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Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of a Wii U Price War

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sell, sell, sell, say the retailers

Earlier this week we saw a bit of a Wii U price war break out, in the UK at least, with Amazon UK joining Asda in slashing the price of both Wii U models by £50. At the same time, a number of US retailers are being rather creative with their offerings, not necessarily going for a full-blown price reduction but throwing in extras and free games with the standard price. It's all for one simple reason — after an initial burst of enthusiasm from early adopters, Wii U has struggled to maintain an acceptable sales momentum.

We've been here before, of course, with 3DS, and since that time it's recovered in impressive fashion — as of 31st December 2012 worldwide sales were very nearly at 30 million units. It arguably suffered some issues similar to Wii U, such as a drought of major game releases after its burst of launch day offerings and a dramatic tailing off of interest. At the time the popular phrase — which is bordering on being a meme — came back, along the lines of "Nintendo is doomed", with various predictions that the age of the smartphone and tablet would kill off the handheld market to which 3DS was clinging. While its odds of matching its DS predecessor — the highest selling portable console of all time — are rather slim, it's a system that's selling and showing that, with the right software and price, there's still a market for Nintendo to pursue.

And so to Wii U, and once again we've had a relatively empty release schedule since launch day, and thoroughly decent console sales in November and December have made way for some rather hideous results in January and February. Nintendo seems to be on the alert, with a Wii U Direct building hype for major games coming later in 2013 and into 2014, while a fair number of exclusives are starting to get closer to release, with a few examples about to make their entrance. The "Nintendo is doomed" chorus is around, of course, and Nintendo has the look of a company rolling its sleeves up for a bit of a dust-up.

So we've made the 3DS comparison, but Nintendo has been at pains to deny that a price cut is coming to Wii U. That doesn't mean it's not, to be blunt, but could imply that the company doesn't want to alarm shareholders or prompt savvy consumers to think that waiting a few months will save them some money; yet for now, let's take the company's word. The focus is on sales through software, hitting us with a steady stream of games and experiences that are either exclusive or unique to the Wii U setup.

So with retailers starting to cut prices or give incentives with bundles, is that a good or bad thing? Naturally, it's a bit of both, so let's start with some positives. From a consumer point of view, promotions from individual retailers are making the console more affordable, with UK examples such as Amazon and Asda putting the basic model at £200 and the premium SKU at £250. In the U.S., a simple online browse brings up offers such as this from Best Buy, where you can receive a $20 voucher, as well as various bundles and packages elsewhere. There are also regular and fairly aggressive Wii U software deals in the U.S. particularly, with offers of discounts or even free titles when buying two or three at a time. It's reflective of the different markets that Wii U bundles and software deals are prominent in the U.S., whereas European retailers set their own prices more freely and have opted to cut the hardware's going rate.

Another positive, beyond some picking up good deals for a new Wii U, is that lower price points in some places are coinciding with an upturn in new games and exclusives arriving on the system. LEGO City Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are imminent and receiving a fair bit of marketing, while more titles only on Wii U are due in the next few months, such as Pikmin 3; we also doubt Nintendo will take too long to see if lightening strikes twice — three times if you count the software expansion — with Wii Fit U. Many will see adverts or these games in stores, and may also find offers or prices a little more appealing than could be found on launch day.

So what could be bad about that? For one thing, it's clear that retailers, particularly those directly cutting prices in Europe, will be doing so at their own cost — if Nintendo had cut the trade price, the "Wii U price cut" headlines would be everywhere. These retailers are probably responding to the undeniably low demand of the past two months, with the latest NPD results in February highlighting the issue. If sales are boosted, then that's theoretically very good news, but Nintendo will need to then convince these retailers to re-stock with more systems to keep the momentum going. Much rests with software, in that case, as Tony Bartel of GameStop recently stated. If Nintendo holds firm and keeps the trade price at the same level, this scenario will give its teams a big task in keeping retailers on board and enthused with the system.

As with practically anything in business, cash talks. The rest of 2013 will place huge importance on high-profile releases noticeably capturing the public's imagination, and no doubt retailers will closely watch the system's momentum to decide how much stock to buy. Retailers, we'd argue, have no favourites, and their only agenda is to make as big a profit as possible, so if Nintendo can demonstrate that these early troubles are a blip that will be forgotten in months and years to come, the stores will buy up stock and happily open up shelf space.

