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Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue Nine

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Because that's what weekends are for

The weekend is upon us, so it's time to break out the good-stuff — by which we main games, obviously. There are always more games to play, even if none of them happen to be new; if you haven't bought anything this week just play something you already have, unless it's a recently released online-only single player offering from EA, in which case get in the server queue and play error message bingo...

But hey, we don't have to worry about that with Nintendo games — yet — so we can just fire up a cart, disc or download file and get right into it. Naturally your humble Nintendo Life writers will be doing just that, with some even playing on Non-Nintendo systems, and we want to share all of the details with you. Mainly because, unsurprisingly, we like talking about games.

Anthony Dickens

F-Zero — One of my favourite franchises from Nintendo, I'm going to be jumping in to the Fire Stingray(?) and try and at least complete the game on standard to see if I've still got the skills!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance — Ever since Madworld for Wii I'm always interested to see what Platinum Games come up with, the latest game with the Metal Gear franchise has been great fun so far, but more progress needs to be made!

Tom Whitehead

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate — I'm playing these for reviewing duties, as those spying on me via their friend lists on Wii U and 3DS already know, and can't say anything except that I have to devote every gaming moment to these two games until the job is done. It's a tough life, but please don't ask for opinions on Miiverse — I can't give them yet.

Jon Wahlgren

Spec Ops: The Line (360) — I had heard some intriguing things about the story of this one so I've been sinking deeper into it this week. It's gotten pretty hairy in there and I'm really curious how it'll all end.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition — This is now the third platform on which I'm reviewing this game and the first one with city swinging intact. A far better experience than on Wii or 3DS but still with a lot of the same gameplay hang-ups, as well as some gnarly screen tearing. More to come.

Fire Emblem: Awakening — Curse you, paralogue 10!

Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge — I've suddenly found myself inundated with great-looking beat-em-ups in the past few months and I'd like to start knocking them out. First on the list is a quick slice through Ninja Gaiden.

Andy Green

I know I always say this but this weekend I am going to finally start Paper Mario: Sticker Star or Assassin's Creed III. I've been extremely busy lately so I've been gaming in small little instalments. I recently started Professor Layton and the Curious Village so I'll probably complete a few puzzles on that this weekend too. A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved.

Orla Madden

After a hectic couple of weeks with work and moving out, I finally have some free time over the weekend to get some gaming in. I made a vow to myself this week that I want to complete the National Pokédex, so the minute work finishes today I'll be picking up Pokémon White 2 and embarking on that epic journey. Be free to share your Friend Codes with me, I've only obtained 25 Pokémon as I write this and will surely need plenty of help. However, it may be a while, as I've just secured my 6th Gym Badge!

I'll also try and squeeze in some Playstation 3 action with Ni no Kuni while I'm at it, a beautiful game which is really only opening up to me now. I'm currently 9 hours in, I've just finished the Temple of Trials, and I can't wait to jump back into it.

Philip J Reed

I'll be playing catch-up this weekend, I think! I need to dive into the DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening, which I've been buying religiously but not finding time to play. Also, a few weeks back I downloaded Rayman 3D from the eShop and 100%-ed it almost without putting it down, it was that much fun. Which reminded me that I still never picked up Rayman Origins. I'm rectifying that immediately. Finally, I'm plowing through Retro City Rampage, which was absolutely worth the wait, and if you haven't downloaded it yet we're no longer on speaking terms.

Ron DelVillano

This weekend I'll be playing quite a bit of Wrecking Crew before writing up a review for it. And I might watch Wreck-It Ralph just because I can.

I'm also very excited to explore the island of Yamatai in my shiny new copy of Tomb Raider. I'm all about open-world survival, and this one just looked too good to pass up!

Morgan Sleeper

I'm on the road this weekend, but my trusty 3DS will be along for the ride so I can sneak in some adventuring with Etrian Odyssey IV whenever possible! It caters to my deep love of maps and combines addictive dungeon crawling with a beautiful setting, so I've hardly been able to put it down since my beloved Aoraki guild started on their grand journey. I'm also in the final hours of Persona 4 Golden, but I'm dragging it out as much as I can - I'm not ready for my year in Inaba to end!

