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"Modified" Version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Classified by Australian Ratings Board

Posted by Martin Watts

Is an enhanced Wii U port on the way?

A new "modified" version of Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been classified by the Australian Ratings Board.

The rating board listing does not specifically state which systems the title is for. However, the Wii U seems to be a likely choice, given that it was previously discovered by Eurogamer that Australian studio Straight Right has been working on a port of a major Square Enix title.

Of course, a modified version could simply refer to a special edition edition of the game that comes with the Missing Link DLC on the disc and/or reworked gameplay.

Square Enix also recently filed a trademark application for Deus Ex: Human Defiance, but it's believed by some that this is related to a film adaptation of the popular sci-fi shooter.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution certainly seems like it'd be a great fit for the Wii U GamePad. Would you like to see a Wii U port? Let us know in the comments section below.


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DashDG said:

That would be really nice... But SE is not the greatest publisher these days...



Lan said:

Cool, I'd buy that. I own it on PC but never really got around to playing it much.



Swithom said:

Would definitely buy...
But Wii U needs 'new' games more than it needs year old ones. I'd love new Tomb Raider right now.



Jellitoe said:

If this is what they were porting, I would be extremely depressed, I wanted Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. This was on sale for 5 bucks on Steam last month. This is not worth 60$



Oregano said:

Emily Rogers seems certain of this and she's discussed it with quite a few people. I was skeptical but after this I'm almost certain that it's the Square Enix game that Straight Right is porting to the Wii U.



Kagamine said:

This is an awesome game and I really hope it comes to Wii U. I already own it on my PC but more people deserve to enjoy this game. It's an awesome experience, pretty much my favorite shooter. Although @Jellitoe has a point, the game is incredibly cheap on steam, but not everyone has a powerful enough computer to run it. Which makes a possible Wii U version the only way for those who only own Nintendo consoles to play.



cornishlee said:

Seems plausible. Not my kind of game and naturally I'm disappointed it's not Hitman that's being worked on but hey-ho, good for Wii U owning Scif-Fi and FPS fans.



marck13 said:

That would be very nice! I always wanted to play Deus Ex. I'd get it if it comes to the WiiU.



Xilef said:

That would be great. Was thinking about trying a Deus Ex game anyway.



XCWarrior said:

Ports, yeah those are going to sell great.... oiye. I can get this on Steam for $5... and honestly, even then, I don't want it.

Maybe a digital download only would make sure they make money?



Jukilum said:

"Of course, a modified version could simply refer to a special edition edition of the game…"
Typo. You typed edition twice.

@HuntheUniverse Game companies seem to generally not really care what we want or ask for.



C7_ said:

If there were enough reasons to get the WiiU version I'd give it a shot.
Loved the game.



Arthedain said:

How can they think we'd buy a third game in a series where we most likely haven't played the previous games?
I'm so tired of this...



Nukarmer said:

well, this might sound intriguing if we all did not know that it just will not sell well. and then there will be one more reason for Nintendo haters and wannabe analysts to say: "see? nobody buys games for Wii U!"

frankly, I wish Nintendo just made games for Wii U and never minded the poorly produced/marketed ports of old games that everyone who cares had already played on other platforms.



SonataAndante said:

@Arthedain For one thing Human Revolution is a prequel, for another NONE of the current generation consoles have the first two games in the Deus Ex series. If you want to play them, they're incredibly cheap and easy to buy on PC. Or you could hunt down PS2/Xbox copies if you really want to.

In any event, I loved DEHR, but it's several years old now isn't it? I'm not the best at recalling release dates. It wouldn't be the most logical to just port over the game mostly as is, but who knows what people think these days. If the game has some significant changes, perhaps even a good chunk of new content, I'd consider buying it. I wouldn't buy a port though, even if it had a few nice gamepad features.



Dpishere said:

Nice, if this turns out to be true, then I will just have to purchase this for the Wii U since I haven't gotten around to playing for any other system.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Wii U has introduced me to some titles I never thought I'd play like Batman, Asassins Creed, Mass Effect, and Darksiders so I'm happy to see that I could soon be introduced to the Deus Ex series if this turns out to be true.



rickastillo said:

i love deus EX but its kinda late for a port for this game. Having the map and augmentation setup and items on the gamepad U would be awesome though.



doctor_doak said:

Probably the main game is bundled w/h the Missing Link dlc. It's a no brainer if you don't already own it. GET IT!! I've owned it since day 1 on PC. If titles like Bioshock, Dishonored, and Thief mean anything to you, you'll love this one. It's a 'thinking man's (or woman's)' FPS'..about 25 hrs single-player gameplay (+4hrs dlc) of semi-open world dystopian cyberpunk goodness. It has a bit of replayability seeing as you can augment Jensen's skills in a few different ways. It's not flawless, but it's definately one of the better western action titles this generation imo..



TheHeroOfLegend said:

That would definately be another great addition to the Wii U! Now bring Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts to Wii U!



Knux said:

I'm curious on how many extras and enhancements that this port will have, because I might buy this instead of the PS3 version depending on what's in the Wii U version.




I wouldn't exactly call this a shooter. It's more like Metal Gear Solid, but in first person



AJWolfTill said:

If they are bringing Deus Ex. to Wii U I sure hope it includes an HD version of the original. Although I could just pick up the original for £1



Arthedain said:

@SonataAndante I'm aware of those facts but my point stands. Many of us only afford one console.
I'm most mad at EA for only releasing ME3 and not the entire trilogy Guess we just can't have it all.

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