So the task for Nintendo, assuming a price cut isn't forthcoming, is convincing consumers that it's worth their while to buy Wii U at something close to the recommended price; if stores can only sell stock at a nasty loss, they'll be a lot less inclined to re-fill the shelves. As we've argued elsewhere on Nintendo Life, the big N's certainly making the right noises and lining up some tasty software exclusives; so the big test is yet to come.

Or a 3DS-style price-cut will catch us all unawares, again.

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Peach64 said:

I've said in many comments that I don't believe it needs a price cut. I don't know anyone personally that wants a Wii U but can't afford. I know a lot of people waiting until they can pick one up with a 3D Mario and a new Zelda though.

Having said that, I think a price cut around the time of the Mario Kart release, just before the PS4 and Nextbox could be very smart. As with most console launches, they're going to be low on true AAA games, and it will be mostly enhanced versions of games you can already get on PS3 and 360. Maybe Nintendo could persuade some people to hold off on buying either of those for now, and instead pick up a Wii U, with Mario Kart, Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD, all for less than the cost of a PS4/Nextbox.



Wilford111 said:

Nintendo gets hardcore fans super excited, by giving out information on e3 and nintendo direct and other internet videos. But what about casual consumers? They go around and set up booths for kids to nag at their moms to take them there.
Why don't they go full out with their advertising? Put up Wii U commercials on TV, appearing on multiple channels and at least once per commercial break. People would be sick of the commercials by then, but AT LEAST THEY'RE AWARE THAT IT EXISTS.
I think that is the main problem. A lot of people just don't know about the Wii U. Maybe... maybe Nintendo is waiting on it until they actually release some games so that customer satisfaction remains high. That's the only explanation I can come up with.



citizenerased said:

"I know a lot of people waiting until they can pick one up with a 3D Mario and a new Zelda though."

That's-a me. Or Retro's new project.



MAN1AC said:

It would be foolish to cut the price of the Wii U right now

I honestly do not expect them to lower the price any time soon. They should wait and get some console moving games under their belt. By then they should have a good idea of what the real demand for the console is as well as more info on what Sony and M$ are doing.



belmont said:

Nobody knows about the Wii U. I have seen signs in local shops that said "Wii U games not work in Wii". Apart for some e-mail and a pre-launch event there was no promotion or advertising.

The price is an issue on many European countries. 319 euros for Basic, 379 for DX and 419 for Zombi and Monster Hunter seem expensive too me.



TenTen said:

Seems that the main problem with the Wii U is, like one of the Vita's problems, lack of TV advertising.
I only think I've seen 2 Wii U adverts on TV.

However, the casual market will eventually notice.
Once people notice the Wii isn't getting much new games, or any at all, the Wii U sales should pick up.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Games won't be enough for me. This system has a laundry list of annoying little problems which add up to enough to prevent me from purchasing it.



MKCustodial said:

I desperately want one, but conditions haven't properly aligned yet. I live in Brazil. Nintendo doesn't have representation down here. So whatever stores are selling it, and most are online, they're selling imported units and charging for it what would amount to US$ 660. For US$ 470 I could get the Deluxe unit plus 2 games, and I don't think I'd pay almost US$ 200 bucks for shipping. The issues I face are import taxes if I bought it online and had it delivered here, versus the ability to pay in installments down here to "ease the pain". So yeah, it's a conundrum right now.



JSuede said:

Personally, I think next week is going to provide a pretty decent spike in sales. Target is having a few deals....that would really make it hard to to buy one.

Buy the console, get a $50 gift card AND Buy 2 games get one free. Basically it could come out to $375 for the console and 3 games.....BAM. That's if you get the basic, but if you get Deluxe of course you would tack on another $50....but also another game included. If I didn't already have a Wii U it would be VERY hard to avoid buying it.

I already plan on taking advantage of the B2G1 deal....MH3U and LCU here I come......need to figure out the third game though. I like NFS and Criterion should be supported for their efforts....but man...I really don't like EA and they shouldn't be supported. Conundrum.



hYdeks said:

I actually plan to buy a Wii U over the PS4 and xbox 720, right now. I'm waiting for e3 to come around and see what everyone shows. Games like Yarn Yoshi and that lean me more towards Nintendo though.



