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Rumour: Suda51 Set To Revisit No More Heroes

Posted by Andy Green

Grasshopper Manufacture teases its next project

Grasshopper Manufacture has been hard at work developing Killer is Dead, which will be released later this year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

That hasn't stopped the studio's CEO Goichi Suda - more commonly known as Suda51 - from teasing his next game, though. In an interview with Famitsu, the developer showed off some concept art for an as yet unannounced action game, which features a character who looks rather familiar.

It's not the clearest image you'll ever see, and the girl in question is covering half her face with an oil-paper umbrella, but she certainly bears a striking resemblance to Shinobu - one of the assassins from the No More Heroes franchise. Adding more fuel to the speculation is the fact the images were drawn by Yusuku Kozaki, the artist behind the other No More Heroes titles.

This new project could be a fully-fledged sequel to No More Heroes, a spin-off or a completely different game entirely - we'll just have to wait and see.

The original No More Heroes was released on Wii and was later ported to other consoles - the game's success lead to No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which carried on the story of Travis Touchdown.

Would you like to see another No More Heroes title? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Peach64 said:

I really enjoyed No More Heroes, and would be interested in seeing a third one. I'd rather he keep doing original games though.



Bulbousaur said:

I think this is going to be a Shinobu spin-off, which is good because she was one of the most interesting characters in No More Heroes. Lets just hope she actually controls well in this game. (Stupid Million Gunman Stage...)



RoryLee said:

I hope its not a rumor. I would love to see a another sequel or a spinoff to No More Heroes. And while your at it Suda, port over Lollipop Chainsaw to the WiiU.



XCWarrior said:

Love No More Heroes. Hope we get another game in the series.

I had no idea that Killer is Dead was for PS3/360 only. That kind of stinks. I'll keep my eye on it though, pick it up when it goes cheap. A reason to dust off my PS3 at least besides for Netflix.



erv said:

Use the touchpad to finally touch sylvia's boobs!

Lol, I'd love more no more heroes, but it needs to be even goofier



19Robb92 said:

This needs to happen! Can't wait for another NMH game! love that series!

I just hope they'll make a WiiU version.



Aidano123 said:

No More Heroes is amazing hope this is real and comes to WII U even better if it's an exclusive



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

No More Heroes.......why yes, I'm ready to ride with Travis again!!!! While on the subject of Suda 51 n Grasshopper, they need to get with Capcom and make a new Killer 7. At least a prequel that leads up to the creation of the Smith Syndicate!!!



Rod64 said:

No More Heroes is one of the best Wii games ever.
Too bad we didn't get Lollipop Chainsaw, and we won't get Killer is Dead either...



Wildfire said:

Like Travis himself would say: "Pretty Sweet!"
I only hope it comes for Wii U because otherwise I'll be with a sad face!



SuperSah said:

No More Heroes would be excellent! I'd love a Wii U and 3DS version.

I loved the first one, brilliant game.



thrashoholic said:

OH MY GOD! No More Heroes is my favorite series of games ever! Even though there are only 2. This is the best news I could hope for, even if it is a rumor. C'mon, Suda!



AJWolfTill said:

This is one of the games I needed to know was going to come out!
Surely it will be on the WiiU considering the series history!
Might crack out the old games to celebrate



WesCash said:

I love No More Heroes. Another sequel with a bit more polish and HD visuals would be awesome.



DarkKirby said:

I'm not terribly interested in a game about Shinobu. Travis being an otaku assassin is what made his character unique. No More Heroes was great but No More Heroes 2 was terrible. It's true that that overworld served little purpose in No More Heroes 1, but taking it out in No More Heroes 2 made the world and the game feel tiny. From the 2D retro minigames being the only real source of money being boring to unfair in the case of the stat upgrades, the biggest fault of No More Heroes 2 is the combat system seems little improved or possibly worse , and the biggest fault of all, unimaginative bosses that felt nowhere as memorable or fun to fight as No More Heroes 1.



gauzyosbourne said:

Open world assassination game, please and thank you. I prefer Killer7's mechanics over No More Heroes', though.



hYdeks said:

Seeing another No More Heroes with Shinobu being the lead would be very interesting. No More Heroes needs to continue onto the Wii U, the first two games where very fun, addictive games.



Melkaticox said:

@RoryLee Lollipop Chainsaw? Port Killer is Dead...

I hope that, if it is a No More Heroes game, ends up as a Wii U exclusive...



WaveGhoul said:

I Couldn't stand NMH 1 & 2. The only thing i found entertaining were the cutscenes.



ArcanaXVI said:

I loved the original No More Heroes, but the sequel was a major letdown. If this is NMH-related, I'll pick it up in a heartbeat, but I hope it's better than the last attempt.



Oregano said:

Considering how Suda is just supporting PS3 and 360 nowadays and that GungHo owns Grasshopper now I would nit expect it on Wii U at all.



Araknie said:

@ErnisDy Play NMH2 on the Wii or Wii U since it's retrocompatible. It's really 100 times better than the first one.
A real masterpiece for me.

Anyway Suda51 said in 2011: "NMH3 will come for the next Nintendo console!" E3 will be the time.

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