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Feature: Nintendo's Financial Revelations and Hardware Strategies

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

3DS leads as Wii U goes slow and steady

Around this time every year Nintendo reports its financial results for the previous 12 months, and in by-gone days they could be summarised very easily — "we're rolling in cash like money hogs, victory lattes for everyone". Recently it's not been quite that simple, with the decline starting with the initial struggles of 3DS and rapid downturn of the Wii towards the end of its life. This culminated in last year's results delivering Nintendo's first annual loss in 30 years — more a dent in confidence than any lasting impact on the company's overall financial health. This year the Kyoto-based company could actually point to a modest net profit - countering pre-release predictions from Bloomberg. You can see our own high level summary of some of the key facts and figures right here.

What is a problem for Nintendo, no matter how you spin it, is that the operating loss — which reflects the core business — of 36,410 million Yen (roughly $366 million) is only marginally lower than last year's equivalent of 37,320 million Yen; the net profit is being widely attributed to favourable market conditions such as the depreciating value of the Yen. Cutting through the figures there's one key fact that Nintendo will be currently facing up to; it's not selling enough games and systems.

It's worth bearing in mind that Nintendo has been wrong-footed by low sales throughout the past financial year. Between its Q2 and Q3 reports its operating income projections went from a 20 billion Yen profit in October 2012, to a 20 billion Yen loss in January 2013, to the final confirmed result of a 37 billion Yen loss on 31st March. At each stage expectations have been revised down, but Nintendo's stakes, or at least those of Satoru Iwata, are now getting fairly serious. Company president Iwata made a personal commitment to a 100 billion Yen operating profit for the coming financial year, and that's there once again in today's report as a projection. This is a figure that isn't influenced by currency fluctuation, like the net profit, but ultimately reflects how well Nintendo is producing and selling its products.

It's rather bold to predict a swing of 136 billion Yen, but that's what Nintendo is doing. How will it achieve this? While money is to be made with various business activities — such as reducing manufacturing costs — the bulk is naturally through sales of hardware and software, and what's intriguing is that Nintendo is putting a lot of its hopes in the 3DS camp, while being surprisingly modest — compared to previous projections that have been badly missed — in its expectations for Wii U. Let's break it down into key figures of how Wii U and 3DS have performed, and the projections for the coming year; the roles of Wii and DS will be small in comparison. We've drawn figures from a talking point reacting to the Q3 results for the sake of comparison; software sales don't include download-only eShop games.


Q2 hardware projection = 17.5 million units
Q3 hardware projection = 15 million units
Actual hardware result = 13.95 million units
2013/2014 hardware projection = 18 million units

Q2 software projection = 70 million units
Q3 software projection = 50 million units
Actual software result = 49.61 million units
2013/2014 software projection = 80 million units

Wii U

Q2 hardware projection = 5.5 million units
Q3 hardware projection = 4 million units
Actual hardware result = 3.45 million units
2013/2014 hardware projection = 9 million units

Q2 software projection = 24 million units
Q3 software projection = 16 million units
Actual software result = 13.42 million units
2013/2014 software projection = 38 million units

In terms of the 3DS being the great sales hope for Nintendo, that's no real surprise. It's now enjoyed over two years in the market and has been steadily building up to a userbase of over 30 million units. It also has a stonking software lineup on the way — and we don't say stonking lightly — with titles such as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Pokémon X & Y, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and The Legend of Zelda 3DS being just a few prominent examples coming in 2013. At least one of those is guaranteed to record monstrous sales in Japan and the West — Pokémon X & Y — while the others will likely be hugely successful in their own right. The recent 3DS Direct highlighted just how many excellent titles are coming, and momentum seems to be on the side of 3DS software — New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the third highest selling 3DS game in the system's entire lifespan on 6.42 million sales despite only arriving in August 2012, while Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon had already reached 1.22 million sales on 31st March despite only being in stores barely a week before the result's cut off point.

Perhaps pleasing is the fact that the 3DS hardware and software figures weren't drastically off their Q3 predictions, and when you combine the software lineup with the inevitability of increasing retailer competition and enticing bundles and economical prices, the Nintendo estimate of 18 million unit sales isn't too outrageous. And then there's the real money maker — 80 million software units are predicted; it may seem brash, especially in light of previous plummeting projections, but this is a year of new games that blows the previous two years out of the water. There's real depth to the lineup, and we've also seen plenty of evidence recently that the performance of the 3DS eShop is giving reason for cheer; it will have its own valuable role to play with retail downloads and the ever expanding download-only library.

