The ESRB has posted ratings information on the upcoming Disney Infinity series’ 3DS rendition and it looks to be taking some planning tips from Mario Party.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge is referred to as a “multiplayer ‘party game’” including various game boards and competitive mini-games. The standard fare of puzzles, racing and fighting are listed, although mentions of “boss characters” and a “one-on-one battle with swords on a pirate ship” are also made.

The full ESRB description and its graphic accounts of Disney violence are below:

This is a multiplayer “party game” in which players move Disney/Pixar characters around various game boards to compete in mini-game challenges. Mini-games include solving puzzles, racing, fighting, and collecting various items. Several mini-games depict characters shooting “cartoony” pistols, blasters, or cannonballs at ships or enemies/boss characters (e.g., droids, giant squid, pirates). A handful of mini-games require players to shoot other characters with projectiles, resulting in cries of pain and/or “dizzy-star” effects. One mini-game depicts a one-on-one battle with swords on a pirate ship.

The Disney Infinity series is expected for release on multiple platforms on 18th August in North America and 20th August in Europe. Are you interested in opening the toy box on the 3DS?