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Ubisoft: Players Will Let Us Know When They've Had Enough Assassin's Creed

Posted by Andy Green

As long as people are buying it, Ubisoft will keep on making it

Every year brings with it an Easter Sunday, a Christmas Day and a new Assassin's Creed title. The series is just over five years old now and there are five home console games already in existence as well as several portable iterations on the DS, PSP and Vita.

It's reached the point now where nobody is even acting surprised when a new game in the series gets announced. Incidentally, the next title will be Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and will follow the adventures of Edward Kenway, the father of Haytham Kenway from Assassin's Creed III, who decides to leave the navy and become a pillaging pirate.

There's naturally a worry that too many games in such quick succession could make gamers a little bit fatigued but Ubisoft doesn't seem to think so as Yannis Mallat, head of Ubisoft Montreal, revealed in an interview with Eurogamer at this year's Game Developers Conference that there's definitely enough demand for Assassin's Creed for them to be released on a yearly basis.

The players will tell us. Right now there are more and more coming into the franchise, so I don't see that day. It's our breakthrough. When you have quality content, the frequency of coming out with the game is not an issue at all.

On the contrary, people expect more and more of that content. So it's natural to be able to provide that content. The gamers are happy and it's our job to make them happy.

It doesn't look like Ubisoft will be slowing down the rate of Assassin's Creed releases any time soon - unless people keep their wallets closed of course.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will arrive on Wii U on 29th October in North America and 1st November in Europe.

Are you looking forward to the next game in the series, or are you a bit fatigued? Let us know in the comments section below.


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willobee said:

Looking forward to the next, it's a great series.

But not sure how the idea of a company making something that continues to sell, until it stops selling, is news.



Banjogeek said:

Ubisoft won't end Assassins Creed it's the CoD for Ubisoft and makes them the most money.If they didn't have Assassins Creed who knows where they will be.



seronja said:

how about beyond good & evil 2? i think that more people want that then a new AC. i like AC franchise, i have every single AC game for ps3, psp & ps vita, it's just that many of us are not asking for a new one, since there are so many out there.



ueI said:

That's fair enough, I guess. I haven't bought any of them myself.



Yrreiht said:

"the frequency of coming out with the game is not an issue at all."
On the contrary, i think that players need a breather between each games. I'd rather have a new game every two years than a rushed one every year. AC3 was a tad disappointing.



Raylax said:

I don't think Nintendo fans are allowed to be fatigued at any series that hasn't been having regular entries for at least 20 years



TsunamiSensei said:

I've only played 3, and I've had my fill of AC' Ubisoft should focus on something else, like MORE RAYMAN! (Legends doesn't count because of the delay)



Pachterkid said:

How many years in a row did we get a new Mario Party game? This trend will continue with AC for a few more years, but eventually people will grow tired of it. If Ubisoft really cared about the products that they put out they’d spend more time polishing each entry in the series as opposed to releasing a new one every 12 months.



C7_ said:

Implying that CoD, Battlefield, and other yearly updates would continue to be made after players stopped buying the games.

I thought this was common sense and how business worked



Meaty-cheeky said:

That's not a smart move for Ubisoft. Just look at what happened to Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, and soon to be Call of Duty. When game company's milk their franchises they over saturate the market and reduce the want and demand for their games. More game companies need to follow the example of Valve, Nintendo, and Blizzard. They take their time on their games to release premium and instant classics that we never forget. Ubisoft is pumping out low quality Assassin Creed games which is only going to kill their series sooner than later.



gsnap said:

@Raylax The reason those series are even able to last 20+ years is because Nintendo doesn't make them every year and run them into the ground.



XFsWorld said:

@Meaty-cheeky IKR, Assassin's Creed III was my first AC game so Im new to the series. I bought the game in January and still haven't completed it yet. I may not buy AC4 because of that. I'm not the only person that haven't completed it yet, so others may hold on buying it as well. Those examples you gave I completely agree, if Nintendo made a new Zelda game every year, I would stop buying them, because of me not completely the previous released game or got tired of it.



Cygnus said:

I'm going to file this one under: "In other news, the sky is blue".

Call of Duty is to Activision as Assassin's Creed is to Ubisoft as Battlefield is to EA as Pokemon/Mario/Zelda are to Nintendo.



Lin1876 said:

I bought the Xbox 360 version of Assassin's Creed II for £15 and enjoyed it, and I'll pick up AC III for Wii U if I see it for a similar price, but I don't think I'd particularly relish buying a series every year.



