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Famicom Classic Recca Could Be Blasting To Western 3DS eShops

Posted by Damien McFerran

Big in Japan

Naxat Soft's Recca seems destined for a 3DS eShop release in the west. The game — which is a vertically-scrolling shooter from 1992 — has just been given a rating by the Australian Classification Board.

Also known as Summer Carnival '92: Recca thanks to the fact that it was used in Naxat Soft's "Summer Carnival" shooting game competition, the title is quite rare in its physical form. It's also famous for pushing the Famciom hardware to its limits, filling the screen with sprites and projectiles.

Recca was made available on the Japanese 3DS eShop in December last year. You can check out some footage of the game below — is this is a title you'd be keen to play?

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SwerdMurd said:

this is one of the most insanely awesome uses of the fami / NES hardware ever. Shmupheads - play this one... It's insane. It'll have you convinced you're playing a TG 16 game - great Caravan shooter classic!



MrWezzle said:

Sure, I'd buy it. I'd love if more Japan-only titles came to VC. I'll buy it simply to support the idea, if nothing else. But it also looks like fun game. Crazy that it's Famicom, yeah.



Tra_Venous said:

This is a popular game among the nes reproduction scene - glad we may get an official localization. I'd also like to see Gun-Nac on VC as well (the game is expensive on ebay!!)



Freelance said:

I like SHMUPs but I've never heard of this game. The 3DS/DS is severely lacking in SHMUPs so I may get it.



Kifa said:

I'd play that, with sound off. Seriously, this... noise... is hurting my btrain. I prefer my shmups with audio that does not kill... ;P



cheetahman91 said:

Never expected that this one would see a chance of coming out of Japan. Please please please come to the West. This is one non-portable that I would definitely buy. Another import Famicom Shump that I'd love to see is Crisis Force. That was one of the more impressive looking games on the console.

@Tra_Venous: Oh yes please. Gun NAC would be an excellent release.



SirQuincealot said:

this game looks crazy, and in one of my foavorite genres, this game would be fantastic in 3d,

for 4.99 i think i'll grab this, how long is it though



Aloth said:

I just got it in my japanese 3ds, it's hard, like old school hard! Very addicting.



ACK said:

Oh yes to this. Hell yes to The Guardian Legend (the first schmup I ever played to death as a kid.). Love naxat. Worship COMPILE.



ZueriHB said:

After owning the cart for some time, I was shocked to see this on 3DS VC. of course I downloaded it immediately.

Having my fingers crossed for a western release.



unrandomsam said:

@retro_player_22 You are right Crisis Force is the best one and the only NES shoot em up I am really interested in playing on 3DS.

(I would probably buy this anyway though so it is probably in Nintendo's interest to release it after this).

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