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Expect Some Fresh Pokémon X & Y Information Next Saturday

Posted by Orla Madden

Teaser trailer is quite mysterious

According to the latest episode of Pokémon Smash in Japan, fans of the series of games should have their Pokéballs at the ready to catch some new Pokémon X & Y news next Saturday.

A teaser trailer featuring series producer Junichi Masuda was shown at the episode's climax, which showed him holding a concealed object with a question mark.

To add to this secretive occasion, both the official Pokémon Facebook and Twitter pages are further seducing us about the upcoming reveal.

What would you like to see shown off next weekend? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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XCWarrior said:

Honestly I'll take news that it will have the most robosut online play for people than ever before. Black and White took a step backwards in this area with not letting us doing co-op online battle tower when Gen IV and Gen II remakes did. So make it happen Nintendo!



LeVideoGamer said:

I'm gonna take a guess and say that it is another new Eeveelution. Maybe a fighting-type? Who knows.
6 more days!



Dizzard said:

I'm excited but at the same time it'll probably end up being the regional rodent.

So it probably won't be too "WOW"



Trikeboy said:

It is already confirmed from that there will be a new Pokemon revealed next weekend. Didn't you see the circular question mark covering a Pokemon in battle shot? Hopefully more details will be revealed too. Better online battles and story details would be nice.



Royalblues said:

I hope that among the features is a character creation/editor.
I can't wait for X/Y!



Bulbousaur said:

Why do they have to tease me a week in advance? Now I have to wait a whole 6 days in anticipation, only to be disappointed by the next Pikachu lookalike which is useless in battle... I'm looking at you Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu and Emolga...



zoroarkrules25 said:

Another eeveelution that is a sound type and sylveon being a light type or mewtwo's new form they seem to have hinted or gen 6's mascot for the movie. My bet is that it's my first guess.



jocii said:

I think it is a new eeveelution
it problably is a sound pokemon
Cant wait for SATURDAY XD



Ballordie01 said:

Is there somewhere online that i can watch this show? I live in the USA and we dont have these types of foreign shows.



CrissCross87 said:

I would love to see character customization. Especially since people will be popping in and out with StreetPass



KryptoKrunch said:

Hopefully they reveal more new Pokemon(possibly the starter's full evolution lines?) Either way, new X/Y info has me excited.



zoroarkrules25 said:

I want to see how it will use millverse, street pass, and spot pass also. I am positive it is another eeveelution since the cast members were dressed as the eeveelutions.



kyurem6298 said:

I think that they might show pokemon that will only be available on their games. So the blue question mark for X and the red for Y



JulienIsTheMan said:

How about a bunch of stuff? New Pokemon, new items, TRAINER CUSTOMIZATION, being able to freaking run diagonally, jump up those tiny ledges, anything is possible. Maybe after you beat the game, you could be a champion, or gym leader, or the head of an evil team!!! Pleeeeeaaaaaaase all of the above!



JulienIsTheMan said:

Oh, and Streetpass! You get it with someone and battle an AI version of their team. Spotpass could be used togive out special events, Trainer battles, new bonus gym leaders maybe, and some Pokeballs and potions and berries and special Pokeymans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



pattheirish said:

I hope they add all the regions in the new game and unlock all the starters after a every few badges like lets say the grass pokemon after beating three gym leaders, then the fire pokemon after beating six gym leaders and then the water pokemon after beating the eighth gym leader in that region and when you beat the pokemon league open up another region like how they did in gold and silver but after beating the that region open up another and so on and so on until all the regions are open and we can catch all the pokemon in each region to make the game longer than just beating the pokemon league and try to catch the rest of the pokemon with the extra time they give us after we beat the game.



Big_A2 said:

It's a new Pokémon. The Japanese dialogue from the presenters goes along the lines of "What Pokémon is that?!".




We're pokemaniacs in our house but never got into the Nintendo Channel demos of the game and were put off by the ratings of the game. May get this when price reduces as there's too many to get. Then again, Pokemon games tend to hold their values well



Dpishere said:

Very excited for this game, can't wait to play it when it comes out. Though I kinda hope they have some sort of co-op mode so I can battle some pokemon with my brother.



Dpullam said:

I'm hoping they show a little more about the gameplay and give us a taste test of the story.



