANIC will play a KEY ROLE in solving puzzles..."



JonWahlgren said:

@ACK: I don't have a problem if you, or any other reader, aren't pleased with my analysis, but to have someone seemingly question whether I even performed the basic task required to remotely qualify for tackling the preview in the first place is, frankly, ridiculous. That wasn't directed at you either.

Well, it's not like there isn't a problem, because I want to be thorough and inclusive for the benefit of those not fortunate enough to have had access to that event yesterday. Having an opinion isn't a problem.

As far as the write-up goes, the demo was just the one dungeon and frankly doesn't feel very illustrative of the final game, so I wasn't prepared to toot the horn or sound the alarm on whether the game is on the right path or not. Previews are weird like that, especially if, like here, this is the first time anyone outside of Nintendo got their hands on the game. To me, it felt an awful lot like a standard top-down Zelda game, which I feel I made clear towards the end.

Perhaps it was a mistake but I wrote this with the assumption that the reader would already have some familiarity with LttP, or a 2D Zelda in general, because a lot of tropes carry over into this one, hence why I didn't go into great detail on that stuff. The dungeon had a big emphasis on verticality, which fits in with the first game's design. Other than that the dungeon didn't stand out very much — enemies and encounters were standard and a bit dull, all seen in LttP. Even the boss was a recycled standard Zelda-style boss.

My impression was that there seemed to be three things Nintendo wanted to actually show off with this demo, so that's what I wanted to focus on:

  • It's a 2D Zelda that kinda looks like LttP, which, yes, it totally is and does.
  • Link can turn into a hieroglyph and walk across the wall. I mention that the sample puzzles were simplistic but proved that the concept has promise.
  • Verticality will be emphasized in the stage design. I climbed a ten-story tower. I think they nailed that one.


Wilford111 said:

@JohWahlgren I see where you're coming from, but the three points you were focusing on were already obvious from the video. I was looking for some new information, and I got hardly any. I do like that you pointed out that it is controlled by buttons and not stylus



Moshugan said:

I hope Nintendo listens to the creative criticism the game is getting.
I like the graphic style, but personally I'd rather have it more cartoony/cell-shaded and matte, than this shiny and plastic-like way it currently looks. Also the color palette could be tweaked to correspond the original ALttP color scheme.
The gameplay look roxxor! Can't wait to play.
Hopefully we get A Link to the Past on Wii U Virtual Console next week!!



ACK said:

@JonWahlgren: Yeah, I wanted to be clear that to question your integrity wasn't my intent. The article is, as always, well-written and assuredly appropriate. Given your apparent experience, I feel you accomplished probably the most critical, if vaguely obvious, points.

However, I have, of course, felt inclined to express a lacking perception of what amounts to a fleeting first impression. To that extent, I do believe some of the most pivotal points (basic gameplay concepts, expanded analysis, subjective insight, further relevance, etc) of any impressions article maybe weren't emphasized enough. (And as far as intuiting the reader's familiarity with the subject matter... From my limited experience, I consider that effort to be the essential groundwork and ultimate skill of any writer; to make mundane concepts insightful and compelling even to the most acquainted.)

Also, I'm very aware of the double-egded sword of saying too little and assuming too much. There is no right way to straddle that razor sharp edge and, no matter how hard you try, you'll always be sliced one way or the other. Each article is a unique battle and, ultimately, you have to believe in your own tactical awareness above all else. Cheesy metaphor, for sure. But to that end, I commend all the writers at Nintendolife.



RR529 said:

I love ALttP, so I'm eagerly awaiting this! I love the fact that they've brought the original art style to life!

@AbeVigoda, so if you start with Twilight Princess, you're not allowed to give an opinon on the series (regardless of the fact that they may have played many of the other Zelda titles afterwards)?



Mk_II said:

Now we know what Miyamoto-san was talking about when he mentioned that he might like to revisit the world of LTTP. Brilliant idea that will sell like hotcakes.



grimbldoo said:

Jon Wahlgren wrote:

Further muddying the timeline

The Legend of Zelda didn't even have a timeline until Miyamoto caved into fan requests, so you can't really muddy a timeline that never existed.



grimbldoo said:

I don't argue with that. Several of the games are directly connected. Obvious examples are OoT and Majora's (and TP since it's practically an OoT remake), and Wind Waker through Spirit Tracks. And even though Nintendo threw a timeline together, I doubt the Miyamoto will have it in consideration whenever he makes a Zelda game.