BetweenTheTrees said:

not fatigued, but extremely intrigued. i just wish it was coming out sooner. i'll gladly add to my assassins creed collection. yearly installments are fantastic



Icefreak45 said:

Planning on picking up AC III soon so after that I'll make my judgment on whether its too much. I've heard great things about the series so as long as each installment is good i dont particularly care either way.



kingston589 said:

They have changed every year and they have gotten better every year. And the story is absolutely amazing if you actually played all of them and your not just whinning about how AC3 was meh. Atleast its not another vampire rain



WingedSnagret said:

Pretty sure this pertains to all major franchises, be it Mario or Call of Duty. We keep demanding them, either by words or money, and the squeals will keep churning out.



TwilightV said:

I'm fine with it, so long as it's not the only series they have to offer, which fortunately does not seem to be the case.



V8_Ninja said:

Good for Ubisoft. If the series keeps selling and Ubisoft doesn't homogenize the series (which it hasn't yet), I'm all for yearly entries.



Ichiban said:

I remember playing the first AC title and being blown away. AC2 was great, as was Brotherhood...
But now im sick to death of them, they need a damn holiday.....just like me!



BlatantlyHeroic said:

Guys there's a major difference between AC and CoD. Each AC game is different than the last, where as in the whole CoD series is basically remakes over and over.



Ridley said:

"Are you looking forward to the next game in the series, or are you a bit fatigued?"

Neither, really. I enjoy the games but after following Desmond's story arc through five titles only for it to end on a cutscene and an AC4 advert was... disappointing.

From what I've seen thus far, Black Flag feels like a spin-off. Hope I'm wrong and the game justifies the IV beyond switching Kenways. For now, however, Black Flag seems to be an expansion of the ship sequences and that Mayan Temple DLC when I think each numbered installment should see a significant shift in the AC experience. For better or worse, III doesn't play like II. I doubt that will be the case with IV to III.



AltDotNerd said:

I'm still waiting for Assassins Creed to take place in feudal Japan, with Ninjas, Samurais, Shoguns, and etc!



Dodger said:

If they continue to do yearly releases then the series will eventually be driven into the ground but it will survive for a bit longer. They could try not doing yearly releases and maybe keep it alive for another 20 years instead of another 5 years, but its a free country.



Neram said:

That seems like a rather short-sighted way to deal with it. If you keep giving everyone Assassin's Creed games, constantly, it will burn them out and kill off demand. If you want a franchise to last, you have to give players bit by bit. Instead of capitalizing on the demand right now and running it to the ground, pace it out and take time making each game that much better, building a loyal fan base over time.

Assassin's Creed is going to become another Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, or Call of Duty, and will become generally forgotten.



nintenboy11 said:

this is the same words said by tony hawk developers i remember, and who would buy a new prince of persia game anyway?



shingi_70 said:


lol what I love BG&E but the game was a bomba sales wise.

I can see why some would have series fatigue but I've only played the mainline games and just started the third game this weekend.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Raylax I say they are allowed to. Generally, the time gap between games is longer than a year. I have yet to see Nintendo go yearly with a franchise for a consistent period of time.



Smug43 said:

It's a terribly executed series.. clunky controls, lame qte's and disconnected feeling between missions.. it has too many flaws to be remotely enjoyabe.. I sold ac3 waay before I finished and bought something well worth my cash.. to each their own though..



sinalefa said:

I just bought ac2 because i found it really cheap
I need to play it to see if it is worth it.

The guy still sounds like a hypocrite to me, as if they only cared to make people happy.



Araknie said:

Tomb Raider 1 to 5 was out every year and the all rocked, when they stopped they lost their charm. Developers change over the years, the more you wait the less possibility you have to have the original team togheter.
All the negativity just because it's a game the comes every years. FF was like that, with minor stops, until FFX and when they stopped they also lost their charm.
You had enough? So you aren't interested in this news. It's simple as that.



Adhrast said:

I'm with you on this, totally.
I just played the previous ACs before starting III on the Wii U and I can honestly say that, while they have minor flaws, they're awesome games, with great plot and nice graphics, while the gameplay, though being good, should be fixed a little, but this doesn't mean they're bad games, at all.



Giygas_95 said:

Seems okay to me because people will keep buying them as long as Ubi keeps making them just like people keep buying every new CoD that comes out.



moo99 said:

Assassins Creed 3 is definitely the last one for me. I understand the need to shake things up, but the execution was just poor and I hated Connor as a character. The game had a laundry list of problems apart from the bugs.
The series peaked with Brotherhood, but the story missions in that game were pretty lame.

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