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While Capcom may be showing little love for its iconic Mega Man franchise, fans and those inspired by the games continually do so in the developer's place. One example is the Mega Man Boss Battle exhibition currently running at the Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, a showing open until 31st March. It features a wide-range of pieces from artists, game designers, game journalists and in some cases individuals that combine all three skills; as a result it's an impressively diverse collection.

Naturally fan-art isn't exactly in short supply for the Mega Man franchise, but this collection does include some truly eye-catching pieces of work. They vary from fairly abstract paintings to others that look like "bit" productions, and even a holographic piece.

Of course, not all of us live close enough to visit the gallery — many of us aren't even on the same continent — but the full collection can be viewed online at the Gauntlet Gallery store, where the originals are on sale at very handsome prices, alongside a variety of prints at more affordable rates. The gallery delivers to the UK and Canada through the online checkout process, while those in other countries can enquire for a quote.

We'd encourage any Mega Man fan to browse the gallery's website to see all of the works, while GameSpot has produced a video exploring the gallery, while sharing the thoughts of the curator and some of the artists.