Flowerlark said:

I'm one of the consumers turned off at the high price. In fact, at this point I don't even think a new Zelda title would entice me. I still haven't played my copy of Skyward Sword.

It doesn't help that I got a new PS3 for Christmas. Considering it's my first PS experience, I'll be busy with FFVII, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Graces F and all the other PS games I've missed out on over the years.



Le_Gazman said:

Cheap or not, no one is going to buy a console with no games out for it. Nintendo have pooped the bed and the smell it's left is au du GameCube.



BakaKnight said:

I really hope WiiU will recover and honestly I think that the games coming out in the year will do the trick just fine

On a side note however I was going to buy a WiiU asap, but had to change mind cause of Nintendo itself...
Why? Because in January they announced a lot lot lot of great 3DS games coming in Europe this year!!! DX

I'm planning to have an amazing 3DS year now ^O^
But that sadly means that the WiiU will probably have to wait a lot >.>;;;



strongest_link said:

3D Mario (Super Mario 3D Land), a classic Zelda remake (Ocarina of Time 3D), and Mario Kart (7) turned around the fortunes of the 3DS. Guess what's in the pipeline for the Wii U? It'll be fine, given time.



player310 said:

I bet Wii Fit U will definitely sell some consoles like the original did for the Wii. (To the casual market, anyways).



Drobotic said:

Wii U is selling poorly because of advertisement.I get a lot of my stuff because of convincing ads,and the Wii U ads are NOT that convincing.They're more the contrary.Seriously Nintendo,"Wii Would Like To Play With U".Do that and I bet it might sell better,at least with the little ones.



Klinny said:

For myself personally, I'm not really interested in the Wii U at the moment. I could forgive the price, but there are actually no Wii U games that I'm interested in playing. And in addition, there are a lot of 3DS, PS3, and PS2 games that I still want to play, so it's really hard to justify buying a new system right now.

Another issue that has been mentioned is the lack of advertisements, or lack of clear advertisements. Some of my friends thought that a "Wii U" was just a new model of Wii, (Similar to a PS Slim or 3DS XL).



123akis said:

@ThomasBW84 you do know that Nintendo UK has announced the harmo night release date? its on the 28th march and there will be a demo a week before



zool said:

I have had my Wii u money sitting here since release date but I seem to have lost interest. It's not that I don't want a Wii u, but so far none of the games have interested me.
Nintendo seems to be a bit complacent. A new console, the first in six years and no killer game. Where is that killer game that gamers will buy the console, just to play it?

All the Wii u is, is a Wii with HD, which the Wii should have had anyway.
Also the new controller is not the big selling feature it was built up to be. We thought we could play ALL new games on it rather than on the tv screen; here in the UK Nintendo had to withdraw an advertisement because it was misleading, only a few games could be played on the controller.

Nintendo got the WII u launch wrong and this is the result. Super Mario Bros, is not a launch title, it's just another Super Mario bros game. Also the tv advertisements for Super Mario Bros was all about multi player fun. They can't sell enough Wii u's and they want us to buy extra controllers. If I had wanted to play Batman, Assassin's Creed etc. I could have bought a Playstation.

With a few new 3ds games soon to be released that will keep Nintendo fans content for a while longer; no need to consider the Wii u. Even a Wii u Luigi's mansion rather than a 3ds version would have sold more Wii u's.

I can also play plenty of cheap but good games on my Android tablet. Nintendo's new controller can't compete with that.

If Nintendo want my Wii U money they have to convince me to buy it and a remake of Windwaker will not do it.



Nintenjoe64 said:

To be fair on Nintendo, for not putting loads of TV adverts on, Sony went for a huge pre and post xmas marketing drive where I saw Vita ads almost every time I watched TV and it didn't help the Vita. They need a Wii Sports for the U but I don't think anyone knows what that is yet. Nintendoland is good but the solo games are terrible or too short.

I thought the best purpose for the Wii U would be to carry on from Red Steel 2 and Skyward Sword in making decent sword combat but the gamepad now stands in the way of developers wanting to make that kind of game. Going back to the 'hardcore' way of playing where you press one button to counter and one button to attack just seems ridiculous when the Wii was just beginning to bring a new kind of skill to game combat.

