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New Watch_Dogs Trailer Spies on Aiden Pearce

Posted by Andy Green

He's more than just a hacker

Watch_Dogs is one of many titles Ubisoft currently has in the works and it will be hacking its way onto several platforms, including the Wii U, at some point in 2013.

A new trailer has now emerged for the game and anyone who watched the PlayStation 4 reveal event may find it a little familiar. The action found in the video is the very same that was shown there, only this time we see it all from the point of view of the authorities.

All the action in this trailer is seen through various CCTV cameras positioned in several locations across the city of Chicago. It shows Aiden Pearce, the protagonist, roam around the streets using his hacking ability to monitor citizens, take some cash from an ATM and solve domestic disputes. All in a day's work.

You can check out the new trailer below, though be warned there may be some bad language in there. Are you looking forward to this one? Let us know what you think to it in the comments section.

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C7_ said:

A narrated walkthrough of the gameplay they showed at the PS4 unveiling conference?
Seems kind of lazy to me; or maybe even just a justification of why and how he's getting information that isn't just "He's really good at technology" but i'm still interested to see where this game ends up.



KAHN said:

i've seen this trailer without the voiceover, and its much better.



DarkNinja9 said:

really interested in this game if the creators of AC are involved it might be on my really need to get list



DePapier said:

I really hope they'll port it right on the Wii U, first of all by porting from the PC version of the game instead of the PS360 versions of it, just like it has been done for Need For Speed Most Wanted U. Thankfully it's Ubisoft Bucharest who's doing the porting, and they have already work on the Wii U for the ZombiU multiplayer. If the heads at Ubisoft allow them to work efficiently, with the concept of the game, its GamePad integration and some decent "cross-gen" graphics — since I could flamed for daring to say next-gen --, we will be getting the definitive version of the game on the Wii U without the shadow of a doubt.



Farmboy74 said:

I've already seen this trailer and the ideas for the game are good, just hope Ubisoft take their time and produce the best game they can for the Wii U



Banker-Style said:

It's just the same trailer as the one that was revealed a few weeks ago,but with a voice over.
Still looks nice though.

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