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Capcom Releasing Special Mega Man Ultrabook in Japan

Posted by Andy Green

North America's getting some flash drives, though

In December of last year, Mega Man celebrated its 25th anniversary. Yes, it was way back in 1987 when Mega Man blasted his way onto the NES and quickly cemented himself into gaming folklore.

To celebrate the Blue Bomber's birthday, Capcom is releasing a special edition Mega Man Ultrabook. The design hasn't been finalised just yet as it's been put up for public vote. If you'd like to let Capcom know which design you'd like to see clad all over the super-thin Ultrabook then you can head over to the website and make your voice heard.

The Ultrabook itself has a 14.1" LCD screen, is only 19mm thick and weighs in at a super-light 1.67kg. The storage device is a solid state drive, while the processor is third generation.

As of right now, the Ultrabook is Japan-only and will be available for order on 29th March.

However, North America isn't being totally left out, as Capcom is releasing a special Mega Man flash drive into its store at some point this week. It comes with a few digital extras including the Mega Man #1-4 comic book, an art book and a Street Fighter x Mega Man soundtrack.

If only North Americans could use their Universal Serial Bus-ter stick with a Mega Man Ultrabook...

What do you think of these Mega Man goodies? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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Captain_Balko said:

The flashdrives look kind of neat, although the USB wouldn't fit if my laptop was on a table because the USB port is maybe an inch from the bottom of the laptop and I judge those flashdrives to be a couple of inches in radius.



TheRegginator said:

"The storage device is a solid space drive, while the processor is third generation."

1. It's called a solid state drive.
2. You didn't specify that it was an Intel third generation CPU. Most people wouldn't know that if all they read was that it was a third generation processor.




Those flashdrives are one of the coolest things I've ever seen, I really want one of those.



XXIV said:

I wonder what part of the hard drive is already included, but you have to pay for later to use ;D



Mk_II said:

the flash drive looks very nice but not really practical. still want one though!



FluttershyGuy said:

That's great. But, I have a novel idea: How about a new Mega Man GAME (I don't count that iOS thing) for his 25th anniversary? :/




The Mega Buster flash drive does seem like a cool gift for North America. But in a way, it kind of seems a bit lame compared to the Ultrabook. If we were able to get the Ultrabook and flash drive as a packaged kind of deal, it would be even better. But I at least like to see how many GB this flash drive can support before I at least go after it.



WaveGhoul said:

Mega Man 11, Mega Man X9, Mega Man Zero 5, Just something.
Oh Inafune, if you had stuck around we already would of seen one of the above...Most likely being MM 11!



Placlu said:

Uhh... why are capcom releasing laptops instead of games now? I'm kinda interested how much these will be/how decent they are.




They give a crap about megaman now, get used to it, even when inafune was still on the ship, and now with him gone, megaman is dead to them.

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