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Another Castle Won't Be Coming To 3DS

Posted by Andy Green

The game's engine doesn't support the handheld

Last month we exclusively revealed that retro-styled platformer Another Castle would be coming to the Wii U eShop. The colourful 2D platformer is the pride and joy of David Byers, who has developed the game under the guise of Uncade.

Uncade has released games for mobile platforms in the past, and some handheld gamers may have hoped to see Another Castle making an appearance in the 3DS eShop as well. However, this appears very unlikely; in an interview with 4cr, Byers said the game engine that is being used to create Another Castle does not support the 3DS.

I’m also developing the game for a LOT of different platforms, so adding any more at this point might be too much.

Another Castle isn't due to be released until 2014 and Byers revealed in our recent interview that this was down to him taking the time necessary to create the best game possible. Considering the levels you play through are randomly generated, it is perhaps understandable that there is a lengthy development process.

What are your thoughts on Another Castle holding the fort on Wii U? Would you have liked to see it on 3DS? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Undead_terror said:

BOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOO!, YOU STINK!....jk I just want a different genre on the eshop like a fps (except those rail shooters).



bofis said:

I do love 3d platformers on the 3DS since the screen is perfect for them, but I'm happy he's making it for WiiU regardless



SteveW said:

There has never been a good game that has randomly generated levels anyway.



123akis said:

"to many platforms" lies...well if its for ps4 or xbox 720 they would put the game on it



Spoony_Tech said:

I say let him finish this first for the other consoles and then maybe he will realize its a wise investment to make a version for the 3ds.



ejamer said:

Too bad. The only platform from those listed that I would be interested in buying on is 3DS, and a randomly-generated platformer would be pretty cool on my handheld.

Maybe he'll consider a port after the fact, but I can't really blame him for drawing a line about how many platforms are promised right out of the gate.



LittleKing said:


Translation: "I haven't played a good game with randomly generated levels, therefore, none exist."

I've played several good roguelikes that had decent randomly generated dungeons. It's possible to make a random level generator that generates good levels, it just requires working in a complex system of rules based on player expectations and level structuring to do so, making it complicated. That doesn't mean good games with random level generators don't exist, though.

For example, Civilization IV featured a highly complex level generator. With a 94% average, reaching universal acclaim, lots of people thought that game was "good." There are other games in the genre with good map generators, too.


When you accuse someone of lying, you better be prepared to back that with facts, not more assumptions. He's probably been working on the engine for a while to support all the different platforms, then he had to add Wii U support. 3DS support at this point may very well be too much.



aaronsullivan said:

If this really is just one guy making this game, he may be using Unity or something (which has yet to support 3DS)? Multi-platform programming is no joke and programming a first game alone is nigh impossible to do unless you are independently wealthy or supported somehow. Looks cool though and I wish him all the success in the world.



Windy said:

Hmmm. you would think devs would want to jump into the Hack Free Eshop and sell copies of their games instead of giving them away to pirates on android and windows platforms. I dont know much about this dev he might be in the semi hack free apple store. maybe he cant program on 3ds



SteveW said:

@Metabble_King - my point was that manually designed levels have always been better than randomly generated levels in any game I have played regardless of the type of game. I can see this especially being true for a platformer. Sure, it gives you better replayability but it's just not as well designed...well, because it's not designed at all...



Bobhobob said:

people, calm down. if it cant run on the 3DS, it cant run on the 3DS. Remember this is all one guy making this. It's also coming to the Wii U so don't act like you will never be able to play it. Unless you don't plan on buying a Wii U at all. But on point, guys STAHP.



LittleKing said:

@SteveW Then, I agree. It wasn't a good way to say it though, considering that games that use randomly generated levels can still be good.

Also, I would argue that they were designed; they were designed by the software to conform to a set of rules with the goal that they be enjoyable to play through. They aren't directly designed by a person, though, so I get your point.

Also, if I remember correctly, Another Castle's engine is based around Unity. Unity is available on every platform he is releasing the game for, including Wii U, yet not available on 3DS. It's probable that porting the game to 3DS would require a special redesign of the engine.



Kisame83 said:

Seems like a mistake to me. More exposure = more sales. And a retro platformer would fit right in on handheld. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an iOS port within a year.



ecco6t9 said:

It always amazes me what was done with the Game Boy,Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

Now developers will not even try to make a compact version of their games.
Especially with that T-Tex prototype out.

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