You may have spotted a good few eShop game announcements in the last day or so, which are courtesy of iDÉAME13, the Nintendo-hosted Indie Developer's Conference held in Madrid over the weekend. Earlier on today we also told you about Cut the Rope being brought to the 3DS eShop by Abylight; the developer is also weighing in with an evolution of its WiiWare title Fish'em All!Carps & Dragons.

Gameplay and modes are similar to the WiiWare release — which despite its title was more action-based than actual fishing — but promises enhancements and improvements, new twists on the original's style, download play multiplayer and an improved difficulty curve.

It certainly has plenty of similarities to the 2009 title, but by extension there's been plenty of time to iron out kinks and issues with the original formula. Check out the footage below and let us know what you think.