Anyway, I'm happy with my purchase and have not turned my PS3 on once since owning a Wii U. I doubt there is any sense in doom mongering yet and I know that Mario Kart, Mario (made by EAD) and Zelda will be better (for me) than anything else out there. By Christmas, a one year-old Nintendo console with half a dozen first party games will be better than getting PS4 or Xbox.



LuigiFan said:

if releasing the new 3d mario or the new mario kart doesnt give nintendo more sales then they should cut the price then



BATRA said:

i read website that come to say that the wii u may get lost planet 3,nintendo new mmo game that no one nose and some good game that i saw i could not see this game on the wii u but this game will blow every one out of the water it would be nice to see star wars battle front 3 for the wii u



NintyMan said:

The Wii U really is facing a similar challenge to the one posed to the 3DS, but at least the Wii U released with a Mario game. The problem is that NSMBU apparently isn't enough, so I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo tries to release the 3D Mario and Mario Kart this holiday season for Wii U. A 3D Mario and Mario Kart turned the 3DS around in the Christmas season, so it could happen again for Wii U.



mostro328 said:

no price drop, new marketing campain and games. Not only first party but atleast some good third party support, ubisoft is stepping up I know they screwed us with rayman but atleast watch_dogs, splinter cells, and AC4 are confirmed, nintendo needs GTA, MGS5 on this console, I think a temporary price drop throught the release of PS4 and NexBox will be best



mostro328 said:

look at tablets and phones if peole are willing to pay between 200-800 every year for every new model than I dont see why 349.99 is too much for a system that will prob be played for 5+ years




Nintendo yet again release unfinish product. They obviously not ready for it with all the 0 games coming out for it. They should have waited another year to release it.



Vehemont said:

You would think Nintendo would learn from their mistakes with the 3DS instead of repeating them, but we are seeing the same things going on. I don't think things will pick up until later in the year, as I don't see LEGO, or Monster Hunter being big system sellers. Pikmin may move a few units but I don't see it being a big system seller either, (though I would love to be proven wrong upon it's release) as the series has only sold 3.79 million worldwide (that is with the Wii re-releases).



edcomics said:

It's mentioned in the above comments that some people don't even know about the WiiU, and I think that's correct. Part of the problem is the branding. "Wii U" is an odd name that carries the potential for confusion among consumers. Not only is the name 75% identical to the Wii, but the system's appearance (sans Gamepad) is nearly identical. There should always be some buzz surrounding a new Nintendo system, but the WiiU comes across as a Wii 1.5 or something like that, even if that's not really the case. Some people may still not realize the Gamepad isn't just a peripheral for the Wii.

As for the pricing, though, it really does come down to the games. If there was even just one game that everyone HAD to try, I think that would drive sales tremendously. The Wii U launch lineup was really reserved, though. Where's the punch?

Another thing Nintendo's not doing is advertising eShop games. I'm not sure what the best way to do it would be, but Nano Assault Neo for the WiiU is amazing, and Nintendo could use that to help sell their system.



rjejr said:

TW - do you have some inside info about Pikmin 3 you aren't allowed to share with us? - "more titles only on Wii U are due in the next few months, such as Pikmin 3;" You keep talking about it being imminent but it still doesn't have a release date. How imminent can it be? And no, I still haven't forgiven Reggie for his, "not next year, not next winter" SSBB speech. Arguably 1 of their biggest games and it was delayed not once but twice. And that game actually had dates. Pikmin 3 is starting to look like Last Guardian.

Good job though on calling out Nintendo. They made such a big deal about 'learning from their mistakes" with the 3DS launch but apparently all they learned was to to replicate it.

Also a good point about store stock. Everybody keeps saying "it doesn't matter if the Wii U sells now or not, it will sell when the big games come out". Well it won't matter if the system sells if stores stop stocking it before then.

And here's something I haven't seen mentioned before: Amazon US doesn't sell the Wii U themselves, and a lot of people have Prime in the US and buy from Amazon. And to add insult to injury - know what you see on the Wii U page - a PS4 ad banner. The Wii U is already promoting the PS4.



KnightRider666 said:

@Le_Gazman: Well said. The only games I want are Nintendo Land & Super Mario U. That alone plus the other annoyances like having to pay to transfer your wii VC games and the still subpar online capabilities push me away from dropping the asking price of $349 + tax.



