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Dragon Quest X Listing Appears On Amazon France

Posted by Damien McFerran

Confirmation at last?

Square Enix has so far refused to say if Dragon Quest X is coming to the west, but Amazon may have done the talking for them, as the retailer's French site has just posted a listing for the game.

There's no sign of a release date yet and Amazon isn't using official box art (so you may wish to take this with a pinch of salt), but it's a positive sign that things are happening behind the scenes. It's not totally unheard of for retailers like Amazon to learn of release before the press do — yesterday's leak of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut being proof of that.

Dragon Quest X is already available in Japan on the Wii, and the Wii U edition is hitting shelves on March 30th. If this does come to the west, will you be investing?


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BenAV said:

I'm not going to take much from this, but I really hope we do get confirmation soon.



XCWarrior said:

I really feel like this would help sell systems in the West. This is a big exclusive.



Aerona said:

I thought it was already confirmed... but whatever, bring it over with no subscription fee and I'll buy it.



Lin1876 said:

It's not confirmation, but it's closer than we've come so far.

Please, Nintendo/Sqare, do what it takes to make this happen!



Geonjaha said:

Well they've also failed to say if..

  • Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 2
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D
  • Dragon Quest 7

..are coming to the west as well. Seriously Squeenix get it together. >:[



Big_L91 said:

if theres no monthly fee it would be a buy for me really loved journey of the cursed king.



MAN1AC said:

Hopefully we get this. It would be a 1st day purchase for me.
I wouldn't even mind the monthly fee.



retro_player_22 said:

I'm guessing Square Enix don't want to start a hype just yet, remember the DQX hasn't being released for Wii U in Japan yet so we'll have to wait til probably around E3. Hopefully Square Enix had more games plan for Wii U & 3DS then just Deus Ex and DQX.



Haxonberik said:

I really want to try this game, it sounds like the king of MMORPG I've been wanting to play.



AddDavey said:

I really hope that it comes to the west, it looks like a mix between Dragon Quest and Xenoblade Chronicles but online, in short AMAZING



element187 said:

YES!!!!!!!!!! First Monster Hunter 3 U released yesterday and now Dragon Quest??!?! with the Sony PS4 shunning Japanese developers in favor of western developers, it looks likes Nintendo's console is going to be the JRPG box this gen... Love it.



Captain_Balko said:

It's mine unless I have to pay a monthly fee. Honestly, although the DQ fanbase has been steadily growing in North America and Europe, I'm not sure if there would be very many of them willing to fork over a monthly fee here in the west. Japan can do it because, well, it's DRAGON QUEST, in Japan, everybody goes ape-sh*t for Dragon Quest everything. Here, it's a different story.



wusomnumberone said:

I think it is going to come to america, think of all the games that looked liked it wasn't coming to america like fire emblem, animal crossing,pokemon mystery dungeon 3DS, monster hunter 3DS and Wii U etc.



melynx said:

there is no way it's coming to North America, I bet you were anticipating it, sorry, I'm up set too.

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