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Wii U Error Preventing Access To eShop And Firmware Updates In Japan

Posted by Damien McFerran

Fix expected this weekend

Wii U owners in Japan are reporting that an error with the system is preventing them from accessing the eShop, as well as downloading firmware updates.

According to Nintendo, a patch will be issued to fix the error — officially titled 105-3102 — this weekend, but the timing couldn't be worse. Beta testing for the Wii U edition of Dragon Quest X began yesterday, and the issue prevents access because users can't download the game.

YouTube user MEGUMIbernadette — who gained fame by producing a video which highlighted the long load times of the Wii U — has published a video which shows the error in action:

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gavn64 said:

anyone playing mario galaxy lately ive just restarted it and it DEFINETLY doesnt feel like a 5 and a half year old game its immense. lets just talk about games guys : )



ajcismo said:

There seems to be a glitch in the North American version of the eShop too: Still not seeing any Zen Pinball on it.



DePapier said:

@gavn64 Dude, I'm playing it and it's just AWESOME. I was about to play my Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii mode and I spot a letter in the Wii System: that was Postman Toad telling me out a the game that Luigi was lost and I had to save him! So I postponed my Prime to play Galaxy. I went for a few stars, then to Luigi, then, to finish my session, I went to battle again that first Bowser...
The stage music was like that of Super Mario 64, so many memories... And then when I had to reach Bowser, the orchestral as he destroys the ground... And during the fight, that pirate song with the choirs once Bowser is in danger...

This is real videogame craftmaking.



Kirk said:

God, Nintendo. What they hell is up at the company? I've never seen such shoddy work from you before. How many issues have cropped up with Wii U so far? It's not very good.



gavn64 said:

depapier your bang on gonna play it a bit later tonight as well great game and KIRK jeez relax man the games are awesome just play some and stop bitching



Exile20 said:

@Kirk It's a new generation console. Ironing out the kinks. Same thing happens with MS and Sony. It is nothing special.



cdude said:

If anything we know nintendo will make most things right, it just may end up taking them a while to hit their stride. People seem to have forgotten that 360 launched without achievements and dlc. The entire xbox interface was also 4, lifeless 'pages' and was, at first, completely adless. If memory serves, i believe you also had to have a gold account to download demos.

Point is, perfection takes time and most 'nintendrones' are loyal to a company actually interested in meeting it under self imposed deadline.

Cough-last guardian-cough



Neram said:

This lady is just loving her 2 seconds of fame from trolling Nintendo with these "expose" videos. I think she is the sole reason Nintendo gets anything done, she's just that influential. Somebody should ask her to make a video about Nintendo releasing Smash Bros. this year and I bet they will...



BetweenTheTrees said:

i agree. perfection takes time. and as with your example, the 360. i remember when they first came out. all of my friends ran out and bought them. and then they had to call the hotline because every single one of them red ringed and died in a week. so yes. perfection takes a while. and i haven't been paying much attention but the ps3 has been hacked how many times?



OdnetninAges said:

Maybe they should fix the ability to download firmware updates via a firmware update...


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