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Rabbit-Bashing Cartoon Game Slashear Could Be Coming To The Wii U eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

You guessed it, it's another Kickstarter campaign

The flood of Kickstarter-funded projects continues, with the latest being Slashear, which is rather awkwardly described by its developer as "a real cartoon filled with crazy stories and fun battles!" Although it's currently intended for smartphones and tablets, one of the campaign's stretch goals focuses on a Wii U version.

Set in a world where bunnies are the root of all evil, Slashear features a cast of demonic rabbits which have disguised themselves as famous movie characters. The hero is a boy in a wolf suit armed with a baseball bat. Although the game looks like a 2D offering, it's actually built in 3D using the Unity engine.

Slashear needs $43,000 to reach its funding target. If it manages to secure $64,000, a port for the Wii U eShop will also be created. Will it be getting your support?


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Beta said:

Kickstarter, the biggest trend in 2013... Oh crap! I am hungry... I could use a slice of pizza! Better hurry and start up a Kickstarter!
Jokes aside, I'm liking the support of indies to the Wii U so far. It looks like it's becoming the always-go-to console now for them ^_^



MAB said:

All I need is Pier Solar... And maybe something else & so on



SheldonRandoms said:

When I first saw the picture, I thought this was about.........

But yeah, this game should be on the Wii U eShop.



Dpullam said:

It's nice to see so many indie games heading to the Wii U. I'm just getting a little tired of all these kickstarters.



Geonjaha said:

Primarily for smartphones and tablets > No big loss if it doesn't reach Wii U.



odd69 said:

most kickstarter titles are better than what i see at full retail on the wii u. if its trendy to make good games...count me in



TheHeroOfLegend said:

This game looks cool(Plus these people are Ukrainian!)and while there is a MAJOR TREND in getting games to Kickstarter, I actually find this a good thing because so many kickstarters are actually going to the Wii U which gets Nintendo a lot of profit and more developer relationships and MORE GAMES!!!!!!



Wayo said:

oh, they just added the Wii U version to the rewards. Call me in



Ketchupcat said:

@Ernisdy that's exactly what I thought too! Both cartoony fighting games that are surprisingly violent. I loved CC, so maybe I'd get this.

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