Capt_N said:

@Everyone-bashing-others'-opinions: Gonna sound corny, but,... come on, can't we all just get along?! It is, after all, a game, & not a life, or death matter. So @Emperor:, @Peach64:, @GoroGoro:, etc. are turned off by this, or disappointed by this, but, that's their opinion, just as anyone else may have a differing opinion. Nobody needs to jump on anyone for their opinions.

As for the game, I somehow can hear Miyamoto's words of layering(from an article about remaking ALttP), in regards to the current seemingly emphasis on verticality. In that regard, I'm not sure,... if that is an excuse to use 3d, a way to concentrate gameplay away from recycled familiar elements(to keep things fresh, & the player interested), or in truth just a new gameplay mechanic, which hopefully will not get overused.

The hieroglyph mechanic I'm not too thrilled in, as of now. It does look like it came from (the Mario universe,) Paper Mario: Sticker Star, to be exact. Maybe lately Nintendo has been thinking on similar concepts, such as Paper Mario, Yarn Yoshi, the crayon-wall-drawings enemies from Yoshi's Island, or perhaps even that new Yoshi's Island game? I don't know. I'd have to see it more, before I warmed up to it, though I now can see some possible gameplay ideas from it. Edit: It doesn't really seem Zelda to me, this mechanic.

The art style I don't think is too bad. (Edit#2: From what I see, it fairly well resembles ALttP, & in that regard, I like it.) & I hope the gameplay isn't too puzzle-oriented w/o a balance of action challenge. There needs to be balance.

I really wish Nintendo would have released on the Wii VC, or even now on WU VC the Satellaview games. Since we're talking about ALttP, I'm referring specifically to the pseudo-sequel the game had on that peripheral, called The Ancient Stone Tablets. It could be thought of as sort of a master quest of ALttP. I would even take a remake of the game. But then, I realize, potentially Nintendo might not want to commercially release it, for fear of ppl having already played it via illegal means, & therefore not wanting/willing to pay for it, or that the game is not entirely, or partially Nintendo's, possibly due to their partnership w/ St. Giga.

But, this game shows potential, & I really wanted Nintendo to do a follow-up to ALttp, so right now this is currently my top radar'd 3DS game of this year. I'm excited for this.



Emaan said:

"but in the meantime we’re going to mentally tag it as New Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future 3D. We dare Nintendo to think of a more appropriate title."



Royalblues said:

I wish it didn't have a top-down view.
LttP is my favorite Zelda, but you could have at least made it look like Zelda on the DS, minus the cell-shading. A closer to the ground camera angle.
I still anxiously await this game.



gundam00 said:

I agree with @Peach64 's comments. My impression so far is this Zelda falls into the New Super Mario Bros category, where everything is recycled thru improved graphics. I understand that Zelda is rehashment after rehashment with only one key feature being changed which the respective game's title alludes to. Nintendo isn't really creating anything "new" with Zelda. Zelda is stuck in refinement mode.

For a lot of fans, Ocarina 3D was a tease for what a possible Zelda game could offer on the 3DS, and were hoping Ocarina 3D was going to lay the foundation for the 3DS Zelda exclusive. Many of those fans were also hoping Majora's Mask would be remastered to carry the torch towards the official 3DS Zelda exclusive.

However, due to the success of Link's Awakening in the eShop, Nintendo is remastering the top-down Zelda instead, along with releasing Oracles Ages/Seasons in the eShop. So for 2013, Nintendo is releasing three top-down view Zelda games, with no true 3D world successor or even a 3D remaster for the past two years.

You'd think Nintendo would try to find a balance between 2D and 3D releases, so fans aren't getting a lump sum of 2D games for the year.

This isn't an attack on "New" Legend of Zelda. I'm merely pointing out why some Zelda fans are upset this isn't the 3D successor we've been hoping for, while asking Nintendo to offer more diversity in their releases, such as balancing 2D x 3D releases, and expand their franchises' formulas that will actually offer a "new" experience and a "new" take on the series.



DarkNinja9 said:

thats true after this game i dont see how majoras mask remake will even show up any more



GamerZack87 said:

"...and the final boss at the top of the tower was an unspectacular worm thing with a glowy tail to stab."
Oh man, not Moldorm! I hate that thing so much!