The performance of Wii U will have disappointed Nintendo. While its sales are arguably respectable for a new console launch — they rarely go smoothly beyond the initial week one sell-outs — it still fell below the targets that Nintendo set for itself, as the figures show. We know that some big titles are coming, but the estimate of nine million hardware sales (half the 3DS number) and 38 million software sales (less than half the 3DS estimate) perhaps reflect the chastening downscaling of initial projections, and the fact that it hasn't enjoyed the benefit of time and maturity afforded to the 3DS. An initial reaction is to perhaps think of these as rather low, but the software sales figure seems relatively ambitious in light of the games we know will come. The news that Mario Kart is expected this year, with Nintendo placing it prominently in a list of games coming within "several months", suggests a Holiday release; that title may contribute greatly to the overall goal. After all, Mario Kart 7 was one of a duo of titles air-lifted in to help save the 3DS in late 2011, as an "act of emergency". We'd suggest that the prediction of nine million console sales means we shouldn't expect any near-term improvements in the system's fortunes, with Nintendo itself emphasizing the latter half of the year and a perceived important role for Miiverse, which will surely mean rolling that feature out onto external devices relatively soon.

...We plan to concentrate on proactively releasing key Nintendo titles from the second half of this year through next year in order to regain momentum for the platform. Nintendo strives to improve the sales by communicating the compelling nature of our hardware and software to as many people as possible through our new network service called "Miiverse," which offers an environment where people can empathize with others and share their gaming experiences.

If the projections bear out, the 3DS will be merrily on its way towards 50 million (lifetime) hardware sales a year from now, if not there yet, while Wii U — even hitting its targets — will have sold just under 12.5 million units in around 16 months on the market; in a little over a year (late February 2011 to March 31st 2012) the 3DS had sold just over 17 million units. On an entirely different scale — arguably in a golden-age for Nintendo before smartphones, tablets and other rivals shrunk the market — the DS family of systems outsold Wii by more than a third.

DS family of systems hardware sales — 153.87 million sales
Wii hardware sales — 99.84 million sales

While there's still, in our view, a solid marketplace for Nintendo to sell both of its systems, it looks like the handheld space could be the real banker. Perhaps Wii U's momentum will increase this year and the next to match or exceed that of 3DS, yet some of these trends do suggest that the greatest success could come in the smallest system packages. Maybe it's simply due to the ease with which portable systems can be iterated — the DS "family" consists of four main models — but the handheld space seems to be Nintendo's key strength. What's refreshing is that the projections for both 3DS and Wii U seem reasonable, especially after seeing repeated estimate slashing by Nintendo in recent times. There's less bombast than normal, which hopefully means that the company can realistically hit the 100 billion Yen operating profit that it's set itself.

It looks like the days of sales figures in the ball park of DS and Wii lifetime sales are becoming a fading memory, but that doesn't have to mean that Nintendo can't operate as a profitable company that still brings us great games and systems. Perhaps realism is taking over from unfettered optimism.


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OMEGA48 said:

If they want to help themselves.. they need to start releasing some anticipated games for Wii U. Mario Kart, Smash Bros, 3D Mario Yarn Yoshi.. etc. That will help them out a lot.



C7_ said:

@OMEGA48 Games take time to develop, ESPECIALLY smash bros. They made a massive mistake saying anything about it so early in its development (specifically when they hadn't even started making it yet, and wouldn't until after Kid Icarus was released several months later). The other ones you mentioned have only been announced, and Yarn Yoshi only has screenshots and like 15 seconds of gameplay footage, and therefore are not nearly ready for release.

So yes, they do have a problem with WiiU support and should've focused more on making games that would make it to launch rather than waiting until the thing came out to announce a long line of huge titles. Now the only thing they can do is encourage third-parties to develop for them (which, as far as I can tell, they aren't doing anything on that front) and continue trying to finish the games and make sure they're good. Releasing a game too early would be even more catastrophic to the console, so now it's just the waiting game until they get their act together.

They had potential to get people who owned the WiiU already to keep playing with the VC update, but they also tripped over themselves with that one so I really have no urgent reason to turn on my WiiU until August.



Gameday said:

They should understand by now , they are only doing this to themselves. Its like a repeat on every nintendo console as of late.



