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It would appear that UK studio Criterion — famous for the Burnout series and the recent Wii U classic Need For Speed: Most Wanted U — is hard at work on its next magnum opus.

Some LinkedIn snooping has revealed that the company is due to release another racer this year. Could it be Burnout? Or possibly another entry in the Need For Speed series? Or maybe an entirely new IP?

To fan the flames, Criterion's creative director Alex Ward has tweeted:


With no name and certainly no confirmation of which platforms it might come to, this mystery title is by no means a certainty for the Wii U, but seeing as Criterion has had nothing but good things to say about Nintendo's console, we'd like to think it's in with a shot.

Criterion has also stated that future Need For Speed titles will hit the Wii U at the same time as other systems — as long as they've been developed by the UK studio. Hopefully that counts for all future Criterion racers, too.

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