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Video: Luigi Gets His Hands On The Poltergust 5000

Posted by Damien McFerran

Bustin' makes me feel good

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is out and in the hands of gamers all over the globe, which strikes us as the perfect time to show off this cool "reveal" video for the iconic Poltergust 5000 ghost-busting gadget.

Created by Nintendo in conjunction with iam8bit Productions, the video mixes in-game footage with live-action to show the moment when Luigi first lays hands on his new specialist equipment.

If you've still not picked up the game yet, why not check out our Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon review to help spur you on?

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You can also check out the making of video below:

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JulienIsTheMan said:

In C-1's Boo fight, the Boo gives some binary. I translated that binary to English thanks to the internet and it said,"Boo". Not much, but I like that the Nintendo team did that.



DarkNinja9 said:

wow the first vid is amazing glad i pre-ordered the game its awesome so far multiplayer needs more modes though =/



Haywired said:

I must say I'm loving this sort of goofy stuff that Nintendo's been doing recently. Last generation Nintendo almost seemed embarrassed to show this side to them, worried that it didn't quite fit in with their new bland, insipid, vanilla image or how it would go done with their new middle-aged "lifestyle" audience. It's great to see them go back to this and have fun again and be themselves again.



MasterWario said:

That was funny, although I can't help but wonder, where does this game have crude humor? 0_o



OdnetninAges said:

"Don't worry, sonny! Wth my brains and your... uh, your... Well, we're in quite a pickle here, aren't we?"



Marioman64 said:

ya know, why haven't any of the vacuum companies made a backpack-vacuum? it would be awesome

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