MadAdam81 said:

Word of mouth and playing at friends will help console sales more within the next 6 months, when the must buy title list hits 10 or so titles



ballistic90 said:

The 3ds had similar slow sales at first, and that continued until they started releasing their big exclusives. Honestly, I was worried about it until Resident Evil Revelations was released. Then I knew it was going to be fine.



Wilford111 said:

Poor Nintendo... Gotta give them credit though for keeping their spirits high.
Now they just gotta release those games they said they would release months ago.



diavu said:

Wow, how could they be wrong on all predictions? why are they so high anyway?



banacheck said:

With Next Gen consoles on the way and almost every 3rd party developers working on next gen games, Nintendo has got a fight on there hands to get 3rd party support. They'll just have to keep working on the games already in development, then start work on something else.



IxnayontheCK said:

They waste money doing poop like Wii mini and stuff. The answer for wii u success is 3rd parties. We already know 1st party will be great but its not enough



rjejr said:

I think Pokemon X + Y will be a big catalyst in America for all the little kid DS owners to pester their parents into getting them a 3DS. Kids "want" to play Mario kart games and platformers but Pokemon is an "addiction". Gotta catch'em all.

And while kids are getting a shiny new 3DS for their Pokemon fix it might be a good time for Nintendo to drop a Greatest Hits line on them. OoT and Starfox could be $20 as they're both 2 years old and remakes of older games. Mario 3D Land, NSMB2, Mario Kart, Luigi and all the new games will be $40 so who's going to spend $40 on those old games?



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

I've read the rumors that the Wii U has a big holiday coming up but so do Sony and Microsoft. My gut feeling is Nintendo is going to have a very hard time meeting those Wii U projections. But they know infinitely more about their business than I do.



Windy said:

Nintendo are you listening? Here is what you do.......Its plain its simple......Its a dagger to apple, android. You convince the devs in the apple and android markets that the 3ds and Wii-U are a better way to play their game which they obviously are and steal them away to your Shop. Seriously! There are some really good games in those markets that really should be played the right way and they are not! Do you need me to do it? I would gladly leave my current job to help you guys out actually I don't know if I would leave my job I love my current job. Been doing it for 30 years. Yup I'm an old dude

Your welcome,



idork99 said:

"While money is to be made with various business activities — such as reducing manufacturing costs — the bulk is naturally through sales of hardware and software, and what's intriguing is that Nintendo is putting a lot of its hopes in the 3DS camp, while being surprisingly modest — compared to previous projections that have been badly missed — in its expectations for Wii U."

Bittersweet. It's saddening that I love love love Nintendo so much but can't find a reason to want to purchase a Wii U. I think being a long time Nintendo fan can do that to you. I've been sold on the dual screen video gaming philosophy since the release of the DS in 2004 and welcomed the motion controls in 2006 with the Wii. The Wii U seems to be a culmination of all those philosophies with HD visuals. Personally, the problem I see is that the Wii U is being overshadowed by the 3DS. Although the Wii U has some strengths such as Miiverse and HD visuals, control wise, it's not that much different than a 3DS. Sure, you're playing on a smaller screen with no HD, but you can receive the same gaming experience that you would on a home console (i.e. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate) on the go. But what really puts the 3DS over the Wii U in my opinion: StreetPass (which I've been receiving more of on a daily basis ).Because of it, I never leave my house without my 3DS. It's with me at all times!

That is the reason for the bitter sweetness. I love Nintendo and it hurts me that I don't support the home console at this time; and the 3DS is mainly to blame



AJWolfTill said:

I wonder how far in development 'X' is?
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that due to the onslaught of 3ds reveals we have had recently, E3 is going to be largely devoted to the Wii U. I know we have been shown teasers of quite a few games but I'm fairly sure that Nintendo is going to bring out some suprises in June.



Windy said:

@idork99 You are correct. I see the same thing happening to the Wii-U which happened to the Wii. Wii was over shadowed by the DS and the Wii-U is being over shadowed by the 3ds. What could make things change? Well in my opinion a better line up of games on Wii-U for starters by stealing away devs from the android and apple markets. Secondly if Nintendo was to start a Kickass online gaming service such as the xbox360 has that might help things. I think that games like Dragon Quest X should have been brought out yesterday instead of holding them out to the bitter end



DKDonkeyKong said:

The 3DS is a fantastic handheld and I'm glad it's doing well after it's initial launch slump, hopefully the Wii U will pick up over time, especially with the update, Virtual Console and E3 still coming up this year.