BetweenTheTrees said:

All the Wii U needs is time. that is all. i bought my 3ds the day of the release and the Wii U the day of it's release. and as they said, the Wii U is struggling just as the 3ds did. but i adore my 3ds now and am so stoked about the 3ds 2013. the Wii U will hit it's stride. just needs some releases




I agree with SunnyShores all it needs is time, I got to admit it takes time to come around to the Wii U which is why alot of people still haven't gotten yet and I don't blame them.

But in the end it will be well worth the wait, like I can't wait to see what their doing to the main menu and Miiverse this summer.



Slapshot said:

I'm sorry, but I don't see a game's lineup for Wii U that is having gamers running to buy the console. LEGO City Undercover most definitely looks cool, but there's no way I'd pay for a new system just to play it; Monster Hunter 4 could persuade me, but not an expansion of a game I've already put over 100hrs into: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Also, what exactly is it that's going to wipe retailer's Wii U stock compeltely out that Nintendo is going to not be able to keep up with manufacotoring needs? Wasn't there like 40k untis supposedly returned to retailers recently? Also, Nintendo's stock after months of trickling sales should be overly sufficient for any uptick in sales until there's several first party titles - a price cut - and a holiday sales demand. The fact that Wii FIt U is a hot release for the console only shows how weak its current lineup actually is.



sr388survivor said:

I don't understand why people say the Wii U is expensive. It's pretty standard pricing for a new console. I'll be annoyed if the PS4 price is revealed and people say how reasonable it is at $500. lol
On the other hand a price cut wouldn't be horrible because then maybe Nintendo would do a Wii U ambassador program and I'd be all for that



Luffy said:

I have a friend who always buys nintendos systems when the first Zelda comes out he goes to toysrus and buys the system with the game. every generation. I have another that does the same thing with 3d marios. SO im guess sales should pick up once Nintendo puts their back into.

I just wish they named it something different!!! They don't relize the power of the name "NINTENDO" geez. People who come to my house think the Wii U is just a controller add on for the Wii. Failed marketing at it's best. And my aunt bought some Wii U games for her son's Wii....they didn't work so she gave them to me. I told her she needs to get a new system she was confused.

But her son is now aware and is bugging her everyday. So theres an eventual sale.



Luffy said:

@skjia do you need ur receipt? I don't have it.... I bought my wii U on xmas and logged in maybe they can track that?



brucelebnd said:

Nintendo is charging WAY TOO much. it's not about whether someone has the money or not but do they want to spend it. right now you can get a PS3 500gb hard drive bundle for $299 USD. you can get an Xbox 360 250gb hard drive bundle for $299 USD. the Wii U basic is $299 with an 8gb hard drive, gamepad and no games or an even extra controller. the Wii U delux is $349 USD 32gb hard drive gamepad and nintendo land. let's say you don't own a Wii and want to give the Wii U a try, then you have to pay for Wii mote and nunchuck, that's $45 USD. if you were an average comsumer what would you buy? graphically they are similar but if you buy Nintendo you are paying A LOT more for A LOT less. the masses might be stupid but they know 500 is better than 32 and $299 is less than $349.



brucelebnd said:

let's say you want to download Lego City, you'll have to buy an external hard drive which will cost around $70 USD. you'll have to buy one if you own the basic and have nothing else on your dexlue to do it.

let's say you never owned a Nintendo but want to try it out. you pay $349 for the delux, nintendo land and a game pad. you buy a wii mote plus nunchuck $45. you get an external hard drive 500gb $60. you buy a game $60. that's $514 but you can get the PS3 500gb bundle and basically the same stuff for $299.

people might get upset hearing this but your average comsumer could care less about Nintendo or band loyality. they'll go with the best deal.

personally I'll buy a Wii U once they have games I want to play. people forget the Wii was such a hit because it was a few hundred less than the competition. the game were less expensive. if Nintendo expects to expand it's brand or even carry Wii owners over with the current Wii U prices they are setting themselves up for a HUGE failure.

and no Nintendo isn't doom, they have too many loyal fans to fail but just getting by isn't really being a success



MAB said:

Yeah because the original Wii at $450 with a waggle controller and WiiSports, Red Steel & Twilight Princess for the first 10 months was better value than WiiU at $380 with a better controller, online discount promotion, cooler internet browsing then anything else and over 20 games for launch... Don't think so ya'll



ThomasBW84 said:

To answer the query on Harmoknight, we know it hits Europe on the 28th and have updated the game page.