Gaz Plant

Nintendo Land — I finally picked up a Wii U this week, and while I'm still waiting for a game to make sense of the GamePad, Nintendo Land is providing a fun distraction. It's not exactly groundbreaking, but with a group of friends, it's as much fun as Wii Sports was 6 years ago.

Rayman Legends Demo — Castle Rock helps me cope with the release date passing last week...

Martin Watts

This weekend I'll be dedicating most of my free time to Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in preparation for our upcoming review. I've already had the chance to delve into the multiplayer mode (which I was really eager to learn more about) and am looking to forward to experiencing more of it!

Otherwise, when I'm not busting ghosts, I'll hopefully get the chance to enjoy my beloved N64. I recently picked up a few Japanese import titles, including Disney Dance Dance Revolution and Densha de Go 64. I really love exploring obscure titles, even if my Japanese skills are a tad rusty (read: non-existent), so let's hope I can work my way around those menu screens!

Ken Barnes

Ni No Kuni (PS3) — I've left this awesome game sat in the PS3's tray without booting it up for so long that I can hear Mr. Drippy crying. He haunts me. I'll be sat there in my Mr. Drippy t-shirt, trying to make the Lord High Lord of the Fairies' mum laugh, if I remember the point I'm up to correctly.

If I don't finish the game this weekend then...I'll probably be playing it next weekend, too.

Tomb Raider (360) — With the story complete, I've got to run around collecting all the thousands of collectables on offer. Thankfully, the quality of the game engine means that it isn't feeling like a chore yet.

Mario Kart 7 — After being comprehensively whipped in the last Nintendo Life Mario Kart 7 game, I feel that I have to at least try to polish my skills. I'll never be a champion, but not finishing last in every race would be nice. Finally won all the 150cc cups, so I just need to head online and test my mettle against some real-life players. It probably won't end well.

So there you go, a fairly diverse mix of games being played by NL staffers. Let us know your weekend gaming plans in the comments below, if you want to...

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MrWezzle said:

As always, I'm making a slow, sweet progression through Dark Souls and taking another stab at Lost Planet, since I never beat the original and now it has a third installment coming out.

On the handheld side of things, I've started playing Sakura Samurai (got it on sale) and so far it's a pretty fun little game!



Whopper744 said:

Not sure yet honestly this time...but I am getting in a real Zelda mood. Maybe yet another playthrough of OOT!! I just wish I could find my old cartridge..

(oh...maybe some Sonic Dash on my iPhone if that even counts..)



Undead_terror said:

I don't know if I will be playing anything this weekend but I might muster up the power to play both resident evil games on the 3ds.



AlternateButtons said:

Restarting a file in Ocarina of Time
Attempt to collect all 246 star coins in New Super Mario Bros U
Try to unlock some of the achievements in Brawl with a friend
Possibly New Super Mario Bros 2 or Kid Icarus Uprising When I'm bored.
Make a little progress in Xenioblade Chronicles if I feel motivated enough.



GTWarrior77 said:

I'm wanting to finish up Forza Horizon this weekend with maybe a little Mario Kart 7 on the side.



lightbringer said:

After playing FE Awakening, I decided to finally get through FE Gaiden, which I did. So now I went back and started a second playthrough of FE6. Been a long time since I've played it so a lot of it feels new once again.

After that, I probably replay FE9/FE10 for the hell of it.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I would be playing Fire Emblem: Awakening and Trine 2: Director's Cut, but I'm going to be away this weekend. However, I'll be fine because this is going to be a great weekend.
@shinesprite - You needn't say more. DKCR is fantastic.



SkywardLink98 said:

Monster Hunter Tri before the server shutdown, and so I can overforge my gear. Then I'll work on my Guild Wars 2 monthlies.



Chrno-x said:

Tales of the Abyss 3D (I missed the Tales of series, now I have the time to play it slowly).



AJWolfTill said:

Trine and Zombi U. Both spectacular games so far!
Probs slot in some time with F Zero which I was playing earlier today.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I'll be camping on a not-so-fun campout until midday Sunday but after that, it'll be Fire Emblem Awakening.



