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Rachel Features In New Resident Evil Revelations Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Orla Madden

Don't get in her way

Last week it was confirmed that Rachel would be a playable character in the revamped version of Resident Evil Revelations for the Wii U. Capcom has now eleased a brand new trailer, focusing on Rachel eliminating all that crosses her path.

She made her debut in the 3DS version, and soon gamers will be able to slip into her figure-hugging wetsuit in Raid Mode, which allows you to play online in co-op mode or alone in single player going up against numerous infected enemies — all while levelling up and collecting weapons along the way.

The action-packed title is set to release in North America on the 21st May this year, with Europe following three days later on the 24th May. Are you expecting to pick it up?

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hcfwesker said:

So glad WiiU gets this title, enjoyed it on the 3DS and plan to get it again. I love RE but can't stand 4,5, & 6. Revelations at least tried to get it back to that old school feel. If only their was a 'tank controls' option



DePapier said:

There is so much they could do for the Wii U version: pointer controls with the Wiimote when playing on the TV, gyro controls with the GamePad in off-TV play, playing the Raid Mode with a couch buddy in local multiplayer, upping the the graphics more but they'll have to stick to the limitations of the PS3 and XBox360...

If all this isn't there (except for the graphics) I'll just stick to buying the 3DS version.



MAB said:

There is no madly awesome looking enemy on the 3DS though



alLabouTandroiD said:

Really good it's coming to the big screen but since i've got the 3DS version i'm not paying full price for it again.
Also a bit of a shame that there's no Wiimote support.



Gnoll said:

Really it should have campaign co-op as you're almost always paired with another character during the story.



WaveGhoul said:

Maybe capcom will iclude Rachels killer cutscene where she's getting hunted down by the oozes which oddly enough didn't make it in the 3DS release...
Anyways, my excitement has gone down the Biohazard toilet. I've already beaten this game on the 3DS, raide mode never interested me in the first place and capcom didn't include pointer controls. Give me Pikmin 3 Nitnendo!

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