Windy said:

Nintendo needs to convince gamers and devs that their hardware is a better way to play. It's plain and simple their hardware really is a better way to play in most respects. Motion controls were shoved down our throats and I haven't seen as much of that lately. Go back to the basics with classic controls and convince devs their systems are the way to be playing. The 3ds is a simple sell on this theory. The Wii-U can also be a simple sell if they find the way



Spagem said:

I couldn't agree more with idork99. ( I too, do not see a reason to get Wii U even though I love Nintendo... :/ I'm still getting one in like a month though anyways... meh... just cause )



JSuede said:

@IxnayontheCK The Wii mini is actually a cost saving measure and is likely the result of dwindling supply of the parts needed to make it. It costs them next to nothing to make, large profit margin to help mitigate the losses and it helps differentiate the difference between the Wii and the Wii U. They are only shipping 2m this year so I'm guessing that is the last of their stock.

3rd parties won't determine the life or death of the console, not by a long shot. Yes, they will help but Nintendo will ultimately profit from the Wii U. They also have far more third party support than people like to say. It is mostly Japanese and Indie, but with the way western studios are shutting down and "streamlining" it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Iwata will sit down with American devs now that he is the CEO of NOA as well, and bring the same strategies he used gathering Japanese 3rd party support. He'll provide numbers that show how cost effective it is to port to, maybe show off a tech demo for visual capability purposes (Retro's engine?), offer up collaborations and maybe try to snag a few exclusives with that war chest. The Wii U will be able to run a majority of next-gen 3rd party titles, just at a lower resolution (an almost negligible difference between 1080p and 720p) with less frill's just a matter of convincing them.

@AJWolfTill I think X is farther along than people tend to think. The trailer we got was likely slightly older code and it still featured plenty of gameplay, massive boss/enemy battles, seemingly functioning online and Nintendo really doesn't like to show off things when they are early in development. Yarn Yoshi was probably their "Well damn" concession reveal since there was a handful of screens ant 10-15 seconds of gameplay. It looked more like a proof of concept to me really. I could see X coming out this year in Japan and hopefully by the end of the FY everywhere else.



CyberNature said:

Maybe I'm naive, but I have an honest question. What's the big deal with the "sales projections"? People keep bringing up the sales projections like it's some kind of big deal. Is it? I'm asking honestly. So Nintendo expected to sell 15 million 3DSes, but only sold 14 million. So what? Is something "bad" supposed to happen if they don't reach these goals? Again, I'm asking honestly here.



IxnayontheCK said:

@JSuede i get what you're saying but there wasn't a demand for smaller red Wii's. That worried me thst theu're outta touch with consumers. I am ABSOLUTELY keeping my fingers crossed that Wii U will get same games as next gen but i have my doubts. Look at BO2 dlc, they don't think Wii U is worth time/effort. Same with Battlefield. I don't want it to turn into a fps box but 3rd party is crucial. You've got a wii u with loads of mario games but your friend as the new GTA whatever. Nintendo will lose that way. They need both and you're right, 3rd parties need some 1 on 1 time and coaxing...



Moshugan said:

''Q2 hardware projection = 5.5 million units'' for Wii U??
Huh!? With what games? I can undestand if the sales will pick up after the summer, but last time I checked, not many big titles were promised for Q2.



QuickSilver88 said:

I think Nintendo is really missing the boat by making 3DS and Wii-U appear a rivals. The Vita has had pathetic sales but look what $ony is doing which is cross buy and cross play and transferable game saves. They have a great opportunity with Monster Hunter U which supports these features. So you put out the retail MH for U with a download code for 3DS and if you buy Wii-U on eshop you get 3DS for free. This encourages people to buy Wii-U that already have 3DS and want cross play. Now imagine they did this with big titles like Pokemon, Fire Emblem, or Animal Crossings. Sony did this with new Sly, MLB, Guacamelee, and has plans for others. As a Vita/PS3 owner I love being able to get both games for the price of one or a lower price and love to be able to move my save to the handheld and hit the road and continue playing. In $ony case the Ps3 is well established and Vita struggling but in Nintendo's case 3DS is established and U is struggling. It doesn't matter as fans of your products are the best target audience to sell new products to they just need a little extra incentive!



dereq said:

Sales projections, as far as I know, only exist for the sake of shareholders. Looked out my window today, I do not live on Wall St.