Trikeboy said:

@Everyone complaining about no Majora's Mask: Eiji Aonuma already stated that there would not be another Zelda remake until there was a new game on the market. This new game will be out this year, Majora's Mask will follow later. Pull your panties up and stop complaining. If you want to play Majora's Mask why not dust off yout N64, download it from the virtual console or play the collectors edition disc for the Gamecube. There are other ways too. We are getting a brand new Zelda game this year, enjoy the ride. The 3DS isn't going anywhere, there is plenty of time for Majora's Mask.

@gundam00 Miyamoto has wanted to do a sequel to Link to the Past for a long time, it has nothing to do with sales of Link's Awakening. How can they not offer more balance with the games? They are releasing a top down adventure on the 3DS and a 3D adventure on the Wii U this year and another coming soon. BTW, this new Zelda game is 3D even though it is from a top down view point.

@Timeline theorists, without knowing the story, there are only two possible timelines this game can fit in.
1. Link to the Past - Link to the Past 2 - Oracle of Ages/Seasons - Link's Awakening.
2. Link to the Past - Oracle of Ages/Seasons - Link's Awakening - Link to the Past 2.
It is the same Link in all of those games, which makes this Link the longest running reoccurring version of the character.



mookysam said:

I think it looks super. The paper mechanic could be particularly interesting and the 3D in the trailer looked lovely. I love the top-down Zeldas (especially Link's Awakening) and think a return to the style could be good for the series, especially on the handheld.



Lalivero said:

@Capt_N You don't want their opinions jumped on yet you jump on those who happen to disagree with said people? It's also funny considering some of said people have done their fair share of bashing, too.

It's one thing to disagree with the direction things are heading...that is, once you've got a good amount of insight on the game. It's another, however, if you're going to stomp all over a game and act as if you know everything about it already when, in fact, you know almost nothing. Unless some of these people have somehow magically gotten a hold of a finished game from the future and Nintendo is lying to us, this isn't a remake as some are claiming.

C'mon, this isn't something like NSMB that has next to no story behind it and practically is the same game over and over.

@GoroGoro If you really want to play Majora's Mask so badly, just buy it off of Wii VC. About the only thing a 3DS remake would bring is upgraded graphics. The VC version is also much cheaper than the retail price on MM3D would be.

If you haven't given some of the other 2D games a try, you should really do so as well! They can be just as engaging as the 3D ones if you try not to put graphics above everything else. I'm not sure what you mean by 'realistic' either because OOT and MM aren't really realistic looking either aside from being 3D.

@gundam00 Why should OOT3D automatically be the standard though? Does the 3DS' ability to produce console-like graphics mean we aren't allowed anymore top down Zeldas or something? How many Mario Games on the DS ended up looking as good as Super Mario 64 DS? Better yet, where was our follow up 3D Mario for the DS that should've rivaled that? Imo, OOT3D was just a showcase in general of how good games can look on the system, just like the former I pointed out, but that doesn't mean that every game has to follow that route.

Who knows, if the 3DS manages to stay relevant for at least a few more years beyond 2014, we may very well end up getting a 2nd new Zelda(possibly the new 3D one everyone has been dreaming about apparently) near/at the end of the 3DS' life, if they haven't already started the next gen handheld's Zelda by then. This is something they might want be able to achieve if everyone can stop chanting for MM3D for one second.

There's still hope!



MitchVogel said:

Obviously, it's still WAY too early to really be making any calls on this, but I'm... uneasy about this one. I don't like that Nintendo seems to be giving the Zelda franchise the "New Super Mario Bros." treatment, but there's plenty of time for this game to prove that it's still got plenty of innovation and wonder and is not as disappointingly generic as those games. I, for one, am excited!



Capt_N said:

@Chriiis: "You don't want their opinions jumped on yet you jump on those who happen to disagree with said people? It's also funny considering some of said people have done their fair share of bashing, too.

It's one thing to disagree with the direction things are heading...that is, once you've got a good amount of insight on the game. It's another, however, if you're going to stomp all over a game and act as if you know everything about it already when, in fact, you know almost nothing. Unless some of these people have somehow magically gotten a hold of a finished game from the future and Nintendo is lying to us, this isn't a remake as some are claiming."

