A video has hit the web which appears to show Nintendo's Miiverse running on a smartphone via its web browser.

The footage shows someone navigating through several Miiverse posts in the iPhone's Safari browser — and not via a dedicated application. There's a chance that this may be the only way to access the service from a mobile device, although we wouldn't rule out a faster, slicker-looking app being on the cards. This dual strategy is already used by services such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and ensures that any mobile device with a web browser can join the party.

Nintendo revealed last week that Miiverse would be viewable on your phone and PC by the end of May. A 3DS version is also in development.

You can check out the footage below and make up your own mind about its authenticity, but it would appear to be the real deal.

[via nintendoeverything.com, youtube.com]