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Donkey Kong Junior Arcade Has A New World Record Holder

Posted by Andy Green

1,349,000 points is the new high score

The classic arcade title Donkey Kong Junior has a new world champion after the previous record was beaten by 20,900 points

Mike Kasper of Beaverton, Oregon is the man who achieved such a feat. During a live TV broadcast Kasper managed to score 1,349,000 points on an original arcade cabinet, topping the previous record of 1,328,100 set by multi-time world champion Mark Kiehl almost three years ago.

Speaking to Patrick Scott Patterson, Beaverton revealed he only returned to Donkey Kong Junior eight months ago after walking away from arcade gaming when he was 14. It looks like the dedicated gamer will now be taking a step back from the addictive arcade title again:

I am taking a break from the game for now. I have no doubt Mark Kiehl will break my score, and possibly someone else, too. There are too many great gamers out there.

Back when Kiehl set the record in July 2010 he had the following to say:

I don't believe that this score by any means represents the top-end score for this title. I don't intend on playing again until someone, anyone, claims a new record... so go for it!

Could he be heading back to the arcades for some practice?

It remains to be seen just how long this world record will stand, all we know is it'll take a lot of dedication and commitment to beat it!

Could you top it? Don't be shy, let us know in the comments section below.


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Shiryu said:

Someone surely out there must want a "King of Kong" sequel as much as me.



iphys said:

It's only about 20x my score on 3DS VC, which I barely even played for an hour total, but I don't know why anyone would want to obsess over this game to get a high score, because it sure gets boring fast.



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm lucky to get all the keys on the last stage, let alone beat it X times in a row and trump somebody's top score. I seriously need to play some more DK Jr. It's been a while. Sadly, I'm only familiar with the NES version. DK Classics, all the way... That, and my awesome DK complete Edition repro NES cart!




I can probably do better on the 3DS VC version I own. But the arcade version is another story tbh. All I can say is that with a new record set for Donkey Kong JR. now, somewhere out there, Billy Mitchell is planning on topping it. That is, if he even cares to.



Mulder1617 said:

Someone should tell the writer that Beaverton is still a city in Oregon and not a man. Also, I thought Steve Wiebe was the world record holder for that? I guess that was maybe 10 years ago?

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