MitchVogel said:

While it is disappointing to see the Wii U sales so low, I do not feel any sympathy for Nintendo, as this is mostly their fault. True, they may have gotten screwed by some third parties, but there is no scenario where the Wii U's current performance is someone else's fault. I'm kinda glad this happened though, because Nintendo needs to learn.



MAN1AC said:

I couldn't agree more on the Wii Mini. The Wii is collecting dust for most so I don't see why anyone would buy a mini. That money could have been spent in other places. It should be interesting to see if M$ tries the same thing.

It's a very big deal. Not hitting these goals means less profit for the company and upset shareholders. Less profit for them can lead to less games for us. Also, indies and third party developers will be more likely to put a game on a console that sells well.



Neram said:

It's great that 3DS is doing well, and is set to continue its success, but I really hope the Wii U can pick up. I love my 3DS, don't get me wrong, but I don't necessarily prefer handheld gaming by any means, to me a handheld is like a side dish, whereas a console is the main course. I'd like to have Wii U as my #1 platform, and 3DS as my #2, but with Nintendo focusing on 3DS so strongly it looks like I'll be juggling between Xbox 360, 3DS, and Wii U for the odd game that comes out.

Here's to hoping things turn around for the big N.



JSuede said:

@IxnayontheCK They are just trying to get rid of stock, much like Microsoft will be doing with their 360/Roku like device that provides BC for the 720. They already have the parts ordered and in production, so they have to do something with them. The regular model was causing too much confusion so they have stopped production on that specific SKU and released a different one.

I wouldn't think the BO2 version on Wii U would be worth the effort either considering the poor sales (that were brought on by the mostly lazy port of a game that sells the best in the first week max, on other systems that people have). It's not going to keep them from putting Ghosts on the system...they put the original Black Ops on the DS for crying out loud. Battlefield is due purely to EA's bull. They see the Wii U version as "risky" because it doesn't have a lot of sales, but they plan to put it on 2 systems that have literally 0 sales at the moment. EA has a grudge, and that's what that is about.

The third party support is actually a lot better than people think and will continue to be that way. I suggest you read this article (shameless plug)

At the end I list 3rd parties that are currently supporting the Wii U vs ones that absolutely aren't. It's about 11 (plus a crap load of indies) to 4. That being said, no one buys a Nintendo console for their stellar third party support, haven't since the SNES, and yet here we are still having the discussion that they need third parties or they will somehow "lose." No one "wins" a console war because there are too many variables that can swing the's not like they get a trophy or anything either.

There is a mild chance the Wii U will be getting GTAV by the way. I feel like they have decent enough relations with R* to make it happen, and it's rumored to be announced later in May. They showed R* the motion controls for the Wii and wanted a major 3rd party title so they gave them Manhunt 2 because the controls were perfect for the kills. It's likely they have shown R* the 3 character swapping of Pikmin 3 and they thought "Hey...that's exactly what we're doing with GTAV. That works pretty well actually" Not saying it is bound to happen, but it is far more likely than people think.

@Moshugan While they may not be "major titles" in May alone we've got; RE:Revelations, Fast & Furious, Sniper Elite V2, Deus Ex, then in June we have Game & Wario and NSLU (while only a DLC expansion it might still help move a few units), then anything on the eShop and VC that we don't know about. W101 is technically still slated for a Q2 release and a recent leak suggests a June 6 release date in Germany. Pokemon Rumble U just released today in Japan (I believe)....first NFC game for the system and it's Pokemon.....Collectibles+Pokemon+Wii U+Japan = $$$$



timp29 said:

Nintendo has a few issues:

Marketing/Advertising - really poor. Maybe they thought social media would do all the work for them... fail. 3DS should have had adverts run in 3D cinemas. WiiU should have had more adverts run full stop. But at the end of the day, both systems released too early and needed a VERY solid launch title (NSMBWiiU does not count).

Software - poor. While the launch line up was quite exciting, releases have slowed to a trickle. Nintendo seems to have a recent history of rushing things and getting ahead of themselves. This is the best chance Nintendo has to redeem itself. I notice several comments on here that mirror my opinion on this aspect too.

Iwata - I start to wonder if he is really the right man for the job since he seems to be consistently repeating mistakes. I think his claim of 100 billion yen will be his downfall. That's the kind of claim you make if you're supremely confident (which may or may not be justified) or desperately trying to hold onto your job.

VC - poor. Nintendo has a way to dramatically increase their games library with some cheap and affordable titles. Really with that list... they may as well have just released Super Mario World, and the poll on the VC article reflects that quite well.

