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Liberation Maiden Takes Flight to iOS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Flying solo from 3DS

In a surprising development, former Guild01 compilation game and current eShop download, Liberation Maiden, has made the jump to Apple's iOS platform. We say that this is surprising, but it's now just one of a number of 3DS titles that have gone in either direction between the Nintendo handheld and smartphone/tablet devices.

This is an interesting release as it seems unlikely that Level-5 would stop there, so we wouldn't rule out the possibility that other Guild titles could make their way to other devices. So far Liberation Maiden has been spotted on the New Zealand store, but it's starting to make its way around the regions; a simple search also shows that it's now on Italy's iTunes, with a price of €4.49, as compared to €7.99 on the European eShop.

With Guild02's games now on the way to the Japanese eShop, and with some in the West hoping localisation will come through again, we may have to accept that these aren't as exclusive as they may have initially appeared.


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WiiLovePeace said:

As long as more people can enjoy the Guild01 games, & thus more likely that they'll bring over Guild02 & make more, I'm happy to hear they're spreading the love



JustAnotherUser said:

Great news.
The more people who get to play it the better, though I still have yet to buy it..
No Android version though?
I hope it's planned.



BenAV said:

I can't really picture it controlling too well on a phone but oh well.
Out of the Guild01 games that made it over here, it's my least favourite.
Only took a couple of hours to beat the game and didn't feel any real incentive to play it again.
Crimson Shroud is easily the best Guild01 game, and Aeroporter is pretty good too.



47drift said:

How exactly would this play without a thumbstick and L button? And wouldn't your finger get in the way of the action? Especially if you have to have a thumb on a digital joystick, claw your left index finger up to reach a digital L button, and aim and charge shots with your right index finger. Just sounds like a manual nightmare.

This is one of my absolute favorite eShop games and I play it time and time again whenever I have a few minutes to spare, but even with that kind of accessibility, it simply isn't built to control well on something without buttons.



Jamouse said:

Good news.

I don't mind developers and publishers "not remaining loyal to the e-shop" or whatever if it means more success for them and a healthier game industry.



DarkCoolEdge said:

It always bothers me when an exclusivity is lost but ifios and android are the best way to get Crimson Shroud 2, so be it.

Liberation Maiden is the worst option to reach mobiles because of its controls but it is Grasshopper who has released it.



TheAdza said:

Interesting. Oh well at least the 3DS version will have better controls and 3D. Level 5 is one of my favourite developers, even though their games take take forever to get localised. I wish them all the success they deserve.



Aviator said:

Actually controls really nicely on the iPhone. I'm sure it's even better on the iPad.



Cesco said:

Why is that surprising? The developers are simply going where the money is going to be.



Zemus-DJ said:

@Cesco Youre joking right? I'm on my iPhone now, would never game on it! Gunman Clive on both android & apple has sold more on the Eshop granted angry birds is suited well for 5minute burst of mindless fun, but most games control horribly without a D-pad and buttons.



Jukilum said:

@Zemus-DJ There are tons of games on iOS that are designed with the hardware in mind and control woderfully with the best not using virtual joysticks or buttons.

@47drift There are also tons of games ported from other hardware that have controls adapted for touch screens. Virtual buttons only litter the screen in the worst of ports.

"So far Liberation Maiden has been spotted on the New Zealand store, but it's starting to make its way around the regions; a simple search also shows that it's now on Italy's iTunes"
That is how every release on the AppStore works. New apps come out at midnight in each region starting with New Zealand.



C-Olimar said:

I'm not that annoyed at the price reduction. We got it first and ours is certainly much better than the iOS version.



AVahne said:

More people to play it, but I suspect the controls will be horrible with only a capacitive touchscreen (even though they're pretty simplistic when compared to some other 3DS games). Also the 3D was really cool, so the best version will ALWAYS be the 3DS version.



Bankai said:

Been playing this on iPad. Controls beautifully and benefits from that nice big touch screen.



Windy said:

How dare they take our games But the deal is this you got one of ours now you must give us 1 of yours! lol I vote for Order and Chaos, Star Legends, Pocket Legends or Arcane Legends! oh wait those are all MMORPG's God forbid Nintendo let us have such a game on our 3ds. We cant even get Dragon Quest X localised **sigh**



Windy said:

@Zemus-DJ I have to disagree with you in respects to IOS controls they are pretty darn good on most games. I do prefer my 3ds controller but onscreen touch controls and motion controls have come a longway on both Ipad and Androids. Gaming on those devices has become a real deal



Zemus-DJ said:

@Windy I dunno, I have a few games on my iPhone tower defence style or card based and ofcoure angry birds but phone games just don't do it for me. Trying to play final fantasy on my iPhone is horrid with the on screen d-pad, well to me anyways same for crono trigger. IMHO I'll stick to handheld gaming machines rather then iPhone/iPad ect. It's where it's meant to be and belong.



DaemonSword said:

Glad they are expanding, but the reason I stopped on action based games on the phone is the lack of physical controls. Sliding d-pad sucks.

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