Over the weekend we directed your attention to another Kickstarter campaign, with Terra Incognita adding Wii U as a funding stretch goal. It's a project with the self-professed objective of producing an experience reminiscent of turn-based RPGs with old-fashioned pixel graphics.

As our initial story explained, the extremely modest original target of £500 was easily met, and a stretch goal of £3500 was set for inclusion of Wii U, as well as the Android and Ouya platforms. The project finally finished fund-raising — at least officially on Kickstarter, it's continuing with the same rewards via Paypal — with a total of £3630, making the Wii U version part of the pledge.

Throughout the many updates added to the funding page Dan Steer, the man behind the project, states that he's now received a Wii U developer kit and has an early build of the game running on the platform, suggesting that Nintendo's on board and has approved the company.

The PC version will be the first priority for completion, followed by the Ouya release, and the estimate given to backers is December 2013. Should success follow we can probably expect the series to continue, as this is called Terra Incognita - Chapter One: The Descendant, after all.

So, what do you think of this project and its goal to bring back retro-styled RPG gameplay?

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