On Pikmin 3, no I know nothing more than you guys. I do think it'll arrive in Q2 as promised, because Nintendo will be keen for sales AND Miyamoto has been discussing it more and more recently. Looking at the lineup and comments coming out, I can't see it missing Q2.

I may be wrong of course, but I hope not!



coolvw93 said:

i havent gotten the wii u yet, not because of the price, but because i have soooo much on my plate right now with school, work, family/friends, and the current games that i have and some i have barely gotten into. i like nintendo alot and it is hard for me to see it for sale and not slap down the money for it anytime im at gamestop. if i had more time, i would have it. unfortunately, i feel it would be neglected in my ownership... ive got so many games that i want to get to in my own collection before i go out and buy any other system... for now.



BennyFresh said:

@Zaphod_Beeblebrox What specifically do you mean? I've had mine since around Christmas and I have yet to run into anything that made me regret getting it. Most of the problems people complain about are hugely exaggerated, particularly the thing about the load times. Honestly if no one had told me that people were upset by that I never would have guessed, it takes an average of like 15-20 seconds for the games to start.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Basically what @brucelebnd said. The initial price of entry is just too steep, anyone with basic math skills will realize that and there isn't anything amazing enough out to compensate. By now most people probably already have a console of some kind, what does the Wii U currently have thats worth buying a whole new console for?

I have money set aside awaiting my next big purchase myself ad while the Wii U is a tantalizing possibility it just doesn't have anything going for it thats worth spending that kind of cash right now. Besides, I have plenty to keep me busy as it is, the 3DS has enough to last me most of the year by itself so far.



warvad said:

The Wii U simply needs games.
3D Mario, F-Zero, SSBK, Paper Luigi... then we'll start talking.



CharbroiledEwok said:

"Retailers, we'd argue, have no favourites..."

I could not disagree with that statement more. I see FAR more attention, deals, and exclusive DLC set aside for Xbox and Sony products (e.g., the forthcoming "Injustice: Gods Among Us").

I think it's a HORRIBLE idea for Nintendo to slash the price right now. After the 3DS price cut, it just reaffirms gamer suspicions that they can wait out manufacturers, FORCING them to sell systems at a loss. We all want fair prices, but when companies stop making profits to satisfy unreasonable customers, we all lose.



ecco6t9 said:

Nintendo needs that must have game, secondly they need to basically tell your Auntie Jane that the Wii U is a new system and not just a new Wii Controller.

On another note I fear for Nintendo of America's marketing since here it is almost two years later and most people still think the 3DS is a DS with a 3D screen and most of the ones that know it's a new system resent Nintendo for releasing a new system.

One guy stands out in my mind(I Stop to work at a Game place) "I would of bought Zelda,StarFox and Kid Icarus if they were DS games."

I think it's time for Reggie to go.



Sam_Loser2 said:

If there is a price cut and therefor another ambassador program, I would be very happy with it.



Drewroxsox said:

The Wii U is just an expensive paper weight, and until Nintendo and other companies start releasing innovative games that consumers actually want to buy, that's all it will ever be. I find myself on the fence about this generation of Nintendo consoles, and until they give me a reason to invest my money in them, I will not be purchasing a Wii U.



WrongChops said:

I'd still feel like a bit of a chump if they went the price reduction/ambassador route, especially given the noise Nintendo made about 'learning from their mistakes'. That being said, fetting F-Zero for 30p has been a nice little bonus for joining the party (too) early. Make the Earthbound games part of the ambassador programme and you'll appease most of the hardcore Nintendophiles.

On a more realistic note though, I think a revised marketing strategy is the key. I think Nintendo Land is the U's main system seller but all I've seen on (UK) TV are poorly executed ZombiU ads that don't give a good insight into the system's key features. Nintendo Land does this and when I've had people round to play it they understand, they enjoy and it gets them interested in Wii U. Saying it needs more games is fine but they need to kickstart things now.



banacheck said:

Most of my friends have money ready to by a PS4, most of them say the Wii U is overpriced at the moment. And also point out that games are releasing so why are they not on the Wii U which i cannot answer. Nintendo needs to start showing 3rd party support it's all good and well saying it's got Mario etc, people want the whole package when buying a new console both 1st & 3rd party support.



