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Gaze Upon The Mega Man Figures You Will Never Own

Posted by Damien McFerran

Custom made and packed with awesomeness

There's no shortage of Mega Man figures out there — the popularity of the character both in the west and Japan has ensured a steady flow of cool merchandise — but unsurprisingly most are based on the anime-style iteration of the character, and not the one found on the western boxes.

Although they're not official and are constructed from reclaimed Star Wars figures, the Mega Man and Dr. Light action figures assembled by Chicago Toy Collector finally rectify this gross oversight. They're based on the cover artwork for the western release of Mega Man 2 on the NES.

The same trick has also been pulled by the same collector for these equally fantastic Super Mario figures:

What we'd give to see these go into production.


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cherrysunburst said:

They look "meh", but it's a great idea. Someone professional should do this.
And that Toad figure is hilarious.




They are so ugly that even if they launched them I wouldn't get any of them, there's a reason kotobukiya launched megaman figures and also retro roto figures exist; why would I want looking megaman 2 cover figure alongside megaman kotobukiya model? Just saying.....



Giygas_95 said:

That's supposed to be Princess Peach? And that toad back there is creepin' me out! Not good looking figurines IMO.

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