Nintex said:

Unfortunately I have military duties this weekend, but whenever the time permits I'll plug in some ATV Wild Ride, Castlevania Mirror Of Fate or Super Mario 3DLand



Yellowgerbil said:

Nano Assault Neo, Nintendo Land and for the fourth time attempt to fight both master hand and crazy hand at the same time on brawl. Also try to transfer the Wii data to the Wii U again (it fails me :-<)



Smitherenez said:

Xenoblade and Mario Sunshine! Got these games second hand a couple of weeks ago. Still need to finish both of them, but it will probably not happen this week: TO MUCH HOMEWORK!



Sun said:

I am playing New Super Mario Bros. U which is a huge step forward after crappy uninspired NSMB2. Also Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. I really want to go home and play Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie!



Gnoll said:

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and possibly completing Sonic Blast or my fourth walktrough of Sonic Triple Trouble.



Sun said:

Oh on 3DS I am playing Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask too, chapter 2 now.



Beta said:

Professor Layton Specter Call (and the rest of DS games, hopefully) and Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. Preparing for Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies and Mario and Luigi Dream Team ^_^



DRL said:

Tomb Raider, Fire Emblem Awakening, Resistance: Fall of Man, Runner 2, and force myself to finish the frustrating Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. I'd love to finally start Fez if I have the time but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen anytime soon.



mookysam said:

I'm away from home at the moment but shall continue with Ni No Kuni and God of War HD when I return. Ni No Kuni is super, one of my favourite games of the generation.

Currently playing Final Fantasy II on the PSP and replaying Super Mario 3D Land. Final Fantasy II has a rather good levelling system (you only level up the skills and attributes you use) and the music's lovely. It's got me in the mood for playing more Theatrhythm. It looks really nice and crisp on the PSP's beautiful screen, too. The base gameplay seems quite forward thinking for a game that is almost 25 years old.



DRL said:

@shinesprite No you needn't. Although I told myself I wouldn't play through DKCR until the 3DS version comes out. It's going to be a tough wait - that game's like comfort food for me.



Fingeldor said:

  • Fire Emblem
  • Zelda Skyward Sword
  • Doctor Layton & Curious Village
  • Nintendo Land
  • Luigi's Mansion


WiiLovePeace said:

I'm currently trying to finish "Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny" on Wii & "Crimson Shroud" on 3DS. Then after I finish those I've got "Retro City Rampage" (WiiWare) & "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D" (3DS) lined up to play. I have a huge backlog so I'm just trying to get through it...



PanurgeJr said:

After finishing off Ico (I'm at the final save point) I'm going to fire up my brand new Wii U/ZombiU bundle. For 3DS I'm going to wander around Hyrule looking for the 4th dungeon (original game, 2nd quest), which I can't find and refuse to look up. Might play a bit of Mega Man as well, but not seriously; more of a warm-up for getting serious later.



Void said:

I really have no clue, I'll probably play half the games in my collection for half an hour each before deciding on which one to play if the weekend isn't already over.



Pikachupwnage said:

Mainly etrian odyessy IV. Also fire emblem awakening, Black ops 2 and bit.trip presents runner 2.



Einherjar said:

Fist of the North Star - Kens Rage 2
Castlevania - Lords of Shadow
Castlevania - Mirror of Fate
And a bit of Mario here and there (NSMB2 / NSMBU)



JSuede said:

I REALLY need to get into Ni No Kuni....I am just now at the second boss (the mouse) and I've had the game since early Feb. I had to at least finish up Far Cry 3 before starting on it....and then the Monster Hunter demo hit, and BTRunner 2.

I have 10-11 days before Lego City and Monster Hunter consume my life until Pikmin 3 releases, yeesh.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Radiant Historia will be my primary focus.