Fair argument, but just so you know, my intent wasn't to bash ppl, despite how my comment may have sounded. I merely meant everyone will not have the same outlook on every game. & w/ what little info we have on this particular title, rampant speculation could be everywhere. So, sorry to anyone I may have offended, as that was not my intent. In any case, I am personally excited for this, as ALttP is my favorite Zelda title. But, I understand not everyone will agree.



Lalivero said:

I didn't mean you were outright bashing them, so no need to be sorry really, more that some of those you were defending...don't exactly play nice themselves usually.

@EvisceratorX How exactly does it seem like the NSMB treatment though? Being in the same world doesn't necessarily mean it'll be as stale as the NSMB series is. What separates a franchise like Zelda from said series is how each game tries to set a different mood, etc. from others in the series, regardless of what monsters, etc. may reappear. Especially with this new 'Hieroglyphic Link' idea and whatever else may pop up, this may very well give a somewhat different vibe than LttP.

What makes NSMB so repetitive is how there is no story or anything behind them to really set them apart from each other than slight level differences. It also doesn't help that the music has stayed the exact same, further making future ones copies.



HaastMK7 said:

Stirring up some discussion. No one knows jack until more trailers/the release of the game...



jamiljamtheman said:

I think watching the trailer for this game is much more beneficial than screenshots. The screenshots at first seemed meh to me but seeing the game in action actually got me pretty excited. Looks like an awesome game.



GamerFromJump said:

"New Legend of Zelda: A Link to the After Years"

Interesting that it's of late become legitimate to return to existing worlds from a new perspective. I actually like that, given that it opens new explorations of existing terrain.



Oscarsome said:

@Peach64 I don't see how you can make so many assumptions without having seen virtually anything out of the game. We only got a taste. We don't really know how well or how bad this can be. Nobody has any idea.



Vincent294 said:

It's not bad, but I was kinda hoping for something a little new. More expansive than this. Oh well. If there's a demo I'll give this a shot.



Moshugan said:

One crucial thing when I watched the 3D trailer from eShop:
Will the music be orchestrated finally?



Moshugan said:

@Demmi-Alpha Haha, I personally hoped they would've used a fusion of pixelart, sprites and 3D models. Actually, a bit like what Mario&Luigi: Dream Team is doing with it's char models.



Geonjaha said:

@evanescent_hero - Some product made for fans who have been desperate for a timeline for so long includes one? Surprise! Of course Nintendo were going to add a timeline to sell a product after fan speculation regarding one had been around for so long - but even they couldn't get it completely right, and they're the ones making the games.

There are so many flaws in the 'official' timeline and inconsistencies that are now classed as 'Easter eggs' that anyone can see that Nintendo didn't take into account a timeline before making these games, and no timeline will ever make complete sense because the games weren't designed for one to do so.



Aerona said:

Hmm, I actually really like the controls in Phantom Hourglass. Kinda sad to see them go.



Trikeboy said:

@Geonjaha You are half right that Nintendo didn't plan out a timeline. The newer games haven't been planned out to fulfill a coherent timeline (except Skyward Sword) but the older games did, loosely. Adventures of Link was always a sequel to the original and Miyamoto said that Link to the Past was a prequel. Link's Awakening was a sequel to Link to the Past and the Oracle of Ages/Seasons games were included in that as coming before Link's Awakening since they all feature the same Link. Ocarina of Time was then made as a prequel and explained Ganondorf the Imprisoning War spoken of in the intro to Link to the Past. Since Majora's Mask is a direct sequel, that is also on the one timeline. The games that followed are when the timelines stopped being in only one branch and started to get confusing.



Kirk said:

It looks ok but I'm not sure it's quite 100 there yet. The new version's visuals look a little bit blurry and soft in places, some textures such as the brown walls and tress in the over-world for example, and that's not quite as pleasing as the nice clean lines of the original imo.

Also, and this is a massive bug of mine, why do we still have to have circle shadows in this day and age and especially when the game is using 3D models for everything. That just looks cheap and half-assed to me and it bugs me.

Other than that what's there looks pretty decent.



Nomad said:

Miyamoto was talking a lot about revisiting alttp, so I'm not surprised to see this as the next 3DS Zelda game. I'm really liking the art style as its how I imagined alttp would look if updated. Hopefully they add more new areas to the map as well as new dungeons. Come to think of it, Miyamoto was also talking about revisiting Starfox. Maybe we will see Starfox on Wii U at E3, that would be cool.



