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MercurySteam Still Interested In Developing A Contra Title

Posted by Andy Green

David Cox talks up his "second great love"

Back in June last year, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate developer MercurySteam revealed it would love to work on a Contra game for Konami, should the opportunity arise.

It seems that desire is still burning brightly, as Konami's David Cox, who works very closely with MercurySteam, revealed in a recent GamesTM interview (translated by Google):

I'm a big fan of Contra. After Castlevania, Contra is my second great love. The thing about Contra is that since Contra III was not a mainstream game more - but the rest are absolute core gamer title. I think it cries out for a reboot! If we are to have the opportunity or not, I can not say. But Contra would be cool.

Contra 4 was released on the DS and was developed by WayForward Technologies. Could Konami be lining up a new iteration with MercurySteam and David Cox at the helm?

Would you like to see another Contra game? If so, which console would you like to see it on? Let us know in the comments below.


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CrazyOtto said:

There was a Contra 3DS announced at E3 2010 but there's been nothing on it since then.



Chrono_Cross said:

As much fun as I had with Contra 4 and Rebirth (not much), I honestly do not want to see another one for a very long time.



Kyloctopus said:

Announced back in 2011. Sounds like it turned into vapourware.



Gnoll said:

I never played Contra... but I never liked "metroidvania" games, too, while I LOVE Mirror of Fate, so if they'll do that, I'll try that!



KnightRider666 said:

I'm all for this. I liked what they did with Castelvania: LOS-MOF. I'd love to see a new Contra title for the 3DS:)



Collision_Cat said:

"The thing about Contra is that since Contra III was not a mainstream game more - but the rest are absolute core gamer title."



AtomicToaster said:

Might be cool! I like wayforward Contra! How about lord of shadows series on Wiiu! We got us some Batman some ninja gaiden, need some castlevania yo!




Do it dammit!!!! Day one purchase for sure, loved all the contra games except those sony abominations for ps1 and ps2.



iphys said:

Lol, the promise of 3DS Contra was what sold me on the 3DS, and yet apparently no one is actually working on it.



gojiguy said:


For the sweet love of Lance Bean please do NOT make a Contra game, MercurySteam! Especially after the trainwreck that was Mirror of Fate!

Let Wayforward or M2 make the next Contra! They'll do a bang-up job I'm sure!



Ralizah said:

If, by reboot, he means a loving homage (which was what the INCREDIBLE Contra 4 essentially was), then, by all means, go for it.



WOLFER said:

Mirror Of Fate is not that bad... 3d graphics on a 2d plane is so awesome... played the demo and loved it... just glad it wasnt a God of War clone... Im all in for them making a contra... heck why not??



FluttershyGuy said:

Oh my God, please not another reboot! Mercury Steam isn't going to stop until it's rebooted every Konami franchise I grew up loving, and transform it into something unrecognizable from what it used to be.



EdwardCORE said:

If Castlevania was his greatest love and he has done that to the game, imagine what terrible things he would do to Contra. Please Konami, don't let him get near to none of your games anymore. Get back from Alien Wars stopped and we're fine. WayForward can handle it pretty fine as they did on Contra 4. MercurySteam should no longer be allowed to touch another classic and try to reboot it once more.



Vic_Atreides said:

@gojiguy Train wreck??? What are you talking about?? To me Mirror of Fate is short of a masterpiece. Second best Castlevania I've ever played (Castlevania IV) being the best



SqueakyTheBone said:

I know Contra is something of a niche game nowadays, but honestly, I'd rather it stay that way than see a MercurySteam reboot of it. After what they did to Castlevania, I shudder to think of what they could do to Contra, especially in today's market.



Savino said:

Please do it!
I love castlevania (even if it should had another) and I would love to see more 2.5D games coming for 3ds!!!



Melkaticox said:

@Gnoll ...Dude, you have some tastes...

Please, Mercury-Steam, stay away from any franchise. Including Castlevania.
Make a new IP or something...maybe you won't be criticized then!



Melkaticox said:

Alien: SKJAASJDASDAAM!! uses a shotgun on the two main characters
-Arc 2-
"So the aliens are gone. What now?"



AgentAPE said:

alot of overreactions to the MercurySteam castlevania going on here, people acting like they made superman64 for the 3ds or something. To me its a refreshing take on retro castlevania, especially after 7 games of metriod-vania.



ejamer said:

I'm not down on MercurySteam, but nothing they have done so far is particularly appealing to me and I'm not keen on them handling the next Contra game based on their current work.

Also, what is this talk of a reboot? Contra isn't a game world that needs stories to be retold or genres bent... it's a gaming style that involves manic action, big guns with awesome power-ups, and aliens in need of defeating. I don't want another Contra Force (although seeing that game on Virtual Console would be kind of neat) re-imagining of how the series should play.

Not really related, but Contra 4 on DS was nearly perfect.



Olaf-symbiote said:

MercurySteam seems to have little respect for these franchises, always talking about rebooting them instead of, I dunno, actually making a real SEQUEL, for God's sake! Unrestricted, infinite creative freedom and removing themselves from an already established canon seem to be MercurySteam's two most important principles.

I shudder to think how it would sound like if Dave Cox was a big fan of Zelda or Pokémon: "There's so much we could do with Zelda or Pokémon! I can't wait to get my hands on these series, scrapping the established timeline and all the existing Pokémon, and making a game that is awesome because it spits on the legacy of the series! Those previous entries were so bland! Here comes our innovative GOW clone that also disregards all the classic themes because they don't fit with our vision of what is REAL music"

Maybe I went a bit overboard with the last bit, but my point still stands: MercurySteam has a rebooting fetish.



HawkeyeWii said:

F***ing love this game series!!!!!
I speedrun Super C and now have my time almost below 15:00



Jeremyx7 said:

Contra series is awesome! Those who dislike Contra are the ones that can't handle Contra. I'm always up for another Contra! ALWAYS!!!!! O_O



TheRegginator said:

Please keep MercurySteam away from Contra. They already ruined Castlevania. While we're at it, why not let WayForward make a new Castlevania game? They did great with Contra 4.



old_schoolgamer said:

I've been waiting since "SHATTER SOLIDER" for another Contra game.damn!!!!!! how long must we wait for another one to be released????? if konami give go head i hope it will be on ps3 as a PHYSICAL disc. not some dang DLC off PSN like Hard Corp. good to own your games physically.

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