Perhaps I'll try 100% Kid Icarus: Uprising. I'm at 80'3%



kissoon said:

Some Skyward Sword.
I really should get back into ZombiU.
Maybe some more Trine 2.



odd69 said:

Resistance 2 [ps3], Skyrim[ps3], Darkstone[ps1], and finally got my copy of Medievil 2 [ps1] i am most excited about it. I have never played it before, and i always wanted to. The original is still my favorite psone game ever and holds a place in my retro heart. I can't wait this weekend will be awesome



roryscott said:

Hopefully I will have some time to re-play Ace Attorney: Justice for All on wii ware.



Yoshi3DS said:

im going to carry on completing the treasure hunt on kid icarus: uprising, and i'll go on metal gear solid: snake eater 3d for a bit. im also almost 100% complete on super pokemon rumble(finally!) so i'll try and get the rest of the arceus's, as well as mewtwo, shaymin and mew, then i'll be done.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

3DS: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Wii U: Bit Trip Presents: Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
PC: Don't Starve
iOs: Bastion
PS3: Journey



cheetahman91 said:

I'll be playing some Minecraft, NSMBU and Retro City Rampage. I'll probably play a couple of random games as well.



gavn64 said:

nintendo land donkey kong crash course to be more precise SO HARD, replaying mario galaxy again whole other level of AWESOME, and finally getting round to clearing mertoid fusion again through the 3DS ambassador programme see ye all on the other side.



hYdeks said:

Wii: Zelda Twilight Princess (re-playing, love the game)
Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles (simple, short, but fun)
Mario Kart Wii (never played it before, loving it so far)

PS3: Tales of Graces f (starting it, will be playing it with a friend)

PSVita: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (d@mn this game is hard...)
Sega & All-Stars Racing Transformed (playing through hard)



R-L-A-George said:

Fire Emblem Awakening, possible Sacred Stones too.
May find myself playing Tetris Worlds on my PS2.
Maybe Super Mario Bros. 1 and two 2.
Metroid Fusion, Possibly.
Kid Icarus Uprising, Possibly.



Prof3ssorMGW said:

I'll be playing Sonic Racing Transformed & Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Feel free to add me if you play any of those!



Kyloctopus said:

Trine 2: Because I play Co Op every weekend
Rayman Legends Demo: Just cuz
Virtue's Last Reward: I'm close to finishing this labyrinth of a game. But I still have a few facts to find out.
I'm also playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl in honour of its 5th Anniversary



Tomires said:

PC: Tomb Raider
X360: Halolz 4 MP (free live weekend, yay -.-)
3DS: Gathering dust for the time being

Also need to push myself towards wrapping up FF XIII-2 (X360). Only then can I start playing Alone In The Dark (PC), which I got from my girlfriend.
Oh, and lots and lots of non-gaming stuff as well



Linky_97 said:

I'm playing Castlevania Lord of Shadows - Mirror of Fate. It's an amazing game and does not deserve the metascore it has, it should at least have 80



Icefreak45 said:

This weekend is devoted to Persona 3 FES, grinding Tartarus like my life dependes on it!



CanisWolfred said:

Good to see some people playing Ni no Kuni, as well as Etrian Odyssey IV (which is what I'm playing this weekend and the next).



Chomposaur said:

just completed Finan Fantasy 1 ( Wii VC ) I had 3 Knights and a White Wizard at the end of it and maxed them all out to Lv 50 training on the Eye in the Ice carvern

Now im playing Phantasy Star 2 ( Wii VC ) i am going to play 2,3,4
Im also waiting for Monster hunter on the Wii U



Game0ver_Gavin said:

Gonna download Runner2 on the PSN since I have some cash sitting in my account... waiting for me to spend...



Shining-Void said:

Hopefully I'll be able to buy runner 2 this weekend. If not then I'm going to replay xenoblade chronicles.



Moshugan said:

2 Fast 4 Gnomz!!!
F-Zero is the bane of my existence, really hard.
Another classy racer that I think would deserve some game time is
Crash Team Racing!
...and I should really be getting into Batman finally.



Firejonie said:

Probably a lot of 3DS games, ( non specific to any title). Along some demos, and Patapon.



Vehemont said:

Xenoblade, Persona 4 Golden, Link's Awakening and maybe Etrian Odyssey III, while I await IV to be shipped to my house.



