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The Nano Soundtrack Collection is Blowing Up Speakers Right Now

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shin'en delivers a gift to the fans

After confirming the imminent arrival of Nano Assault EX on the 3DS eShop last week, Shin'en Multimedia stated that it had a much-requested surprise on the way for fans of the series — that new treat is The Nano Soundtrack Collection.

As anyone who's played any of the "Nano" titles — from DS to Wii U — will know, they are accompanied by a pulsing soundtrack with an emphasis on getting you pumped up and enthused about blasting everything on the screen, or on occasions encouraging you to simply soak up the atmosphere. The developer has now made the soundtracks available to buy for every game, (if you roll Nano Assault EX and its retail predecessor into one). So, that's the music from Nano Assault EX, Nano Assault Neo, Nanostray and Nanostray 2. The albums are download only, DRM (Digital Rights Management) free, and you can download either or both high quality VBR MP3s or master-quality FLAC files.

It's a pay what you want deal, with the minimum of €1/$1 giving you the soundtracks for the two latest games, though paying a little extra will get you a lot more music; it's structured as follows.

  • Between €1/$1 and €4.99/$4.99 includes the Nano Assault EX and Nano Assault Neo soundtracks
  • Between €5/$5 and €9.99/$9.99 also includes Nanostray 1+2 HD Sessions
  • €10/$10 and above adds the original full soundtracks for Nanostray and Nanostray 2

So if you go above €10/$10 you'll receive five albums in total, with the 3DS and Wii U entries being the work of Martin Schioeler, while the Nanostray HD Sessions album includes some remixes of key tracks from the DS titles. The original Nanostray soundtracks were composed by Shin'en Multimedia's main man, Manfred Linzner.

You can listen to previews and purchase the albums from We like the sound of them, but let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Dpullam said:

It's pretty cool to get soundtracks to my favorite video games. I really enjoyed the Ocarina of Time soundtrack I got for free when I bought the game on 3DS. I would need to familiarize myself with this series to be able to enjoy this though.



Spoony_Tech said:

I just dl'ed EX a couple of days ago and I'm enjoying the music as well as the game. Not enough to pay for the soundtracks though.



Mk_II said:

sorry, not gonna pay for a download code... release it on a proper CD and i'll buy.



Nintex said:

Is there a way to translate the paypal page to English? I'd love to buy the songs but German (At least I think it is) is not my specialty.



TromaDogg said:

Might get these. Loved the Nano Assault Neo soundtrack and I'm currently enjoying the Nano Assault EX soundtrack (via the games themselves). I've never played Nanostray or Nanostray 2 though....



Manfred said:

Hi, thank for pointing on the problem. It occurred when you didn't have an PayPal account. We fixed it. Thanks again!



Manfred said:

@Shiryu Good idea, but we have to wait some time. We feel like there are much more new FAST songs coming up soon...



WiiLovePeace said:

I'll be picking up the whole set sometime soon, probably after I buy Nano Assault EX when I have the money.

@Manfred, I loved FAST Racing League on WiiWare, such a beautiful & challenging game (I really should go back & complete it) so you teasing a sequel brings a giant smile to my face



Dpullam said:

@Haxonberik Yep! I got the cd as a gift from Club Nintendo for getting the game when the first batch of copies were released. It included all songs in the game and the main Legend of Zelda theme in an orchestrated form. It is pretty epic!

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