Things Nintendo did right:
3DS ambassador program - that really got things moving in the right direction for Nintendo. When a 3DS XL comes out in a Zelda bundle, I will be snapping it up and doing a system transfer across from my original 3DS. The XL is also a good thing for Nintendo. Making people buy hardware twice is evil genius.

Stay optimistic - it's worked so far, but I think they've got to produce something positive soon to reflect this optimism.

Sell 100 million Wii units - any company that moves 100 million home consoles, can't be written off - I seriously hope they get there, give the last few Wii units away if you have to Nintendo!



klautrec said:

I love the part that says: ''We plan to concentrate on proactively releasing key Nintendo titles from the second half of this year through next year in order to regain momentum for the platform.''

Seriously, that's all that matter to me right now. Playing fantastic games on my Platforms, I like the ''guessing game'', but we don't have a clue what's like being a CEO, so let's hope they make the best decicions.



SkywardLink98 said:

If Nintendo wanted 5.5 million Wii U sales, they should put some games out rather than just piggybacking on the Wii name.



Meaty-cheeky said:

@timp29 great idea about Nintendo 3DS games being advertised in 3D Movie Theaters! The 2D YouTube trailers of 3DS games look muddy and doesn't represent the 3DS's 3D capabilities at all. When playing and watching a 3DS game in 3D the games look sharp and details just pop, for example Resident Evil Revelations looks like a early XBOX 360 game. 3D trailers of 3DS games would truly show to a lot of people how powerful the Nintendo 3DS really is.

Some of us in Nintendo Life should work for Nintendo haha



banacheck said:

There is a mild chance the Wii U will be getting GTAV by the way.

I really wouldn't get your hopes up seeing as at the moment R* are only concentrating on the PS3 & 360 versions, after release sometime in the future there we be a PC version also.



MJKOP said:

Wii U will do the business in time, I believe so anyway. All this, 'just release the games', is that what people really want?! Just buck them out there? They're not finished yet! I doubt Nintendo are farting about just not bothering to finish & release the games we all want, they simply wont release them till they're ready. Imagine the uproar if they release Mario, Zelda, Pikmin or whatever else we're waiting on & they didn't live up to the high standards Nintendo have set, and we in turn expect? Frustrating, but the games will come when they're ready & not before



Junior117 said:

@Windy In order to do this, Nintendo will have to make it easier to get developers in the platform. As an iOS/Android developer myself, me and my company want to expand into games by next year. We have lots of developed game ideas that we want to make and we think that putting some of them to the Nintendo eShop would be awesome, as we are Nintendo fans ourselves. They shouldn't have a requirement that you need game development experience in order to be a licensed game developer from Nintendo. One thing that developers like from Apple and Google is that anyone can be a developer and create games for their platforms. Yes, bad games have popped up in the App Store and Google Play, but that's no excuse for Nintendo to not remove that restriction. I hear that they have a strict standard and they vigorously test the games that are submitted to the eShop. This is good and it will help to get more good developers to shine more brightly and, ultimately, show that there is more of a reason to develop for the eShop. They should also make the SDK cheaper. According to a interview with Nintendo's Developer Relations Manager, the cost of these tools is the same as a high-end PC. So I would assume that it's $1,500-2,000 on the best-case scenario. Honestly, I find that to be too expensive. Dropping the price a little bit should get more devs to consider the platform. $400-500 would be a better in my opinion. I realize that Nintendo has high standards (which is good, because I prefer that) and they charge it really high to defer the bad developers, but they would have to take that risk, because Sony and Microsoft are already trying their hardest to make the eShop go in the back of the devs minds. I see that they have relaxed a huge amount of the previous requirements. There are a lot of things that I have heard that developers find frustrating, but I don't want to make this any longer than it already is. It may sound like I'm asking for too much, but I believe that if Nintendo wants more devs into the platform, then some of these issues should be addressed. If they do, I bet you that it will all be worth it in the end, but you, the customer, will benefit with better games.



Windy said:

@Junior117 thanks for the reply Junior. I hate to say this but Nintendo hasn't been doing a great job of quality control. I like circle entertainment but I'm about to throw them under the bus....they have been releasing some sub quality games lately and have been getting away with it. If they have such a strict quality assurance why not give some up and coming devs a shot if they are going to continue to let Circle release bad title after title to the shop. Sorry Circle I do like a few of your games but had to use your bad ones as an example. Junior thanks for the Info hope we see you soon in the Eshop.

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