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ZombiU Patch Rises From The Grave To Harass The Living

Posted by Damien McFerran

Long-expected fix now hitting Wii U consoles worldwide

ZombiU is a fantastic game, but like so many modern titles, it shipped with a few bugs which have impacted the enjoyment of many players.

Ubisoft confirmed that a patch was incoming a while ago, and we're now hearing reports that it's live.

We don't currently have any solid details about what the patch fixes within the game — if you've downloaded it already, post a comment to tell us your findings.


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RetrogamerFan said:

Great, i only d/l'd this last week following it going on sale, still haven't started playing it yet.



3dbrains said:

Completed x3 times (chicken, normal, survivor)
Not a single glitch for me.

Sold it already and got Tekken Tag 2 so I will never know.



Ducutzu said:

Never encountered any glitch. This is a console game and the hardware is pretty much the same, so I can't take seriously reports like that...



RandomNerds said:

This gives me a solid reason to pick up where I left off with this game. Wish they had added more online features though...



RantingThespian said:

Luckily I did not encounter any of the bugs when I played it. However, I have heard about the glitches (mostly the one in the disturbing daycare center), and I hope this fixes it for those who encountered them.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I hope they patch in a few more sound effects for cricket bat swings. It's embarrassing when people can hear what sounds like a snuff movie coming from your TV after the first 50 times your survivor screams!



Grubdog said:

I just played a bit, through the Nursery and back to the safehouse. Nothing different at all.

Like @3dbrains I've beaten it 3 times before, no glitches. Maybe they'll patch in a glitch for us deprived souls.



ThumperUK said:

SO long as they've removed the game-breaking glitch if you die in the nursery basement (and ideally the one breaking the game if ou try to shortcut from the Thames waterside via the sewer tunnel) then I'll be happy.



Kilroy said:

Haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but if the game-breaking glitch of dying at St. George's Church has been fixed, then I can beat the game without a worry.



Discipledoctor said:

When I got to the very end of the game (avoiding spoilers but you know what I mean) the game seriously locked onto a first person view of a guy's hands and I couldn't get it to work after that. So I had to start all over if I wanted to see the ending.



yienwae said:

I thoroughly enjoyed playing ZombiU. I grew attached to each character (even if they did look ignorant and such) because of the skills and points that I accumulated as I progressed. Death meant starting all over in my efficiency and in my score. Perma-Death definitely had a lasting impression on me.



SCAR said:

I think it really depends on if you had the disc or DLC version on whether you encountered the glitch. Mine glitched on the DLC version and I had to start over, because the game had already declared me permadead with no zombie to loot in order to get my supplies back.



Ryno said:

Bought this shortly after my Wii U and still haven't opened it yet. Maybe someday I will get around to it.



SCAR said:

Have you encountered the glitch? I was saying the DLC version is probably more prone to the glitch.



sym1 said:

My game is still unplayable after applying the update!! Been waiting 3 months to carry on playing. My game says 'survive arena' and return to safe house both of which I have done but the game won't cross them off!!!! Arrrghhhh



jayblue said:

it would be good just to play on gamepad instead of having to sit up all night on tv.



SetupDisk said:

There is a well known glitch that happens when you die in a certain area you cannot pick up a mission item again. I never had it but it was pretty common.



hcfwesker said:

Just read the list of patches addressed. Crazy after 7 play throughs I never encountered a single one of those. The ONLY thing I encountered was in the Nursery basement, before the nurse appeared, a friends dead zombie was down there, and i quickly killed it and went to loot it, when the Nurse came at me, I couldn't exit out of the loot screen no matter what button I pressed, not even hitting 'Start' to pause worked. I panicked, and this was during a Survivor run so I had to hit the Home button and reset to the wiiU menu to avoid an inescapable death.



CaPPa said:

Great, now maybe I'll actually be able to finish ZombiU after getting stuck by the nursery glitch.



AJWolfTill said:

Miiverse community suggested this patch had actually caused more problems than it had solved. But the sealed door in the nursery basement has apparantly been sorted. (If you jump down the whole after previously clearing it).



WanderingPB said:

@CoffeeWithGames Hopefully they will update this article and give u credit since u were the first one to post the actual details about the patch i believe thats good journalism



JHardin1112 said:

@adrenochrome The article is posted here
@SetupDisk - it is a nice site. He does a lot of data/hours postings, so it's different from the normal types of articles you see on sites, even my site doesn't do it. Oh and if you have Sonic Racing Transformed, you should challenge @CoffeeWithGames to a race. I beat him every time (lol!), but it was still fun racing him! (Sorry, off topic.)



JAPBOO said:

I'm still stuck at the nursery basement. I updated the game with the patch, went to the basement and same problem. Do you know if I need to kill myself so that antibiotics are available again?

Does anyone know how to scape from the basement after the patch? do we need to follow other steps? im really mad, I was really hoping to continue playing it since 2 months ago



CoffeeWithGames said:

I think if you experienced a glitch prior to the patch, that you might need to start a new file. It seems that some that experienced glitches before the patch, and try to continue the game where they first got stuck/glitched, can't continue right now.

I would say just wait another week to see if there's more on it, or just start another file, which should hopefully allow you to play through without any issues.



JAPBOO said:

@CoffeeWithGames All right, didn't want to restart again, this is the only game my wife likes to watch me playing, and she was more anxious than me when the patch was out.

will follow your advice as it make sense, but then I might restart the game in some more months as I have other games to complete. Maybe by then, there will be a solution, thank you!

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