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Capcom Looking To Provide "Better Single Player Content" In Fighters

Posted by Andy Green

Improved story modes are on the agenda

Fighting games have slowly developed over the years and now feature a lot more depth than they used to. The standard two people fighting for the sake of fighting model is a thing of the past - modern day brawlers feature characters with much more depth and backstories.

For example, Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a single-player campaign mode, which allows players to play through a zany story featuring all the characters from the game. It's not the deepest story of all time, but it's entertaining all the same.

Capcom's fighters however, haven't had much in terms of depth. Though it has improved over the years, many fans of the series have let the company know - via the Capcom Unity Forums - that they would like to see more entertaining backstories when playing the latest beat 'em ups.

Fortunately, Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson was on hand to offer them a little reassurance:

The strategic marketing group here has for quite a while been pushing for our fighting franchises to have more and better single player content, of which full fledged story modes are one component.

How and when those requirements manifest in our future roadmap, I'm not prepared to speak about at this time.

So there you have it, it looks as though Capcom has had this in mind for a while and would like to offer the player more when they play its fighters in single player mode.

Would you like to see fighting games receive improved story modes, or do you think they're better off without one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Einherjar said:

Idea: Get the "DLC flood" strategy out of your head, especially with on-disc DLC nonsense and make that content (costumes etc) unlockable.
What you get is long term playability for people who like that kinda stuff. Every other person buys fighting games for multiplayer matches in the first place.
Or look at BlazBlue. Although i find that they overdid it a little and that the story mode is way to deep and complex for its own good.



turtlelink said:

This would be nice. Personally though, I mostly only play fighting games for the multiplayer (except Persona 4 Arena).



Bass_X0 said:

I want a consistent story. One that ties in to other characters storlines. If you want to see the full story for the character you're playing as, you would have to play through story mode as other characters.

Right now, Street Fighter storylines are contradictory. Guile and Abel in SFIV meet each other for the first time twice. I didn't like that. Which is the actual meeting that happened?

I am okay with the layout to how the stories are right now. Intro - personal win quotes against each individual opponent, a rival match and an ending. That does not intefere with the gameplay. My problem is that some characters don't really do anything and seem detached from everybody else. Not everyone has to be the main hero or villain, but give the minor characters some role too.

Also, its okay if storylines don't take place in the same era. Ryu could have multiple storylines detailing his path from Street Fighter 1 up to Street Fighter III. We could fight Sagat at the end of the first Street Fighter tournament and give him his scar. Then we could play the next storyline and see the aftermath to those events as seen in the Alpha games.

But consistency and lack of contradictions are most important to me about what the Street Fighter storyline should be. No multiple path storylines either please.



guest37 said:

didn't they do this for street fighter alpha series on psx? there was a story mode of a sort (kind of like an RPG) where you collect stats along the way. it was a neat idea and could have been expanded.



Xilef said:

Hope so. I really enjoy fighters and play alot with my brother but i would love to play a great single-player when he doesn't want to play. Arcade mode can get a little boring after a while.



Lin1876 said:

I'm not a great fighting game fan (mostly because I suck), but I'm not sure how much a good story would add. It would probably end up like a lot of fighting Manga, where it would just link the fights together. Difficult to make that not throwaway, but kudos for trying.



Bass_X0 said:

Lin - its a fighting game. Of course its going to just link fights together. But that doesn't mean they always have to be throwaway. The writers just have to take more care in producing the story.

Scir - no story there. Just fighting to gain new abilities and higher stats.



sinalefa said:

I would appreciate it. Games like Soul Calibur and even the latest Mortal Kombat offered in depth story mode. Most of these storylines are over the top, but still welcome.



KnightRider666 said:

@MetalKingShield: I totally agree on this. The gaming is as flooded with Street Fighter clones as it is with first person shooters. I loved Final Fight. Why not make a 4th one in high definition?



NintendoPro64 said:

For me, the best single player experience I ever got in a fighting game was the Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros.! If Capcom could do something like that and bring it to Wii U, just WOW!



