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3DS Disney Infinity Name And Details Revealed

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Get ready to party?

The ESRB has posted ratings information on the upcoming Disney Infinity series’ 3DS rendition and it looks to be taking some planning tips from Mario Party.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge is referred to as a “multiplayer ‘party game’” including various game boards and competitive mini-games. The standard fare of puzzles, racing and fighting are listed, although mentions of “boss characters” and a “one-on-one battle with swords on a pirate ship” are also made.

The full ESRB description and its graphic accounts of Disney violence are below:

This is a multiplayer “party game” in which players move Disney/Pixar characters around various game boards to compete in mini-game challenges. Mini-games include solving puzzles, racing, fighting, and collecting various items. Several mini-games depict characters shooting “cartoony” pistols, blasters, or cannonballs at ships or enemies/boss characters (e.g., droids, giant squid, pirates). A handful of mini-games require players to shoot other characters with projectiles, resulting in cries of pain and/or “dizzy-star” effects. One mini-game depicts a one-on-one battle with swords on a pirate ship.

The Disney Infinity series is expected for release on multiple platforms on 18th August in North America and 20th August in Europe. Are you interested in opening the toy box on the 3DS?


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Drawdler said:

Aww man, that sort of makes me afraid... Party games tend to be the ones which are shovel ware, and considering that this is a companion of a much larger console game... It sounds like it has potential if they do it right, but I'm still very wary. At least it's something different I guess.
@Shiryu The console versions have TRON vehicles you can ride by using hex discs, though...



Kyloctopus said:

Tron will be in Infinity, The Grid is an actual area in the game. There must be a figure to buy with that area as well.



Shane904 said:

Do they have any TRON figures? I'm a TRON fan as well. Never got a chance to check out all the figures.



rjejr said:

I already said this for Mario Party 3DS but wouldn't a multiplayer game be better on a multiplayer tv console than on a handheld? Skylanders was different on the 3DS (the first game, I honestly have no idea about Giants) but it was made into a more solo adventure. It just seems backwards to me.

Black Hole > Tron
Come on, who doesn't want a Maximilian toy?



Zodiak13 said:

Thank goodness I have trained my son to hate disney as much as I do. No wallet apocalypse like Skylanders has done to me.



NintyMan said:

I wondered how they were going to make the 3DS version work, but until I see something more tangible like screenshots and a trailer, I would rather get the Wii U version. Right now on paper it seems to be taking too much inspiration from Mario Party.



Handy_Man said:

@TimLatshaw I don't think I've seen you on the site before. If you're new here, then welcome to Nintendo Life, and thanks for being a part of this community!



TimLatshaw said:

@Luigifan141 Thank you very much! I started contributing a couple weeks or so ago and it's been a lot of fun. Having such a warm and reasonable community here is a big bonus, too.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@Zodiak13 Wait wait wait... You TRAINED your son to hate Disney!? That's just... I honestly don't even know how to describe that. That sounds horrible!



theblackdragon said:

@Jukilum, @MrWalkieTalkie: It's a lot easier when the kid isn't constantly begging, though. My parents did the same with me and my siblings when we were little and constantly begging to go to Disney World, they told us that Mickey Mouse bites kids and that's why they couldn't take us anymore, lol. We stopped asking and moved on to other interests. When he grows up he might show interest of his own and eventually love Disney as you guys do, but for now, let Zodiak13's wallet relax :3



HawkeyeWii said:

Oh ok so the 3DS version is going ti be way different than the Wii U verison. I saw this and was like whaaahhh? a party game?



Windy said:

I'm waiting for Magic Castle which comes out in Japan July 11th. Hope they get a western release in the next year



Zodiak13 said:

@theblackdragon Thanks for backin me up, per se. I couldn't get my browser to let me comment. My feelings, toward Disney actually are philisophical, and create a lot of animosity w/ people I'm finding. I think I will choose to not bring it up anymore. It's not the $$ thing, cause he doesn't get anything he wants. I should have changed what I said to "I've told him of the vile business practices and character of Walt Disney himself, and he has learned that it is a bad company to support."
My choice of words was poor, letting my hatred get the better of my judgement.

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