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Two Tribes Announces Toki Tori 2 Hatching Date of 4th April

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Barring any approval disasters

Toki Tori 2 was one of the first games announced for the Wii U eShop, before we even knew how the platform would look. An original launch day release target shifted to December, but was then pushed back to an unspecified date due to a late decision that the game wasn't ready. As the developer's main man Collin van Ginkel told us in February, it was all about producing a final product that the team would be truly happy to release to the world.

Before we delayed the game, I remember looking at it and thinking that it was a shame some of the things we worked so hard on weren't used properly or functioning as intended. That is now mostly gone!

The wait is now almost over, however, as Two Tribes has announced that it expects the title to arrive on the Wii U eShop in North America and Europe on 4th April. The plan to squeeze it into March was hampered by next week's GDC (Game Developer's Conference) taking up the team's time, so it's gone back a further week to ease any pressure. Intriguingly, Two Tribes admits that the game hasn't fully passed Nintendo approval yet, but it's "confident it’ll pass in time."

So there you have it. You can see a trailer to celebrate the release date below; are you hatching a plan to download this in a couple of week's time?

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BenAV said:

Sweet as.
I'll still be pretty busy with Monster Hunter, but I'll be sure to download this one and play it when I get the chance.
It looks good.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I've been waiting for this game, looks lots of fun Maybe I'll try to finish Toki Tori 1 before the sequel releases...



EvilLucario said:

Looking good! But I'm still gonna spend some time on Zen Pinball 2 and Fire Emblem: Awakening, so it'll be some time before I'll pick this up.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Great news, and good looking out NL. The original is such an under appreciated classic on the GBC. I've been looking forward to this since they first announced it.



Everly said:

@BenAV I agree with you. I understand things need delayed sometimes, but I think some of the Indie titles will really be impacted negatively now that a big title like MH3U is finally out. It is a shame too because it would have really done a nice job of filling in that January/February game drought we had. I'll probably look into it if it goes on sale at some point.



BetweenTheTrees said:

i didn't play the first one. it looks kinda lame, i mean you are running around as a chicken. but i've been wrong before. is it good? i mean honestly is it good?



Lalivero said:

Wow, all these games within a span of a couple weeks. Fortunately this seemingly dry spell coming up will be an excuse to be able to get into some of these.

Another title I've been waiting on.



hcfwesker said:

So HYPED!! This was my most anticipated game of all the WiiU launch titles. So glad it's finally arriving in just a couple of weeks



ArcanaXVI said:

The Virtual Console version of the original persuaded me--I won't be missing this.



Ichiban said:

It would be sweet if Peter Griffin was a boss in this game!
Either way, im looking forward to Peeps:The mean Toki Tori 2....ah im so lame!

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