Zombie_Barioth said:

The single-player content in fighting games could definitely use some work. The problem isn't just lack of story its something happening to games across the board, the heavy emphasis on multi-player.

Yea, most people buy fighting games for multi-player but they also used to have plenty of single-player modes, Soul calibur 2 was a prime example but sadly even that series started to favor multi-player.



Captain_Balko said:

From what I understand, Injustice: Gods Among Us has a very deep storyline with lots of character development. This is a major plus for me, and one of the many reasons that I am buying it tomorrow when it releases. Sorry Capcom, old chum, but Netherrealm beat you to the punch.



Squiggle55 said:

Speaking as someone who traditionally is not a big fighter fan, the good character development and story modes are the only thing that can make me stomach the genre. Mortal Kombat and DoA are examples of fighting games that do pretty well for me. If street fighter put together some great stories and cut scenes I could dig that.



Royalblues said:

Mortal Kombat 9 had a large story, and Injustice likely will as well. SF and Darkstalkers and the like could benefit from a large story.



Trikeboy said:

Finally, I love the rich story line that has run through all Mortal Kombat games. It isn't just two people put in an arena and told to fight like a lot of Street Fighter games. Single player story mode in Mortal Kombat 9 felt like an interactive movie with a great storyline. Having a story line actually helps, unless it is Dead or Alive 5 which has the weakest and very poorly acted story line ever in a fighting game. Capcom, follow the likes of Mortal Kombat, not Dead or Alive.



Magikarp3 said:

I also hope there's a bit more to ease the player into the fighting game genre, especially the rules and strategy of each particular game. I remember jumping into a Street Fighter game and having no idea how to get the edge over an opponent, and the training mode didn't help too much either. It wasn't until I looked up combos online that I could have a bit of success.

I understand that there are fans who would rather combos remain discovery/experimentation based though. I'm not entirely sure which way is best.



retro_player_22 said:

I would be very happy if Street Fighter or any of the Capcom fighting franchise had a deep story mode like those of Guilty Gear X and BlazBlue. I know Street Fighter Alpha 3 had a sort of story mode but it wasn't as deep and Rival Schools does have one too but a bit shallow.



dizzy_boy said:

Stories are ok if it's not the main part of the game. I think that the method of a bit at the start and then again at end of the game is more than enough.
Tbh, I hate going through cut screenes in between each fight, as it slows down the flow of the game too much.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I don't really care about the story. I do about the single playet content. In that regard, SSFIV3D was a total letdown: no unlockable characters, missions...pretty much arcade mode. They should take a look at Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Btw, is Tekken 3D worth it? I've seen it for 10€ but if its like street fighter I'd better save the money for anything else.



cornishlee said:

I'd keep an eye on it. I poured a lot of time into Street Fighter 2 in the early nineties but these days I don't know anyone else who plays video games so it really is single-player experiences only for me now. That said, even at the time, my favourite series was Streets of Rage and we don't really get many beat-em-ups of that type these days. MadWorld was great but that was a few years ago now. If the could develop a single player mode along those lines then I'd almost definitely pick the game up if it came to Wii U.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

There hasn't been any interesting plot in Capcom games ever since MegaMan Starforce, so I don't get my hopes up on that...



AcesHigh said:

I applaud ANY publisher / developer who chooses to go against the popular trend that believes that the only players out there are multi-players. Its so good to hear someone actually mention specific focus on the single player experience. Yes, Im very interested in this!



Bass_X0 said:

In that regard, SSFIV3D was a total letdown: no unlockable characters, missions...pretty much arcade mode.

It was just a port of the console game. Giving the 3DS unlockable characters would have meant locking characters available from the start in the version we did get. There were unlockable characters in the first SFIV game but people complained that they didn't want to go through the process of unlocking characters so everyone was availble for Super.

But we did get the trophies to collect. Its not that great a thing but its there.



Hyrule said:

Ah Rival schools, so many memories

But yeah a new Final Fight would be awesome.

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