More news on Ace Attorney 5 has been promised by Capcom but as of yet we've had no major announcement. However, we have learnt — thanks to a picture in the latest Famitsu magazine — that Apollo Justice is making a return in the upcoming game.

The picture shows the young attorney as we've never seen him before. He's still wearing his trademark red suit, but he appears to be looking a little worse for wear. Apollo is now employing a patch over his right eye, why he's wearing it is unknown — he could have been in an accident, or he might just like dressing as a pirate, we just don't know.

Phoenix Wright returns to the role of protagonist in Ace Attorney 5, but it looks like the leading man from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is also going to feature in the game.

There's no release date set for Ace Attorney 5. It's down for a 2013 launch in Japan and we know the game will make it over to the West at some point. There are quite a few good looking titles coming out for the 3DS this year, and Ace Attorney 5 would be the icing on the cake.

What are your thoughts on Apollo's return? Do you object to his new look? Let us know by dropping a comment below.