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New Link Figurine Features Epic Detail

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Check out that fabric

We do like to show you some awesome collectibles and figurines when they emerge, as sometimes they can be difficult to ignore. The Legend of Zelda is a franchise that gets its fair share of desirable decorations, one example being that from Max Factory, which we showed you last year.

That was nice, but a Skyward Sword-style rival from Medicom Toy has gone to another level by not only including goodies such as an alternative face plate, but details such as cloth for clothing; plus it's 30cm (12 inches) tall. It's a new level in terms of that detail, though comes at a whopping ¥20,790 (around $218/€168/£144). That's an expensive collectible.

We do think it's rather attractive, but check out the images and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Whopper744 said:

If I wasn't a married man, I'd think about it. It's still hard to think about spending that much money on something that's similar to a toy to stand there.
I was just looking online actually for a Link figure of some sort for my desk, but they are too expensive. I'd even go with a Spirit Tracks mini figure thing, but they are alittle too small for me to pay 5 bucks for the figure, and then another 8 bucks for shipping.
I used to have an Ocarina of Time Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf....I now have no idea where the heck they kind of makes me sick thinking about how poorly I took care of things as a guess is they are gone....



ThomasBW84 said:

@PvtOttobot Replaceable face plates, that's all it takes

This one's pretty expensive, to be honest, regardless of extras like the bow etc. Still, that won't stop it selling reasonably well I suspect!



Melkaticox said:


Ok, this is the only time I've had a nerdgasm in Nintendo Life...this figurine is so perfect!!
There will be imports in Amazon soon...too bad I don't live in the US



Haxonberik said:

If I had the money, I'd surely get one. It just looks so good, and the girly traits that avoided me from loving the figma figure are gone.



Rocko52 said:

Ooooh, if only I could afford toys like these and Hot many other



hamsterfactor said:

I own one of these Real Action Heroes Medicom figures (Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist if anyone's curious) and they really look amazing. It didn't cost me as much money, though.

If anyone wants to order Link, I'd recommend Amiami. They offer international shipping and their preorder price will be 15800 yen, which is quite a bit cheaper.

It looks like it'll be released in late November btw.



Pro-N-Gamer said:

This is so cool.. I already own the Max Factory one, but also might wanna add this one to my collection



misswliu81 said:

i like this one more than max factory's, mainly because link's face looks better in my opinion.



WarioPower said:

Looks great, but no way am I paying $200 for something that's just going to sit around..



Lyndexer said:

You expect me to pay 200 USD for a Link doll? No way, waste of money. No way this doll is more than a Wii U and 3DS game combined. Sorry Medicom Toy doesn't mean you make lower expectancy (how many are out there) for it means it'll have higher demands for it.

I could seriously buy a nice decent looking 5 inch Mario figure for like $5. Though, this looks nice and has great proportions. Hand posture looks realistic, Links actual moods, nice material, etc, etc... This is nice for someone like 5-10 years old wanting this for Chirstmas.



sagen said:

Oh my lawd, It's so beautiful. The face seems slightly off to me though for some reason..

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