TomJ said:

I asked for the new Zelda and I got it, LOL. Everything about this game looks BOSS so far, I mean, 13 floors in a single dungeon?? C'mon!



Harrison_Peter said:

I seriously doubt they planted false news about Majora's Mask to keep people off the scent. It's just a natural rumour that's existed ever since the announcement that OoT would be remade for the 3DS. I loved the original Majora's Mask, but I'm glad they aren't making a remake. I was ok with a remake of OoT because the system was new and had a poor games catalogue (except for the fantastic original DS games). But by now I would have expected an original title for the 3DS.

This sequel looks disappointing to me so far. Firstly, why a sequel, using the same overworld? Be original! Also, I'm really not sure about the idea of having multiple levels in an area at different heights in a game that is predominantly 2D and played from above. In the clips, the player suddenly ends up on areas above that we never even knew were there. How do you plan your movements if you can't even see where you're going?

The DS got two brilliant Zelda games that made good use of the system's features. The titles were strong enough to stand beside the other Zelda games, yet unique enough to be thought of as true originals. I'd prefer that sort of attention to the series on the 3DS.



CowLaunch said:

I feel like Nintendo is going backwards, with increased verticality or otherwise. I expect they're prove me wrong with the next Zelda on Wii U.



Trikeboy said:

One demo level and a brief glimpse of the overworld. Yes, Nintendo is working backwards. Seriously? Why not wait to see what the game actually looks like outside of a demo environment before it gets panned by Majora's Mask cry babies. Many people belittled Wind Waker and it turned out to be one of the best games in the series.



triforcepower73 said:

I hope this is the best handheld Zelda yet! And it's awesome that this is the first "modern" 2D Zelda. I've been waiting forever for this!



bezerker99 said:

Having Link turn into a wall painting is sooooo gimmicky. Can Nintendo create a game w/o something so whack???



WindWakerLink said:

This is cool & all but I hope it doesn't mess with the release of "Oracle of Seasons & Ages" schedule for this summer. (Chuckles)



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Call me evil, but this looks boring... while the graphics are good and they seem to have quite a few ideas, it looks like they tried too hard. I... just can't explain it, but something about the game really puts me off.



J-Manix98 said:

Wow!! This looks great! I am happy about the 'No Stylus' Controls.
that will leave the bottom screen open for other things that would make
the game easier to navigate



YoshiStar said:

Wouldn't it be hilarious if it actually WAS called New The Legend of Zelda? Even if it was, I would still pick it up. But I won't. My 3DS was stolen.



timp29 said:

@Jon You mention that the rumours about MM were a red herring. Is this purely some light hearted teasing of James (which I approve) or has Nintendo actually said something along the lines of MM is currently not a 3ds project?




Why is everybody so butthurt about this new zelda? Nintendo showed like 1 minute of gameplay and a TON OF PEOPLE are like: "man, nintendo is stupid, the new zelda is sh*t and it looks more like a port or a remake rather than a new zelda", IT WAS A FREAKING MINUTE OF GAMEPLAY FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!! get over it, the game is still in development, they will add new stuff to make it more awesome, when it comes to zelda, nintendo has my absolute faith.



gundam00 said:

@Trikeboy This game is as 3D as NSMB2 is 3D. Nintendo is releasing three 2D Zelda games for 3DS this year alone. The last 3D Zelda on the 3DS was released two years ago and it was a remake. I wouldn't say Ocarina is the "standard" for Zelda games. I believe every new release should set a new standard for the respective franchise. I don't have a Wii U, but wouldn't releasing a 3D Zelda on the 3DS make more sense? All of that aside, at the end of the day, we're all stuck with what Nintendo wants to release and stuck enjoying those releases otherwise there won't be anything to play.

@007 @FOURSIDE_BOY #19 linked a 10min youtube video of the entire dungeon




@gundam00 Thanks for pointing that out, but even then, this game looks pretty awesome to me, I can't wait to play it!, I don't get what the gripe for this game is though.



AJWolfTill said:

I can't help but feel this may be a step backwards. I'm not against the top down aspect but everything except the painting aspect looks like something I've done countless times before. I'm also worried they are going to go for a minimalist storyline which is not ok in my eyes. No Zelda game is bad however and I'm probably expecting way too much from a first snippet. Just a bit worried about the over reliance of nostalgia.

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