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Carps & Dragons is the Sort-Of Sequel to Fish-em All

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Yes, really

You may have spotted a good few eShop game announcements in the last day or so, which are courtesy of iDÉAME13, the Nintendo-hosted Indie Developer's Conference held in Madrid over the weekend. Earlier on today we also told you about Cut the Rope being brought to the 3DS eShop by Abylight; the developer is also weighing in with an evolution of its WiiWare title Fish'em All!Carps & Dragons.

Gameplay and modes are similar to the WiiWare release — which despite its title was more action-based than actual fishing — but promises enhancements and improvements, new twists on the original's style, download play multiplayer and an improved difficulty curve.

It certainly has plenty of similarities to the 2009 title, but by extension there's been plenty of time to iron out kinks and issues with the original formula. Check out the footage below and let us know what you think.

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luminalace said:

Isn't this based on the hugely succesful ios game in Japan called Puzzles & Dragons? If so this could be huge for the 3DS in Japan!



cyrus_zuo said:

P&D is totally different. Really totally different, like Pokemon + Puzzle Quest different.

I only played the WiiWare demo of this and I thought it looked great and didn't have very interesting game play. I'll wait for a review, but watching the video leaves me thinking they should have moved onto something else. They clearly get visuals!



Nacho-Abylight said:

Gamers did not like the controls that we implemented for WiiWare, we are fixing that. The game that we shown this weekend is a Beta, we are still working.
In fact, we shown the game at iDeame as a public testing rather than an official announcement.
If you have any suggestion it will be very welcome.



Flowerlark said:

It looks cute but kind of frantic. When I saw the title I guess I expected an actual fishing game instead of an arcade style game. Still kind of interested, though. I hope it comes to NA.



SKTTR said:

If the motion controls worked a little better this would have been a decent WiiWare title. The running and jumping was perfect, but swinging the fishnet (from left to right or from right to left) caused some trouble because the Wiimote isn't always registering your swings. It wasn't a biggie, but smooth motion controls are really important in such a fast paced multiplayer arcade action game where one miss (in puzzle mode) is enough to force you to restart the level. Fortunately puzzle mode levels were very short, so occasional control problems didn't lead to much frustration and it was still fun enough to complete. The graphics were pretty nice with good water effects and beautiful locations, and especially the two fishermen playing their music instruments with animations synched to the in-game music.
Still I'd rather have this on Wii U eShop with advanced MotionPlus (and optional GamePad / Pro / Classic controls) this time around.



Nacho-Abylight said:

@cornishlee really?? We should check that with our translators....

@Flowerlark carps & "dragons" is still suggesting an actual fishing game? Too bad. We changed the name to avoid confusion.
Yes, it will be released for NA and Europe. Maybe also Japan.

@SKTTR we have changed the controls for the Nintendo 3DS version. Not only the buttons are a lot more accurate, also we have adjusted collisions and other stuff. And we are still testing, I hope the controls will be ok this time.
We don't plan a Wii U version at the moment.



Klinny said:

I think both "carp" and "carps" are technically correct pluralizations, but most people just say "carp". I think I prefer "Carps and Dragons" for the title, though, because "Carp and Dragons" is hard to say XD

"Carp" is also a verb that means to criticize or find fault with, (he carps about something). Could give the title a double meaning, haha.

Anyways, the game looks really nice from the video. The fish are so cute



cornishlee said:


From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Definition of carp
noun (plural same)

a deep-bodied freshwater fish, typically with barbels around the mouth. Carp are farmed for food in some parts of the world and are often kept in large ponds.



cornishlee said:

I've just checked the US dictionary too, in case this was something I wasn't aware of (I'm not just being pernickety, amongst other things in my job I sometimes have to edit papers written by foreign authors (including USA) which pertain to fauna and, indeed, sometimes translate my own writing into U.S. English, so if 'carps' was acceptable U.S. English then I'd want to know that). Saying 'carps' is the same thing as saying 'sheeps'. It's intelligible to a native speaker but incorrect and something that will obviously mark you out as a non-native speaker.

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