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Video: More LEGO City: Undercover Webisodes Introduce the Cast

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Meet Chief Dunby and Frank Honey

With its release looming ever-closer, Nintendo UK is continuing its webisode series to introduce the cast of LEGO City: Undercover. The first video revolved around Chase McCain, the hero that you control as you venture around the open-world city and indulge in various wacky shenanigans. The latest videos — yes, one is from last week, our apologies — introduce Chief Dunby, the grumpy mustachioed Police boss-man, while today's new entry brings us lovable dimwit Frank Honey.

You can see both videos below, so let us know what you think. We've also been fortunate enough to visit developer TT Fusion to play the game at some length, so be sure to check out our first impressions, coverage of some of the finer details and our extensive interview with senior members of the TT Fusion team.

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AlexSora89 said:

As a Tv Tropes user, I can't help but say — "Donut Mess With A Cop", indeed!

All of this shows how TT really developed an ability to create charismatic character with LEGO minifigs. When you make good use of pantomime and slapstick with Star Wars characters of all things, you sort of just know you're doing things right. And these webisodes show the epitome of this comedic style.

This "morality-flipped GTA" is going to kick unhealthy amounts of ass, no doubt about it!



EverythingAmiibo said:

I can't wait! This couldn't get any better (ok, multiplayer would be welcome) I hope I'll have enough money D: BTW, anyone ever played early TT (Travelers Tales) games like Sonic R for PC?

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