KKSlider said:

Martin, you are lucky. I'd like to be playing Luigi's mansion right now. I will be dominating Fifa 13 on my Wii U and playing Fire Emblem on my 3DS. I am on Chapter 16 or 18.... Lucina is super cool.



Lyndexer said:

Probably playing Kid Icarus Uprising to see if I can get any better weapons so I can redeem these hearts.



voulg160 said:

Metal gear rising revengance and Aliens colonial marines maybe a bit of kingdom hearts 3d if i have more spare time



Neram said:

Going to finish up Gunman Clive by beating it on hard, and then I'm going to move on to Retro City Rampage! If I have time, I might finally finish New Super Mario Bros. U, been procrastinating on that one.



RedRocBoy said:

I'm try and finish RE6, get back into Skyward Sword, play some Tomb Raider,Metal Gear Rising and FF 13.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Animal Crossing - GameCube on my wii.
Riding Stables - 3DS
Style Savvy - 3DS
Imagine Babyz - 3DS
Petz Fantasy - 3DS

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I'll be finishing up Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask for sure. Plus, I might download ATV Wild Ride 3D.



Bumpon said:

Doesn't fit here, but i play:
Tomb Raider (2013)
Awesome Story and game!



arderin64 said:

Assassins Creed 3, Nintendoland & ZombiU on Wii U. DKC3 on VC. NSMB 2 & MGS: Snake Eater on 3DS & maybe F-Zero GX & Super Monkey Ball on GC.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Fire Emblem: Awakening on my new blue 3DS XL. I really wish this game had better documentation. Obviously, I'm a TRPG noob. Learning things the hard way.



banacheck said:

Metal Gear Rising, Dead Space3, haven't even touched the Hitman HD collection yet, too many games. And the new God Of War is out next week also Bioshock Infinite is out this month.



Syeiko said:

I will play kid icarus on 3ds
and nintendoland on wii u
and smash bros brawl on vWii



younglink1990 said:

My translated rom o fire emblem monshou no nanso DS since Lunitic mode in Awakening is driving me insane. Also Tales of innocence ds, and brain age



Emaan said:

This weekend- and spring break, I'll be finishing out Nintendo Land as far as the star attractions go. I'll be playing Super Mario Bros. 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U for Mario Day on March 10. I'm also still playing Fire Emblem: Awakening religiously, although I'm reaching close to the end of the main story. Lastly, I recently started the original Pikmin in anticipation for the third game later this year :3



Tasuki said:

I am going to be starting Castlevania: MoF this weekend and also squeeze in some time for Left 4 Dead 2 and World of Warcraft.



TheRavingTimes said:

@ Jon Wahlgren

Paralogue 10 may seem like an escort mission on steroids, but by using a few shots of Rescue from the bottom-right conner of the map you can make turn this escort mission into free experience. Just be sure to watch out for the reinforcements from the stairs after you recruit Severa.



gundam00 said:

The new 3DS Castlevania for me! The game really makes me want to upgrade to a 3DS XL!



XCWarrior said:

Just had a baby Tuesday, so not a ton of gaming for the moment.

A little F-Zero, finishing up the last of the Pushmo levels, some Kid Icarus online and hopefully more Ys Book I&II.



Draken18 said:

When I have some time between working most of the weekend I'll probably play some Tomb Raider and or Spidey on the Wii U. Also probably will try and fit some time in for Castlevania Mirror of Fate, really enjoying that game. Also debating on wether to download Retro City Rampage.



RedYoshi999 said:

Too much homework on the weekend (like always.) But I'll try to squeeze in some Nintendo Land and the Monster Hunter 3 Demo.



gii said:

BATMAN AC on WII U, Super Paper Mario on Wii and Professor Layton MoM on 3ds! A fully nintendo Week End!!



Super_Conzo said:

NyxQuest on Wiiware! I know, right?
Never played it before - loving the flight mechanic. Solid platforming joy.



seronja said:

ratchet & clank 1, from ratchet & clank HD trilogy for ps3 and going for all gold medals in star fox 64 3D.



