A bit like those rare occasions when things go Milhouse's way in The Simpsons, right now we can picture a beaming Luigi confidently saying, "everything's coming up Luigi". It's his year — it literally is his year according to Nintendo — and he's getting ready for his second major solo adventure hitting stores with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Take that Mario, you spotlight hog.

Of course, we're not sure this success will last forever, but the popular green-clad underdog should make the most of it. His star has risen to such a degree that he's also got his own themed sale on Club Nintendo in North America, too, with goodies such as Wii Remote holders, Animal Crossing Stylus & Game Card Cases and, er, Super Mario t-shirts now available for a few less gold coins than normal. They may not all be Luigi products, but they're part of the Luigi sale, so who cares?

It's very short term though, with the promotion ending at 11:59 Pacific time on 19th March. Head on over to the official Club Nintendo page to get the offers while they're still available.

Nice one, Luigi.

[via club.nintendo.com]