TheSonicdude97 said:

Eh. I've only had interest for Pokemon (mostly generations 1, 2, and 3) and the farthest in games being up to Platinum. I've mostly liked the GBC and GBA games, and still up to this day I play them. But I have no interest in playing Black/2 or White/2 or X/Y. One of the reasons being that (even though older gen. Pokemon may be involved) I just despise most of the new looking Pokemon because, IMO, they look like hashed out or random concepts, as in not very traditional or appealing to me as the 1st-3rd generations. Just my opinion. (and Generation 4 is the farthest I'll go to in the end, cause I think Platinum's pretty nice~)



gonctorn said:

Ok, im going to tell what they are going to reveal, be prepared :] It seems that this new 6 generation ,the new pokémon, is the opposite of all the pokemon that exist from other regions kinda..
Many Pokémon will get his partner male or female.
Like there is going to be a male audino that is going to be blue and has a fighting Style.
Its a new pokémon and not new form of audino Etc..
There is going to be new pokemon that il be the partner of Jinx(male partner).pikachu(female partner)
And the sex of all pokémon are going to change.
Pikachu are going to be always male, and etc to other pokemon to.And the partner of some pokemon are always going to be male, female etc. New 50 Pokémon from pokemon X and Y (partners) il be the opposite of old Pokémon from older generations. Hope you Understand that.



gonctorn said:

The Monkey Trio remember them?
Well imagine, they il get his opposite in this new generation The old monkey trio are always going to be male, and his new opposite are going to appear as female only and il be the opposite of them.
That is the whole ideia why pokémon X and Y are going to be created. And there is more not all pokemon are going to get his partner so relax.. only 50 old pokemon get his partner, the pokemon that dont get partner are the Starters of 6 gen(the old starters dont get partner to)(And the starters can be female or male)· And there is going to be 50 new pokemon that are not based on the opposite of old pokemon so relax.. The total of new pokemon of pokemon X and Y are 140 new pokemon.



gonctorn said:

Eevee is a special case, in this game, instead of him, only his evolutions will get the opposite.
Sylveon(female) and a new eevee evolution(male) who is the opposite of sylveon. The new male evolution is going to be revealed next week.
Of course there is more i know.



gonctorn said:

The design of the opposite of old pokemon are going to be ver different for example audino is pink and has a more female visual. The male partner of her(new pokemon from pokemon X and Y) is going to be very different from her and is going to be blue with a fighting style and more man visual. and will have big ears different from audino.
This applys for the opposite of the other pokemon to so dont worry..



gonctorn said:

There is more that i know. but its enough for now.
Im very excited for this game like everyone, and its in 3D and all.
Its going to be amazing



AlexSora89 said:

While it didn't happen to me with Ruby and Sapphire, if there's no backwards compatibility, I'm not getting X/Y. Either that, or a wide array of previous-gen Pogeys available in the games in order to make up for the lack of backwards compatibility. (Ruby and Sapphire had neither.)



MrMario02 said:

@gonctorn That is incredible though I know what will happen to Pokemon who DON'T get opposite versions of each other.

If a Pokemon has a 50/50 chance of being male in Black and White,
in X, It will have a 60/40 chance of being male.
and in Y, it will have a 40/60 chance of being male.

This applies to all Pokemon that don't get opposite versions of each other.

NOTE: Starters, Sexless Pokemon and Self-Bred Pokemon do not apply.



pokemaster1134 said:

Hopefully it's a lot of info cuz sylveon is getting old even before it's been out lol but wouldnt it be great if we got a DEMO that would let you go up to the first gym (with limitations) and it had unlimited uses so it would last until october



guywholikespie2 said:

ok the thing is awesome but just one pokemon in the "big" update?, srsly? i was expecting like the final evos for the starters or somthing like that.
still, mewthree is pretty cool, and i read somewhere that the series is gong to be dna themed so that would work pretty well



XephHunter said:

@TheSonicdude97 Yep. The generations have kinda gone down mount everest at 2909m/h from climbing up to the peak in generation 3. Gen 4 was ok but began its way down 1000 metres below sea level to gen 5. Black and White pokémon were the worst pokémon they had made so far. It was as if Game Freak had literally scribbled and passed it off as a pokémon. Game Freak's definition of 'pokémon' must be completely different from ours. I've seen countless fakemon all over the internet that are a hell load better than that of gen 5. If any random person on deviantart can make good 'mon, why can't Game Freak? They are pathetic and worthless.

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