Rekiotsu said:

I just finished FFXII so I am not going to play it anymore. Intstead I will be playing Black Mesa and Final Fantasy Origins.



Hawker said:

I just picked up The Amazing Spiderman Ultimate edition on the Wii U, so I'll be playing that.



ParSnake said:

Unfortunately, I gave up video games for Lent (a Catholic event), so I won't be able to play anything. If I were able to play, I'd be attempting to get past the language barrier in Mother 2 (why did I get the import version?) I think I would also buy Fire Emblem and/or F-Zero.



bizcuthammer said:

Probably not much... Maybe f-zero on the VC. Might start a lunatic run on Fire Emblem: Awakening if i'm feeling brave enough



HawkeyeWii said:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
The Legend of Zelda playing on an original NES
F-Zero for Wii U VC



renaryuugufan92 said:

NSMBU, and rayman legends demo on wii u

style savvy and mario kart 7 on 3DS

hopefully that need for speed most wanted u demo comes out next week~!



BetweenTheTrees said:

I'll be slamming monsters busting out some hours on the Wii U and playing mass effect 3 online, and try to go through and complete the story again. i haven't seen the new ending. I also bought skyward sword to give it another shot. Maybe try to play through the indie games i downloaded and barely played



Pokefanmum82 said:

play some fire emblem awakening, epic mickey POI and the PMD demo. I'm loving that game and can't wait for the 24th to come. i haven't gotten past the second world in POI because I can't figure out how to get Wendy.



sirgrim said:

Enjoying the amazing spiderman Wii u version. Really fun except some frame rate issues.




Fire emblem awakening lunatic mode continuation and my recently acquired castlevania lords of shadow mirror of fate, which is simply awesome, loving the simon belmont part.



JonWahlgren said:

@TheRavingTimes haha yeah my initial approach was pretty terrible, but I've since beat it using a sinolar tactic.

originally I figured since my team was mostly overpowering I could fight on two fronts, but that's a generally terrible idea unless your weakest unit is able to slaughter all opposition. Which mine wasn't (I thought it might be a good opportunity to grind).

I kept everyone together, recruited Severa and knocked it out. <3 Lucina.



RevolverLink said:

Mostly Fire Emblem: Awakening (everybody's starting to hit Lv. 20, so I'm gonna have to buy more Master Seals soon), but I might sneak in some Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - Director's Cut too.



Rod64 said:

This weekend I'm playing Guitar Hero 6, Bit Trip Complete, Conduit 2, Super Smash Bros (N64) and Pikmin 2!



fishwilson said:

Holy c%&¤ you people play at lot of games on the weekends. Thats cool. I'm on Etrian Odyssey II duty, and when that gets to much I'll relax with some Forza II on the xbox360.



ProGamer3DS said:

just got paper mario sticker star.about to get from amazone;fire emblem awakening;freaky form deluxe;pes 2013;theatrhythm final fantasy and spirit camera the cursed memoir.they will be delivered by my mom s cousin who is right now in america and will be back on thursday(i live in lebanon)



DePapier said:

I've been geeking on that Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate after ranting on that IGN video review: complete BS. The game is as great as its demo (and obviously better). I just beat the boss who finally gives the Battle Cross, that first was arguably epic. Now I can go round and round that beautiful castle to get me some collectibles.



Peach64 said:

I've had a games filled weekend!

Finished Fallout 3. It's taken me over 2 months but done every quest including all the DLC. Finished Jet Set Radio HD, and it feels just as fresh now as it did over a decade ago. I did Mission 25 in Advance Wars: Dual strike and I'm loving that game so much. I've been warned to stay away from Days of Ruin though.

I started Just Cause 2 after picking it up for £10. Soooo much game for so little money. I think it has the most fun car chases I've ever played. I just can't decide if its more fun to pop the front tire of an enemy truck, sending it into a roll, or to tether it to a bridge when it's going at full speed!

Finally, I started playing Pikmin for the first time ever! Picked up the Wii rerelease, also for £10. What a lovely game! And it shows that new ways to play don't require motion controls or game pads. I don't think Nintendo have made a new IP this good since it came out.

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