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Limited Time Luigi Sale Hits North American Club Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Cue shocked Luigi face

A bit like those rare occasions when things go Milhouse's way in The Simpsons, right now we can picture a beaming Luigi confidently saying, "everything's coming up Luigi". It's his year — it literally is his year according to Nintendo — and he's getting ready for his second major solo adventure hitting stores with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Take that Mario, you spotlight hog.

Of course, we're not sure this success will last forever, but the popular green-clad underdog should make the most of it. His star has risen to such a degree that he's also got his own themed sale on Club Nintendo in North America, too, with goodies such as Wii Remote holders, Animal Crossing Stylus & Game Card Cases and, er, Super Mario t-shirts now available for a few less gold coins than normal. They may not all be Luigi products, but they're part of the Luigi sale, so who cares?

It's very short term though, with the promotion ending at 11:59 Pacific time on 19th March. Head on over to the official Club Nintendo page to get the offers while they're still available.

Nice one, Luigi.


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Wii_Win said:

Meh, nothing for me. I use Club Nintendo for epic recycling only: Use games to get new games, and use THOSE games to get MORE new games. Always fun when they switch out the set of downloadable game codes...



Fiv3Score said:

and I JUST ordered my reversible pouch too.. oh well. Nothing else I want that is one sale. They need to add some new items, and games



Geonjaha said:

Why does NOE never have anything new or sales on its club Nintendo? Just why?



DreamDrop said:

I wonder if the sales shift around every day? Would love to see a sale on the Terrycloths.



Whopper744 said:

nothing worth spending the coins on for me really...I was hoping for a couple Luigi themed specials or something, or maybe even some VC games available for a short amount of time. That would ahve been exciting.



FiveDigitLP said:

Yes! I'm finally getting that Mario shirt I've been debating on getting. I was thinking about it the other day, but decided to wait...and now I'm glad I did!

Also, to anyone who's wondering, those reversible pouches are pretty cool. I have a red one and use it all the time to carry my 3DS.



Shworange said:

Just ordered the animal crossing game case my kid was bugging me for. Glad I waited!



Handy_Man said:

I've been debating for the longest time if I should get that Mario shirt or not, and I decided to hold off until there was a sale or something. I'm glad I waited, as my shirt is begining to ship as I speak!



Dpishere said:

With Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, the New Super Luigi add on for the Wii U mario, and this sale, this is the best year Luigi has ever had!



RedPandas said:

Glad there's a sale. I was debating whether or not to get Kid Icarus or Starship Defense, but I've been debating even longer if I should get the blue reversible pouch. With this sale, it sealed the deal for me



Dpullam said:

@Dpishere I definitely agree! Luigi is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. I am very eager to play Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. It looks incredibly epic and is destined to become a classic on the 3DS. Mario & Luigi Dream Team is going to continue the wacky and zany exploits that this series is known for. I was really impressed with the visual style they decided to go for with this game. It looks really original and I am eager to play it as well.



DerpSandwich said:

I must have gotten my hopes too high when I saw "sale" and "Club Nintendo," because this is pretty darn disappointing. Kind of hoping for some game sales or limited-time game offers.

Reminds me how Nintendo is ridiculous for not releasing the first Luigi's Mansion on the VC to raise hype for Dark Moon. I mean, it's pretty silly, right? The releases of Dark Moon and Pikmin 3 in particular would be really good opportunities to roll out Gamecube VC titles.



DreamDrop said:

@Geonjaha Dude even Club Nintendo NA barely gets any new rewards, like once a year lol, this sale is just to celebrate Luigi's return to the spotlight...



zipmon said:

Awesome! I just grabbed a reversible pouch! Those look pretty cool and I'm hoping to pick up a Pikachu XL next week, should be a nice case for it!



SCAR said:

I just got the t-shirt. It's free clothes! I can stand not having the other things(although I do want the giant AR card most since it actually is a peripheral kinda), but 200 coins off is unbeatable for something I've been debating for a while.




Just for once I would love for CLUB Nintendo to reveal something like a CLUB Nintendo themed Crystal Armor for the 3DS. I would jump at that in a heartbeat. All these items are pretty good, but nothing of interest I really seeing myself picking up. All in all, out of this whole Luigi sale going on, did anyone noticed they changed the CLUB Nintendo logo to a Luigi hat for a limited time.



MagicEmperor said:

I think this is the first time I've ever seen Club Nintendo discounted. If it happened before I wasn't aware.



Ralizah said:

Got the Animal Crossing DS game case. Always need more room for DS games.



MrL1193 said:

I took advantage of this by downloading Super Punch Out!! (though I do wonder what the normal coin costs would be).



SethNintendo said:

Got the red pouch (have a blue one already). Going to save my coins for something big or VC games.





It's funny you posted an image of the old Luigi & Mario Hat 3DS system pouches. I never had the chance to get either one of those when I had saved up enough coins. And by the time I did get enough coins each time for them, each time they took them down. It's like I was being trolled by CLUB Nintendo in a way. Fun times imo, but ya. That Luigi Hat 3DS game pouch would be great for a sale like this.



FroJake said:

i got the wii remote wrist straps. been debating for a while on that one...

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