MrGawain said:

Supermarkets and online retailers don't see the Wii U in the long term future, all they see is around £200-£300 of dead stock that has been sitting on their shelves for 3 months that could be freed up for other stock that will sell quicker.Turnover is as if not more important than profit.

The problem with that, is that where ASDA and Amazon are selling other things to offset the low profit margin of the Wii U, specialist places like GAME and HMV can't- it's their bread and butter. They need that profit for rent and rates and paying staff and all the other things. By making them look like they're being greedy selling the thing at the RRP, all it does is lose them customers and put them out of business, meaning less choice and less competition.



gojiguy said:

I'm all for a Wii U price cut.

Just because I want one and they're too expensive right now. The ZombiU bundle seems like a good deal, though. So does the Wal-Mart deal (buy one pick a free game).



Gold_Ranger said:

I can't afford one right now.
But that's ok. I'll be able to save up for when I plan on getting it in August just for Wind Waker.



Gidkilla said:

Whats amazing is that Nintendo came out saying that they'd learnt from the mistakes made at the 3DS's launch, but when it comes to early support things are even worse. Its hard to believe that these companies (Sony included) can get the market so wrong, when they've been around so long!



TreesenHauser said:

I agree with everyone saying there's a lack of advertising. The Wii U is amazing, but unlike the Wii there simply isn't enough advertising to make people realize exactly what the Wii U is all about. I have a buddy that didn't even know the Wii U existed until I was talking about it the other day.



Pj1 said:

I wonder if anyone from Nintendo reads these comments? I think they could do with knowing what we're saying about them! I'm pleased with my one but was disappointed that if the console is say in the bedroom you can't play games on it in another room, silly me.... Lego city for me is on my birthday list & that looks good, also the 30p VC sale is great but that needs a few more games. I know it's a promotion thing but that could help. Also I think a mario remake of some kind could be a good thing too before we get a new 3d one!
I let nintendo decide what they do & how successful they want the wii-u to be.



JayMiller1988 said:

The system isn't even a year old and they're asking for a price drop? That totally destroys the point of putting the 349 dollar tag on it at all. They're already selling at a loss, a price cut in 2013 would be tough to pull off.



dazzleshell said:

I was one of those waiting for a price cut. This is the first Nintendo console since the SNES that I haven't bought on Launch Day. Mainly because of the cost but also because I hardly played on the Wii for the past 2 years.
However when zavvi offered the Premium Pack for just £225 on one of last months Mega Monday Deals It was a done deal.
So now im very happy, the set up on the WiiU is great and i traded my old Wii in for £60 too at Game so I have cash waiting for Pikmin 3, and a lot of Wii games to play that I never got round to (mario galaxy 2 included).
My Nintendo loving self is back with full force.



brucelebnd said:

I don't think they need a price cut but if they offered more it'd be more family friendly. toss in a two wii remotes w/ nunchuck and NSMB U plus with the current delux package and people will buy it.

honestly this system isn't going to sell with what's being offered. Nintendo really needs to come off its high horse and realize that more people owning the system is better than no one owning the system. so they don't turn a profit on the machine or maybe a small one, it's better than no nobody buying it.



rjejr said:

@ThomasBW84 - I hope you're right, but here's my version of the future.

In April another Miyamoto interview will have him disclosing another new Gamepad implementation (that Nintendo is forcing him to add to his Wii game that has been in development for 3 years on the previous system). People around the globe will type - "a bad game is always bad, a good game is good forever". At E3 Nintendo will unveil their line-up starting with Luigi's Levels in August, Pikmin 3 in Sept., Windwaker HD in Oct and Mario Kart in Nov. An "effective immediately" price cut could also be in play.

As much as Nintendo would like to get Pikmin 3 out, nobody is rushing Miyamoto. Plus, they need a strong E3 showing to compete with TWO new consoles. And if it's taking Miyamoto this long, my guess is the rest of Nintendo is having difficulty with the transition to HD - why so long for a Windwaker remake? - and asynchronous Gamepad play and Nintendo won't have a lot of big games ready for the fall so they need to delay Pikmin 3 to Sept. fill in the gaps.

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